Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday Late Afternoon

*-> The Montreal Canadians are pressing hard to sign Andrei Markov. The Canadians management has made it their number one priority this summer. Markov has already stated that the talks can't come soon enough and he wishes to remain a HabM

*-> The Ottawa Senators also have their own defenseman resigning issues as it appears to be a stand still between GM Bryan Murray and Anton Volchenkovs camp. Murray is refusing to pay market prices for his longtime shot blocking and hard hitting d man. Volchi is reportedly asking for 5.5+ mil while Murray is only willing to pay 5 tops. The other factor in this resigning is Murrays insurance piece Andy Sutton. Many are speculating that Sutton was brought in as a “What if” factor in case the price was too high.

*while on Ottawa, the Sens have signed prospect goalie Robin Lehner to a 3yr entry level deal. A great draft and now a great signing for the Sens. Finally a real goalie of the future.

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday Morning

Sorry to all my followers as I've been busy with an illness in my family and also have had difficulties with the new Blackberry I've been using. My webmaster has solved the BB issue (it would not allow mobile posting) but now I'm officially back in the game starting immediately. Lots to catch up on including some debates I've missed. Expect a brand new site very shortly and I'm also proud to announce we have a new column starting up soon called Forechecking by Cody Ackland. I'm excited to see it get under way.

Stay tuned for some rumors and news this afternoon.

Monday, March 22, 2010

KHL Playoffs: Round 1

The KHL playoffs are already into the semi finals with several major upsets. The KHL playoffs are similiar to the NHL style in which 16 teams from the Eastern conference and the Western conference square off in the conference with the worst team playing the 1st place team and so on down the rankings. It's a best of 5 (3 games to win) with 3 rounds in each conference before the East faces the West for the Gagarin Cup.

Western Conference Quarterfinals
8. Dinamo Riga vs 1. SKA St. Petersberg
The underdogs of the playoffs Riga managed to upset the Eastern champions in 4 games by the score of 3 to 1. A major upset in the KHL world as SKA was predicted to be the Gagarin Cup champions by most Russian media sources. Martin Kariya was a major force returning from a serious injury late in the season.

7. CSKA Moscow vs 2. HC MVD
This one went as expected as the talented HC MVD squad swept CSKA 3 - 0 and gave them a quick enterance to the next round. Goaltender Michael Garnett was a major impact on the series and shut down Moscow with a 1.50 average while Martin Strbak carried the offense from the backend.

6. Spartak Moscow vs 3. Dynamo Moscow
Another somewhat of an upset with Spartak Moscow getting the win 3 - 1 over a better Dynamo Moscow club featuring former NHL and Detroit Red Wing Jiri Hudler who was held to 1 point the entire series. Another league leader in Mattias Weinhandl was also held to just a goal.

5. Yaroslav Lokomotiv vs 4. Atlant Mytischi
Yaroslav got the win in this one which was expected to be tighter than it ended up being. Atlant's goaltender Jan Lasak struggled to keep the games within reach and Lokomotiv beat Atlant 3-1.

Eastern Conference Quarterfinals
8. Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg vs 1. Salavat UFA
The best team in the league Salavat encountered little resistence in the 8th seed Avtomobilist especially when all their top guns were firing. Alexander Radulov ripped apart the underdogs single handedly and the favorites cruised into the next round 3-1.

7. Traktor Chelyabinsk vs 2. Metallurg Magnitogorsk
Metallurg was the clear cut favorites in this one and did not disapoint. They beat Traktor 3-1 to take the series. Pierre Dagenais was recruited for the playoff run for Traktor and came up with 2 timely goals but the rest of his team couldn't muster anything.

6. Barys Astana vs 3. Ak Bars Kazan
This is another easily predicted matchup as Barys Astana struggled down the stretch compared to Ak Bars who boasts one of the best lines in the KHL. Barys did everything they could to stay a float but was swept easily 3-0 by Kazan.

5. Avangard OMSK vs 4. Neftekhimik
Avangard and Jagr couldn't stop Neftekhimik from getting the sweep. Avangard was predicted to be the sleeper team this playoffs in the West but struggled from the get go. 3 - 0 Neftekhimik took this one and OMSK was limited to just 8 points for their entire roster. Tough break.

Thats it for now, tomorrow comes the semi finals along with results from all 4 games happening that very night. Stay tuned

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The IR : Saturday

*-> Manny Legace went down this afternoon with an undisclosed knee injury while playing against the Pittsburgh Penguins. It appeared to be serious as Legace left the Ice in some pain.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Friday Afternoon

*-> As everyone already knows James Wishniewski got 8 games for the brutal headshot on Brent Seabrook. Well deserved in my opinion. A pretty obvious one.

*-> Detroit Red Wings are reportedly interested in Marty Turco. They are expected to make a major push to land the free agent goalie.

*-> While on the subject of signings. TSN has reported that Ryan Kesler has signed a 6 year deal with the Vancouver Canucks. The deal is worth 30$ mil.
*-> The Montreal Canadians have opened to doors for contract talks with Andrei Markov to keep him with the club that deafted him for the distant future. Markov is rumored to be willing to sign for the remaineder of his career but is looking for a top dollar front loaded pai cheque.

*-> Over 20 NHL teams are persuing Finnish goalie Jussi Rynnas Thai years Jonas Gufstavsson or Fabian Brunstrom. More on this one soon.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday

Not really much to report on so far except for one Montreal rumor. I'll continues the European league regular season reviews (Sm Liiga, SEL) When I get back from Montreal Sunday night as well as the KHL and the rest of the European Playoff previews. I'll also be doing a CHL playoff review Monday night so stay tuned.

*-> Tomas Plekanec and the Montreal Canadians have agreed to wait till the end of season to discuss a contract for next season. Both the player and the agent believe they'll get a deal done. Pierre Gauthier is determined to resign Plekanec but has to clear some cap space first. Some are saying by finally ending the Price situation and waiving some potential free agents such as Mara.

The IR: Wednesday

*-> Vancouvers Mikael Samuelsson with miss 3 weeks with what is being described as a shoulder injury. Michael Grabner will take his place in the line up.

*-> Philly has lost yet another goalie to injury. Michael Leighton left last nights game with a high ankle sprain. The good news is Brian Boucher is still healthy and Leighton is only expected to miss a week.

Monday, March 15, 2010

KHL Report: Regular Season

Lots to report on in the KHL as the playoffs are underway with some major upsets so far. Heres what you need to know for tomorrows playoff post.

Regular Season:

Top 20 Point Scorers
1. Sergei Mozyakin - ATL - 56gp - 27g - 39a - 66pts
2. Maxim Sushinsky - SKA - 56gp - 27g - 38a - 65pts
3. Alexei Yashin - SKA - 56gp - 18g - 46a - 64pts
4. Alexander Radulov - SAL - 54gp - 24g - 39a - 63pts
5. Mattias Weinhandl - DYM - 56gp - 26g - 34a - 60pts
6. Patrick Thoresen - SAL - 56gp - 24g - 33a - 57pts
7. Marcel Hossa - DIR - 56gp - 35g - 19a - 54pts
8. Jiri Hudler - DYM - 54gp - 19g - 35a - 54pts
9. Branko Radivojevic - SPA - 56gp - 18g - 36a - 54pts
10. Sergei Zinovyev - SAL - 47gp - 17g - 36a - 53pts
11. Jozef Stumpel - BAR - 54gp - 13g - 38a - 51pts
12. Maxim Spiridonov - BAR - 56gp - 24g - 26a - 50pts
13. Alexei Morozov - AKB - 50gp - 26g - 23a - 49pts
14. Josef Vasicek - LOK - 56gp - 21g - 27a - 48pts
15. Jeff Platt - DMM - 56gp - 26g - 18a - 44pts
16. Vadim Shipachev - SEV - 55gp - 14g - 30a - 44pts
17. Jan Bulis - ATL - 56pts -25g - 18a - 43pts
18. Denis Parshin - CSK - 56gp - 21g - 22a - 43pts
19. Josef Straka - SEV - 53gp - 21g - 22a - 43pts
20. Danis Zaripov - AKB - 52gp - 16g - 27a - 43pts
Other Notables
21. Jaromir Jagr - AVA - 51gp - 20g - 22a - 42pts
23. Sergei Zubov - SKA - 53gp - 10g - 32a - 42pts
26. Nikolai Zherdev - ATL - 52gp - 13g - 26a - 39pts
32. Igor Grigorenko - SAL - 55gp - 22g - 14a - 36pts
34. Linus Omark - DYM - 56gp - 20g - 16a - 36pts
63. Alexander Perezhogin - 56gp - 13g - 18a - 31pts
75. Sergei Fedorov - MMG - 50gp - 9g - 20a - 29pts
81. Viktor Kozlov - SAL - 48gp - 10g - 18a - 28pts
91. Niko Kapanen - AKB - 54gp - 12g - 15a - 27pts
99. Karel Rachunek - DYM - 52gp - 10g - 16a - 26pts
109. Chris Simon - VIT - 30gp - 13g - 12a - 25pts
120. Sandis Ozolins - DIR - 43gp - 5g - 20a - 25pts

Top 5 Goal Scorers
1. Marcel Hossa - DIR - 35
2. Sergei Mozyakin - ATL - 27
3. Maxim Sushinsky - SKA - 27
4. Pavel Brendl - TOR - 27
5. Mattias Weinhandl - DYM - 26

Top 5 Penalty Minutes
1. Darcy Verot - VIT - 374
2. Alexei Litvinenko - VIT - 181
3. Martin Grenier - TRA - 177
4. Joel Kwiatkowski - SKA - 147
5. Duvie Weskott - DMN - 146

Top 10 Goaltender Wins
1. Robert Esche - SKA - 42gp - 29w
2. Vitaly Kostchekin - MMG - 49gp - 25w
3. Alexander Yeremenko - SAL - 32gp - 24w
4. Michael Garnett - MVD - 44gp - 24w
5. Karri Ramo - AVA - 44gp - 21w
6. Dimitrijj Kotschnew - SPA - 42gp - 20w
7. Ilya Proskuryakov - MMG - 32gp - 19w
8. Konstantin Barulin - CSK - 45gp - 19w
9. Jeff Glass - BAR - 41gp - 19w
10. Ivan Kasutin - NKH - 35gp - 19w
Other Notables
16. Martin Gerber - ATL - 30gp - 15w
22. Jan Lasek - ATL - 21gp - 11w
26. Sergei Bobrovsky - MNK - 35gp - 9w

Top 5 Goaltender Shutouts
1. Vitaly Kostchekin - MMG - 8
2. Robert Esche - SKA - 6
3. Georgy Gelashvilli - LOK - 6
4. Michael Garnett - MVD - 5
5. Vitaly Kolesnik - SAL - 5

League Standings
1. Salavat UFA - 129pts
2. SKA Moscow - 122pts
3. Metallurg Mag - 115pts
4. HC MVD - 102pts
5. Dynamo Moscow - 101pts
6. Atlant - 101pts
7. Lokomotiv - 96pts
8. AK Bars - 96pts
9. Neftekhimik - 93pts
10. Spartak - 92pts
11. Avangard - 90pts
12. CSKA - 87pts
13. Dinamo Riga - 84pts
14. Barys - 79pts
15. Torpedo - 75pts
16. Severstal - 74pts
17. Dynamo Minsk - 65pts
18. Traktor - 64pts
19. Avtomobilist - 64pts
20. Sibir - 63pts
21. Amur - 60pts
22. Lada - 55pts
23. Vitayz - 54pts
24. Metallurg MK - 52pts

Western Conference
1. SKA Moscow - 122pts
2. HC MVD - 102pts
3. Dynamo Moscow - 101pts
4. Atlant - 101pts
5. Lokomotiv - 96pts
6. Spartak - 92pts
7. CSKA - 87pts
8. Dinamo Riga - 84pts
9. Torpedo - 75pts
10. Severstal - 74pts
11. Dynamo Minsk - 65pts
12. Vitayz - 54pts

Eastern Conference
1. Salavat UFA - 129pts
2. Metallurg Mag - 115pts
3. AK Bars - 96pts
4. Neftekhimik - 93pts
5. Avangard - 90pts
6. Barys - 79pts
7. Traktor - 64pts
8. Avtomobilist - 64pts
9. Sibir - 63pts
10. Amur - 60pts
11. Lada - 55pts
12. Metallurg MK - 52pts

Ice Scoopz: Monday Afternoon

*-> The Vancouver Canucks may have a fued in the dressing room steming from the Olympic games. Ryan Kesler as we all know made several comments about Roberto Loungo during the games to the media. Kesler spoke on sending text messages to some of his US teamates telling them where to shoot and he also made a comment about how hes was reportedly rattled and so on. The comments weren't suposed to be serious according to Kesler but Luongo has reportedly taken them extremely seriously and has created a rift between them. Both sides are downplaying the incident saying it was all in fun and everythings on the line for your country. Luongo appeared on CBC after hours and still looked a bit upset over the remarks but tried to squash them. How this plays out for the Canucks is yet to be seen or if even really even is a issue at all.

*-> The Ottawa Senators have offered defenseman Anton Volchenkov another deal reportedly worth 4.5$mil over 3 years but this too looks like it'll be rejected as well. Volchenkov is rumored to be seaking over 5 million dollars for his market value and his agent has compared his services to the Toronto Maple Leaf's signing of Mike Komisarek. Another lost key defenseman to free agency for the Sens?

The IR: Monday

*-> Well it looks like a lot of bad news for several Western Conference teams last night. I'll start with the biggest news being reported by ESPN. Brian Campbell of the Chicago Blackhawks is said to be out for season after being driven into the boards from behind by Alexander Ovechkin. Its rumored he broke several ribs and his clavicle. A major hit to the Hawks blueline. Alexander Ovechkin is most likely going to see a suspension out of this one as Maxim Lapierre was suspended for a similar hit on Scott Nicol. Ovechkin has already done time this season as well.

*-> The Anaheim Ducks have also seen 2 key players go down to injuries. Ryan Getzlaf appeared to reinjure his left ankle after a collision. He left the Ice but returned only to collide again with a Shark. He favored his left ankle both times and is expected to be out for quite a bit. The team has scheduled an MRI for this afternoon. More bad news for the Ducks. Teemu Selanne appeared to have injured his shoulder in the same game as well and left the Ice and did not return. The teams calling it a day to day upperbody currently.

*-> The injury to Rick Nash appears more serious than predicted. He may miss the next 3 weeks with the undisclosed injury.

That's all for now but some interesting rumors after lunch and a KHL report this evening.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The IR: Tuesday Morning

*-> Bad news for the Bruins, Marc Savard officially has a grade 2 concussion so it looks like he'll be out of action for atleast 3 weeks. However could be much longer. Matt Cooke blindsided Savard and he remained on the ice for quite sometime till he was taken off on a stretcher. What do you guys think of the hit?

*-> Columbus Blue Jackets star Rick Nash left the game last night with a "lower body" injury and did not return. He is expected to return to action next week as its reported to be not severe. Well see.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Sunday Night

Well after a much deserved few days off I'm back and ready to get back to work. Took a brief rest after some exstenive trade deadline coverage. This year is Ice Scoopz second deadline day and I personally felt it went way more smoother and in my mind I was neck and neck with most of the media outlets. There's allways room for way more improvements though as I just finished discussing some new changes headed to Ice Scoopz in the near future. This site is going to get 10 times better. A lot of cool things I'm going to be adding so keep commenting/posting and if theres anything you guys would like to see drop me a comment or two.

Everyones wondering whats next as the rumor season has come to the end. I've been scouting the CHL hard for most of the year watching as much tape I could get my hands on. Sadly I only got to check out a few games this season so thats something I'm looking to improve on next season. So that being said next up is the draft which means scouting reports / previews of the avaliable players in this years entry Draft as well as the usual IR reports, and major hockey news. I'm also geting ready for the European leagues playoffs which all start shortly so that'll be the secondary focus. Still lots more to come Draft, European playoffs, Free Agency... gotta love hockey allways something.

Thanks again everyone keep up the posting and using Ice Scoopz as your number one site.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Trade! New York R -> Phoenix

*-> The Coyotes also traded Anders Eriksson who they waived this afternoon to the New York Rangers for goalie Miika Wiikman and New Yorks 7th round pick in 2011. Strange one for New York.

Trade! Phoenix -> Columbus / Phoenix -> Anaheim

*-> One of the busiest teams this deadline has been the Phoenix Coyotes who swung another 2 deals this afternoon that trickled in past the deadline. The Coyotes have traded forward Chad Kolarik to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Alexandre Picard.

*-> The Coyotes then sent a 6th draft pick to the Anaheim Ducks for Petteri Nokelainen.

Trade! Colorado -> Carolina

*-> The Carolina Hurricanes are yet again busy with another trade. The Canes traded Stephane Yelle and forward Harrison Reed to the Colorado Avalanche for their 6th round draft pick and Cedric Lalonde -McNicholl. The Canes have successfully cleared house of all their unwanted UFA's and vets except Ray Whitney.

Trade! Calgary -> Edmonton

*-> The Edmonton Oilers have traded defenseman Steve Staios to their arch rivals the Calgary Flames for defenseman Aaron Johnson and a 3rd round draft pick.

Ice Scoopz: Waiver Wire

- Brad Lukowich - Cleared

- Ryan Oulahen

New York Rangers
- Enver Lisin
- Aaron Voros

- Anders Eriksson

- Chris Chelios - Cleared

- Ryan Jones - Claimed -> Edmonton

- John Grahame

Trade! Pittsburgh -> Toronto

*-> Toronto Maple Leafs have traded their 2010 6th round draft pick for Pittsburghs Chris Peluso.

Trade! Calgary -> Nashville

*-> The Nashville Predators have acquired Dustin Boyd from the Calgary Flames for a 4th round draft pick.

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Day 25

*-> Ottawa Senators are 100% done, so no goalie or puck moving defensemen.

*-> The Toronto Maple Leafs are also finished. They were shopping Kaberle but they respect his decesion.

Trade! Edmonton -> Anaheim

*-> The Edmonton Oilers Trade Lubomir Vishnovsky to the Anaheim Ducks for Ryan Whitney.

Trade! Columbus -> Florida

*-> The Columbus Blue Jackets dealt Mathieu Roy to the Florida Panthers for Matt Rust.

Trade! Vancouver -> Carolina

*-> The Carolina Hurricanes have made another deal, they've traded Andrew Alberts to the Vancouver Canucks for a 3rd round draft pick.

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Day 24

*-> The Ottawa Senators have announced a press conference at 3:30pm, we'll see what Bryan Murray has to say but it's expected he'll announce hes happy with his roster moves already and the typical "nothing good avaliable" speach.

Trade! Toronto - > Anaheim

*-> The Leafs have traded goalie Joey McDonald to the Anaheim Ducks for a 7th round draft pick in next years draft.

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Day 23

*-> The Boston Bruins have announced they are done dealing, nothing new.

Trade! Carolina -> Washington

*-> Joe Corvo has been trade from the Carolina Hurricanes to the Washington Capitals for defenseman Brian Pothier, a 2nd round draft pick and a prospect.

Trade! Toronto -> Phoenix

*-> The Toronto Maple Leafs have traded Lee Stempniak to the Phoenix Coyotes for 2 mid to late draft picks. I'm hearing a 4th and 7th. Its official bang on, a 4th and 7th.

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Day 22

*-> The Carolina Hurricanes have said that they will not trade Ray Whitney. This hasn't been official but we could get confirmation soon.

*-> The Thrashers have addmitted that they have not received much interest in colby Armstrong so he's not expected to be dealt.

Trade! Columbus - > Los Angeles

*-> The Columbus Blue Jackets have traded Fredrick Modin to the Los Angeles Kings for possibly a 2nd or 3rd. This is still up in the air as it's rumored to have not gone through the NHL call center in time.

*-> It looks like this one has gone through, the return isn't know yet.

3pm Trade Deadline Has Passed!

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Day 21

*-> TSN has just reported that Sheldon Souray is not on the move anymore as his hand his seriously infected. Sources have also said Souray is out for season. Tough break for the Oilers. They were looking to dump but have done nothing yet but pickup Ryan Jones.

*-> The Minnesota Wild has told teams that Owen Nolan is off the market. They may change their minds but it looks like thats on this one.

*-> The Nashville Predators have officially announced Dan Hamhuis will stay in Nashville till atleast the draft. They have listened to offers but nothing was suitable for their needs.

*-> Lee Stempniak has been traded but its still up in the air to where. Buffalo?

Trade! Washington -> Columbus

*-> The Washington Capitals have picked up Milan Jurcina after they dealt him earlier on this season to the Columbus Blue Jackets. The return is unknown at the moment.

Trade! Buffalo -> Atlanta

*-> The Atlanta Thrashers have traded their 3rd and 4th round draft picks to the Buffalo Sabres for Clarke McArthur.

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Day 20

*-> The Dan Hamhuis situation just took a different turn according to a tweet from Frank Seravalli. The St. Louis Blues have an offer on the table for the Nashville Predators. Dan Hamhuis would head to the Blues for Carlo Colaiacovo and Brad Boyes. I'll keep my eye on this one.

*-> The Flyers reportedly have a plan B in regards to the Dan Hamhuis situation and has kicked tires at Toronto's Garnett Exelby and Columbus's Milan Jurcina.

*-> The Toronto Maple Leafs are really close on Lee Stempniak, it could be the Sabres once again. The Canucks have also inquired.

*-> The Washington Capitals are reportedly up to something. They have an access of forwards.

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Day 19

*-> As Raffi Torres has been traded, his agent has reportedly told Buffalo he will not resign anywhere he goes as he wishes to goto Toronto to play. Interesting stuff, the Sabres still took a risk they must feel confident for Spring.

*-> Toronto and Vancouver are now in deep talks, Its been reported that Brian Burke has inquired about the status about Cody Hodgsons back. Kaberle could be on the move today its looking more and more like. TSN has however reported against this.

*-> Mikhail Grabovski is rumored to be on the table as well for any suitors but no-ones made any noise or even called.

*-> The Tomas Vokoun situation has slowly died off. The Flyers are waiting on something maybe another deal. Philly, and Washington are still looking at him.

*-> Dan Hamhuis of the Nashville Predators in on the ice for practise.

Trade! Columbus -> Buffalo

*-> A done deal now in Buffalo. Raffi Torres has been traded to the Sabres for Nath Paetsch and a 2nd round pick.

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Day 18

*-> No big deal yet just several smaller names and girtty guys. The biggest name on the market is Tomas Kaberle. Kaberle is starting to gain much more momentum now as the Vancouver Canucks have shown a little interest. They have even rumored to have offered Cody Hodgson as trade bait. Sources out of Philly say the Flyers don't have much interest in Kaberle as they did last deadline. Boston would still like Kaberle but they're going hard at Tkachuk for the time being.

*-> Raffi Torres to the Buffalo Sabres could be the biggest deal of the day as Buffalo has been working the phones hard with the Columbus Blue Jackets. It could be a 2nd rounder?

*-> Richard Park is expected to be dealt out of the Isle as interest surrounds him the most in New York. Talk around Marty Biron has slowed and the Islanders have pulled Dwayne Roloson off the block. Sean Bergenheim is still avaliable but no bites at the moment.

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Day 17

*-> All is quiet on the Ottawa front. It might go down to the wire for the Sens. It looks like they may stand pat with only an hour left. I'm quite surprised to not have seen even a minor deal out of them by now. Murray may be tied up with contract talks with Volchenkov. At this point they need a goalie and can forget about the puck moving defenseman for now. Enver Lisin could be a cheap quick solution to the offense problem as hes on waivers now, can provide a little offense and has that blazing speed.

*-> The Keith Tkachuk situation is still stalled, he has yet to waive his no trade clause but a deal is on the table it's reported by the Bruins. St Louis wants that first out of Boston and may be willing to part with a prospect to sweeten the deal. Some are saying Boyes.

*-> Atlanta's Maxim Afinoganov is reportedly out of the trade picture as they wish to keep him in Atlanta. Atlanta is looking to make a big deal involving the Devils 1st round draft pick they acquired in the Ilya Kovalchuk deal.

*-> It's rumored Calgary has just traded backup Curtis Mcelhnney for a mid draft pick from the Anaheim Ducks. This is rumored to be part one as the Flames are looking at a backup goalie for the playoff stretch. Same names out there Dan Ellis, Martin Biron, and now Andrew Raycroft.

Trade! Calgary -> Anaheim

*-> Curtis McElhinney of the Calgary Flames is on the move to the Anaheim Ducks for backup Vesa Toskala so no 2 part deal here. Just a back up move. That should be it for Calgary.

Trade! Washington -> Minnesota

*-> The Minnesota Wild have traded Eric Belanger to the Washington Capitals for a 2nd round pick in this years draft. The Caps stocking up on grit.

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline 16

*-> Aaron Voros and Enver Lisin have bother been placed on waivers by the New York Rangers this morning. Both have a good shot at being claimed. Atlanta and Detroit like Lisin.

*-> Tomas Kaberle has an agreement with Brian Burke and has spoken to Toronto media about it. Kaberle has said Burke will tell him every deal involving Kaberle and then he'll look at the deal and if he likes it he may accept it. He would like to stay in Toronto but he understands the situation. Philly could take a run at him. Boston is still in the mix.

*-> The St Louis Blues have reportedly not spoken to Paul Kariya at all about his no trade clause according to the New York media. This one could heat up.

*-> Ray Whitney may be off the tabel. The Carolina Hurricanes arn't liking the offers so far and could easily just retain him for themselves.

Trade! Phoenix -> Vancouver / Los Angeles -> Tampa Bay

*-> The Phoenix Coyotes sent a 6th round draft pick and Sean Zimmerman to the Canucks for veteran defenseman Mathieu Schnieder.

*-> The Tampa Lightning have traded Jeff Halpern to the Los Angeles Kings for a 3rd round draft pick and prospect Teddy Prucell more soon.

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Day 15

*-> Brad Boyes was apparently the subject of discussion last night between the Montreal Canadians and the St Louis Blues before they decided on the D'Agostini deal. Montreal is apparently out of the mix but the Oilers are still trying to pry him.

*-> The Edmonton Oilers have received a few offers for Ethan Moreau but mostly in the Western Conference which they wish to stay away from. The Sabres have been linked as well as the Capitals. the Caps seam unlikely to me though.

*-> Keith Tkachuk to Boston is really heating up again.

*-> Tomas Kaberles name is still being thrown about, people are reporting he is still on the table for the right team and right offer.

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Day 14

*-> A big rumor coming out of Carolina. The Buffalo Sabres have made a pitch for defenseman Joe Corvo. The Sabres are high on Corvos puck moving abilities and are the leaders currently. a 2nd is looking to be the price.

*-> Slava Kozlov has stated that he'd like to play in the KHL next season if he cant find a NHL team he likes. He also has said he's been waiting for the offers to come in and would love to return to Detroit. He wants out of Atlanta bad!

*-> A move involving Colby Armstrong may not happen as the Thrashers are still on the fence about trading him. Vancouver is still bidding as well as the Avs now.

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Day 13

*-> I just posted about Owen Nolan well reportedly his main suitor looks to be his former team the San Jose Sharks. The Washington Caps also liking him.

*-> The Dan Hamhuis debate is drying up. Vancouver still wants him as do the Flyers but the Flyers are waiting to solve their goaltending woes its remored. The Bruins appear to be 100% out as they look to land a scoring forward. Nashville may decide to keep Hamhuis till after the playoffs and deal his rights at the draft.

*-> Once again to silence all those rumors pressing about the trading of Scott Niedermayer, Teemu Selanne and even Saku Koivu. The first two WILL not be traded. The Ducks feel they can contend and would like to resign them for next season if they both are still willing to play. Saku Koivu might be the only player of the three to move but its very very minor as Teemu and Saku are close friends.

*-> St Louis has yet to ask Keith Tkachuk to waive his no trade clause the Boston Bruins and the Buffalo Sabres are both linked. Boston has previously tried to acquire him in the past.

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Day 12

*-> The Minnesota Wild is looking at offers for some of their pending free agents this summer. The Wild have both Eric Belanger and Owen Nolan they have received offers from. Nolan they are reluctant to trade but it appears Belanger could be dealt. New Jersey is pushing real hard.

*-> Martin Biron will not be a Buffalo Sabre as previosuly rumored but it looks like he'll still be dealt.

*-> Several teams have made pitches for Dwayne Roloson who has been the more attractive goalie for most but I'm don't the offers dont even come close to changing Garth Snows mind about his situation.

*-> Andrew Cogliano has attracted some interest from the Ottawa Senators and the New York Rangers.

Trade! Detroit -> New York R

*-> The Detroit Red Wings have traded Kris Newbury foto the New York Rangers for Jordan Owens. another small minor league deal.

Trade! Colorado -> Phoenix

*-> As just reported in the rumored section and earlier today, the Colorado Avalanche have trade Wojtek Wolski for Kevin Porter and Peter Mueller of the Coyotes.

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Day 11

*-> Big news from the TSN trade breakers. Looks like serious discussions has taken place as previously reported on Ice Scoopz between the Colorado Avalanche and the Phoenix Coyotes. There is a table on the table that has yet to be announced with Wojtek Wolski to the Coyotes for Peter Mueller, it looks like the second piece of the puzzle is Kevin Porter to the Avs.

Trade! Vancouver -> St. Louis

*-> The Vancouver Canucks have traded Cedric DeBries to the St. Louis Blues for Yan Stastny. Just a Minor leaguer deal, nothing more.

Trade! Washington -> Carolina

*-> The Carolina Hurricanes have made another deal, they've traded Scott Walker to the Washington Caps for looks like another 4th round pick. more soon.

The New York Times is reporting a 7th.

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Day 10

*-> Chris Chelios of the Atlanta Thrashers has cleared waivers. He's on the Thrashers roster now.

*-> The Edmonton Oilers have claimed Ryan Jones from the Nashville Predators off waivers this morning.

*-> Tomas Vokoun will start tonight against the Philly Flyers as coach Peter Deboer has announced. Confusing these rumors?

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Day 9

*-> Joe Corvo, Scott Walker and Ray Whitney all at practise for the Carolina Hurricanes still.

*-> The Toronto Maple Leafs have no bites on Garnett Exelby whats so ever and have only received minor interest for both Lee Stempniak and wayne Primeau. Both should move by 3.

*-> Sheldon Souray of the Edmonton Oilers could be headed to the New York Rangers. The Rangers have shown interest in Sheldon souray all season long and was one of the original teams on Sourays trade to list.

*-> Slava Kozlov and the Atlanta Thrashers have been talking to the Phoenix Coyotes and the Los Angeles Kings. Atlanta likes Mueller to be a part of a deal but Phoenix wants more. Don't count the Washington Capitals out of it yet though. Detroits dropped out.

*-> Atlanta doesn't appear to be looking to trade Pavel Kubina despite rumors. They would like to resign him .

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Day 8

*-> The Carolina deal is fallout from Boston acquiring Denis Seidenberg. Aaron Ward could be a replacement for Ryan Whitney who is rumored to be on the table for the Ducks. ward is rumored to be retiring at the end of the season.

*-> The Ottawa Senators have confirmed that they have had offers for Anton Volchenkov and are willing to trade him if an incredible offer surfaced. It has to be the right offer for the team however.

*-> The Dallas Stars have received calls about Turco but nothing to really get excited over so far.

*-> The Carolina Hurricanes have told teams their negotiating price for Ray Whitney has dropped slightly. It's in speculation the market for him has slowed and now management is worried they wont be able to move him. The Washington Capitals have the lead now with LA keeping a close eye on things.

*-> Speaking of Los Angeles their still looking for that offensive forward to put them over the top. Alexander Frolov could be dealt for the right price but they'd like a deal for a proven scorer first. Montreal is looking. Maybe willing to trade Price if they can get Ersberg in the deal?

*-> While on Price the Canadiens have stated they will listen to offers for Carey Price and Jaroslav Halak but it has to be a blockbuster for an elite superstar.

Trade! Carolina -> Anaheim

*-> Aaron Ward of the Carolina Hurricanes has been trade to the Anaheim ducks for Justin Pogge and a 4th round pick.

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Day 7

*-> The St Louis Blues and the Edmonton Oilers are looking hard at Cory Schnieder of the Vancouver Canucks. The Blues have been scouting him all season long.

*-> The Houston Aeros have signed the imortal Tony Hrkac to a 1yr deal. He's 43 and in the AHL. Watch out Chelios.

*-> Dan Ellis has posted via twitter " Just under 5.5 hours until the trade deadline. We improved w/ Greb. it will b interesting to c if we do something else?!? Fun day today!!! ". Possible excitement for a deal but it looks like he wishes to remain a Pred.

*-> Jere Lehtinen is attracting attention from the Nashville Predators. Looks like the Preds think they can contend and are making a big push. Grebeshkov looked good last night, the Oilers are gunna regret that one.

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Day 6

*-> The Philadelphia Flyers have been rumored to be speaking to Daniel Briere about waiving his no trade clause. The flyers have also infact talked to the Florida Panthers about Vokoun and Vokoun has said he'll accept a deal to the Flyers. Philly has also told the media Jeff Carter is untouchable.

*-> Several of Jay Grossman's clients have received prank phone calls in regards to being traded from teamates. Thats pretty funny.

*-> Ken Holland has said he's looking for deals and will listen to offers but he cant make any deals without it being a dollar for dollar deal which he doubts will happen. Maltby out for season 100%.

*-> The Montreal Canadians is rumored to be speaking to the Florida Panthers inregards to Nathen Horton. The Panthers want ether Halak or Price but want to find Vokoun a home. Three way? Doubtfull though in my books that Montreal will deal Price of Halak without a backup first.

Trade! Florida -> Boston

*-> Denis Seidenberg and Mark Bartowski has been traded from the Florida Panthers to Boston for Byron bitz, Craig Weller and a 2nd round draft pick.

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Day 5

*-> The Lightning have delayed their afternoon flight till after the trade deadline day. Could mean a player or two out the door Bob McKenzie reports. My guess is Alex Tanguay or Jeff Halpern both very expendable.

*-> Martin Biron has officially been told he's out the door by 3pm, not too sure where. Philadelphia has gotten back into this one as it seams the Nashville deal has stalled. Nashville asking for Parent and another prospect possibly Nodl, the price is too high.

*-> Tomas Vokoun has told Florida management he will waive his no trade clause as long as it's a contender. There has rumored to be a list of teams he'd consider. Looks like this ones picking up steam.

*-> A report out of Toronto has just said the Leafs are shopping Tomas Kaberle but are just kicking tires. Burke apparently knows the list of teams Kaberle would lift his clause for. Interesting.

Trade! Toronto -> New Jersey

*-> Martin Skoula has officially been flipped from Toronto to the New Jersey Devils for whats rumored to be a 3rd round draft pick.

*-> Cancel that 3rd, its a 5th for this year.

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Day 4

Today does have a Christmas feel to it, not only is it Trade Deadline day the greatest day of the year but I also just received a sweet Dinamo Riga jersey straight from Latvia. It's a beauty! More rumors.

*-> Many are saying the Boston Bruins cleared Derek Morris's cap hit but a big name defense. The Bruins have been reported by several sources to be after Dan Hamhuis but it very well could be Sheldon Souray. Some have also reported Kaberle as I mentioned before. I'll stay on this.

*-> Darren Dreger is reporting that Sheldon Souray has rereleased his list of teams he'd accept a trade to and now it's at 19 teams but still no Canadian teams. Boston and Washington are believed to be the major suitors.

*-> The Columbus Blue Jackets have had more than a handful of teams looking at both Raffi Torres and Milan Jurcina. Jurcina was a healthy scratch and will be dealt today. The Bruins like Jurcina but the price is still high but the main suitor will be New Jersey. Torres's agent has been told he's on the way out. The Penguins loved Torres but they could be stuck as the Poni deal happened last night. Philly is leading the way.

Trade! Phoenix -> Boston

*-> The Boston Bruins have trade defenseman Derek Morris to the Phoenix Coyotes. More when it comes.

Looks like a 4th round pick out of Phoenix for this year. This should be a cap clearing move for the Bruins. Hamhuis?

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Day 3

A few quick rumors while I head out to Tim Hortons to grab a cof.

*-> TSN's Bob McKenzie has reported that last nights healthy scratch Sean Bergenheim is indead on the market today. The Islanders are looking to sell.

*-> Another Scratch last night Paul Mara is also on the market and the Canucks are kicking tires on Mara. Montreals looking for a 2 round to make up for the Dominic Moore deal but are most likely in the mid pick level.

*-> The Blackhawks Scotty Bowman has told the media this morning they are not shopping for a goaltender. count Chi-town out for Vokoun.

*-> While on vokoun I've just recently heard the St Louis Blue would like to deal for Vokoun but it would have to include one of their two goalies in the package.

*-> The Rangers haven't spoken to the Vancouver Canucks yet about Pavol Demitra Larry Brooks reports.

*-> Mike Smith of the Tampa Bay Lightning is on the block, Brian Lawton is quite content on going into next season with Antero Nittymaki and Janus or Ramo. Mike Smith could be an option for you Sens fans.

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Day 2

*-> Brad Lukowich has been placed on waivers by the Vancouver Canucks he is expected to clear.

*-> Tomas Vokoun could be on the move today. It's been reported again he IS now willing to waive his no trade clause after much speculation he would refuse to allow a trade. The Chicago Blackhawks and the Philadelphia Flyers are the two teams that keep coming up. The Panthers and the goalie have a meeting scheduled today to discuss the possible rumors.

*-> Another Czech Tomas's name keeps getting thrown into the mix despite his no trade clause. The Toronto Maple Leafs are rumored to be pushing a deal involving Tomas Kaberle. Kaberle who has repeatedly said he will not waive his no trade and Brian Burke has also stood by his commitment to Kaberle. However rumors have the Leafs management approaching Kaberle today and telling the defenseman he'll be 100% dealt when his no trade clause ends and the window opens. The theory behind this is to give the idea of Kaberle choosing his own destiny instead of waiting for the Leafs to trade him anywhere they want later. My personal opinion would be why trade one of you best Ds? And I believe Burke when he says he's not in play.

*-> Denis Seidenberg will be on the way out today as up to as many as 6 teams are currently talking to the Florida Panthers about his availability. The Ottawa Senators, the Dallas Stars, the New Jersey Devils, The Philly Flyers, the Boston Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks are all interested.

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Day

Well the big day is finally here, and I feel that there could be a few shocking trades this year. So many teams so close to a playoff run and I believe many teams will be influenced by the teams under and above them. It could be a frenzy when its all said an done because of this atmosphere. I'll be here all day till about 5. If you have any comments or questions about deadline move don't be afraid to use the board or the comment section.

Remember goto and fill out the form if your interested in live trade texts/e-mails all day long from Ice Scoopz.

*-> The Vancouver Canucks are believed to be shopping Pavol Demitra after his strong campaign. Demitra is a UFA at the end of this season and his value has never been higher. The New York Rangers have had their eyes on Demitra for the past season and a half and now that they have countryman and goodfriend Marian Gaborik it could be the right time to make a move.

*-> Some pundits are saying the move to bring in Andy Sutton is a backup move incase the Sens decided to deal Anton Volchenkov before he hits the market this summer as a UFA and breaks the bank. The Sens most likely wont be able to afford him unless they move a body or two. An offer has been made but sources are saying its not close. The Sens will stay in discussion with the black and blue blueliner but could be moved they are saying if a deal cant get done today. I personally don't believe Andy Sutton comes close to a replacement and the deal does make sense when you look at it in that sense but I think the Sens can get a deal done.

*-> The Colorado Avalanche and the Phoenix Coyotes are talking as we speak. ESPN has reported that they could be working on a deal that would swap Peter Mueller for Woltek Wolski. The two teams have been speaking since last night and it's believed that the Avs could also get a high draft pick thrown in to sweeten the deal. I'm not too sure why the Avs would deal Wolski, he's on pace for 70 points?

Trade! Montreal -> St Louis

*-> The Montreal Canadians have traded forward Matt D'Agostini to the St Louis Blues for prsopect Aaron Palushaj. Palushaj has been playing for Peoria of the AHL and has not played an NHL game while D'Agostini has played in 94 career games with the Habs.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Eve-> Part 2

*-> Paul Kariya of the St. Louis Blues has told the club he will not waive his no trade clause for any deal. The rumored deal was Paul Kariya to Los Angeles but now we can most likely cancel that one. The Kings will have to look elsewhere after plan B has failed. They may return back to the Carolina Hurricanes and pay their high price for Ray Whitney. While it's not a panic yet but I expect if Whitney drops tonight or tomorrow the Kings will start to panic and make a big move.

*-> Its rumored the Toronto Maple Leafs will try and flip Martin Skoula for what they can get to add to the reward they recieved for Luca Caputi. The Vancouver Canucks and the New Jersey Devils reportedly have had eyes for Skoula but both are looking for something bigger. The Leafs might have to turn to the losers who don't acquire their prized defensemen once the few names get dealt.

*-> The Dan Hamhuis deal has appeared to be stalled. Nashville is reportedly driving up the price for the package of Dan Ellis and Hamhuis. Theres still about 4 teams in the bidding with Philly still at the top, the Bruins, Devils and the Canucks are the big 4 while New York Rangers and Buffalo have inquired. This one will goto the wire I'm pretty sure.

*-> The Flyers are reported to have made an offer for Roloson. Many media pundits have stated it's not official yet and the Islanders are now looking to keep Roloson for their own playoff run. Another crazy rumor out of the City of Brotherly Love has the Flyers acquiring Tomas Vokoun.

*-> While on the subject of Vokoun he was interviewed this morning and revealed he has been in talks with Randy Sexton about the situation and but would not reveal whether or not sexton was looking to deal him. He also left a very vague picture as he didn't mention anything about being willing to waive his no trade clause but he did say he hasn't been approached or asked to waive it yet and he does know Sexton has received offers. He also said he doesn't have a list of teams he would be willing to waive his no trade for. He ended the interview by saying he was ready for anything ahead of him leaving the door wide open for a deal or no deal.

*-> Edmonton and Montreal are still talking and it appears to be about Price but Montreal's asking price is high and Pierre Gauthier is still doubting dealing Price without a quality back-up or even trying to deal him at all. Its also rumored that Montreal has taken a look at Marty Biron incase such a deal went down.

Ice Scoopz: Trade Deadline Evening

I've observed several players who have been scratched tonight and we all know what that could mean. A potential deal and a healthy scratch prevents any injuries that could ruin a major trade. Take these as you will as they may just be a coincidence.

Montreal Canadiens
-Paul Mara - Still injured with a hand injury, the scratch makes good sense but he has been rumored to be on the move.

Toronto Maple Leafs
-Alexei Ponikarovsky - We all knew this guy was on the way out so this scratching is just a precautionary.

-Jeff Finger - Not too surprised here as he has been a scratch all year long but could be part of a deal, the Leafs want him out.

Carolina Hurricanes
-Stephane Yelle - Another guy we think is on the move.
-Aaron Ward - He's on the move as well for sure, Vancouver looks like there battling the Bruins.

New York Islanders
-Sean Bergheim - I don't think the islanders would move him, just a rest?

Atlanta Thrashers
-Marc Popovic - Could be on the move but usually used sparingly.
-Slava Kozlov - Definately on the move here, keeping him safe.

Florida Panthers
-Nathen Horton - This is the best one of the night. Horton is coveted by many teams and a shake up in Florida is under way so could this be a sign? He is rumored to be injured still however.

Columbus Blue Jackets
-Milan Jurcina - Looks to be another safe guard as Jurcina has been attracting suitors since the Olympics.

Ottawa Senators
-Shean Donovan - A regular healthy scratch but we know they are shopping him.

Buffalo Sabres
-Steve Montador - Another guy I'm not too sure of. The Sabres might just be trying something new on the backend.

Pittsburgh Penguins
-Martin Skoula - He was just moved in the Toronto Pittsburgh deal for Ponikarovsky.
-Jay McKee - A rumored injury.

Dallas Stars
-Fabian Brunstrom - He could be on the way out as he;'s stared in many rumors recently. Could just be a scratch because of his weak play.

St. Louis Blues
-Daryl Sydor - A proven veteren whose experience would be coveted.

Trade! Pittsburgh - > Toronto

*-> It looks like Alexei Ponikarovsky of the Toronto Maple Leafs is heading to the Pittsburgh Penguins for prospect Luca Caputi and Martin Skoula. It looks like the deal is just about done but pending the leagues approval its reported.

Trades! Anaheim - > Chicago / Edmonton -> Boston

*-> The Chicago Blackhawks have acquired defenseman Nick Boynton from the Anaheim Ducks for future considerations. The Ducks are happy to get rid of Boyntons salary off the books while the Hawks added a seasoned veteran. Boynton will stay in the AHL until needed.

*-> Edmonton Oilers have traded defenseman Cody Wild to the Boston Bruins for prospect Matt Marquardt.

Trade Deadline Txt Service info - Plus two rumors

*-> Toronto is very close to dealing Alexei Ponikarovsky to ether the Pittsburgh Penguins or the Buffalo Sabres. The teams are currently in talks and the Toronto Maple Leafs have announced Ponikarovsky will take a seat tonight against the Carolina Hurricanes as a healthy scratch.

*-> TSN's Bob McKenzie has said that Woltek Wolski is 100% in avaliable to the highest bidder. Colorado will most likely look for a player to help the roster now and a high 1st round pick or blue chip prospect in return.

More In a Bit

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Ice Scoopz: Tuesday Afternoon

*-> News out of Toronto this morning confirms that Tomas Kaberle will not waive his no trade clause for any reason and wishes to remain a lead.

*-> Toronto also has stated the Huet rumor to the TDot is not happening and hasn't been discussed.

*-> The Minnesota Wild have officially signed Marek Zidlicky to a 3 year deal worth 12 million dollars per season. Hence the Andy Sutton to Ottawa.

*-> The St Louis Blues and the LA Kings are talking in regards to Paul Kariya. The Kings could be out on the Whitney deal.

Ice Scoopz: Tuesday Afternoon

*-> Chris Chelios to the Atlanta Thrashers 1 year 2 way deal rumored at 600 K.

In first aid more updates soon.


Andy Sutton to the Sens for a 2nd 2011

Ice Scoopz: Tuesday Morning

*-> The Minnesota Wild are inches from signing defenseman Marek Zidlicky. Reportedly they are bang on the money amount but apparently a no trade clause is holding it up. The Ottawa Sens are hoping that the Wild fail so they can acquire the picking moving Dman.

Trades! Anaheim -> Atlanta / Columbus -> New York

*-> The Anaheim Ducks have traded Evgeny Artyukhin to the Atlanta Thrashers for defenseman Nathen Oystrick and a conditional pick in the 2011 draft.

*-> The Columbus Blue Jackets have traded defenseman Dylan Reese to the New York Islanders for center Greg Moore.

Nether of these major deals except I really like Evgeni Artyukhin , I'm curious to see what the conditional pick is. Anyways after a late night last night and early morning today I'm drained and not feeling well at all so I'm going to head to bed and start fresh in the morning.

Ice Scoopz: Vancouver 2010 Olympic AllStar Team

Vancouver 2010 Olympic Allstar Team

Left Wing = Dany Heatley - Canada

Center = Pavol Demitra - Slovakia

Right Wing = Marian Gaborik - Slovakia

Defense = Brian Rafalski - USA

Defense = Drew Doughty - Canada

Goaltender = Ryan Miller - USA

Monday, March 1, 2010

Trade! Nashville - Edmonton

*-> Nashville has traded their 2nd round draft pick this year for Edmontons Denis Grebeshkov. It looks like this should open the door for a Dan Hamhuis deal.

While on that the rumor is that Phillys recent moves are in relation to a deal involving Nashville for Dan Hamhuis and Dan Ellis. From what I heard its could be a large contract a late pick and a major prospect headed to Nashville in return. Ill keep my ears open.

Trade! St Louis - Chicago

*-> The St Louis Blues have traded defenseman Danny Richmond and goaltender Hannu Toivonen to the Blackhawks for Goalie Joe Fallon.

Ice Scoopz: Monday Afternoon Part 2

*-> My last update should read Brandon Bochenski has been put on reentry waivers not just regular waivers.

*-> The city of Philadelphia is a buzz as the Flyers are believed to be ready to make a move. First Danny Syvret was waived, then Riley Cote and now Ray Emery has been placed on long term IR. Many are saying this is to make room for a potential deal. A goaltender and defenseman have been rumored. More soon.

Trade Deadline Review: Atlantic Division

New Jersey Devils

Status: Buyers (Minor)

The New Jersey Devils are having a good season in the East mainly because of Martin Brodeur's consistent play. New Jersey is looking like the Devils of old except they now have a lot more firepower after making major headlines and a major deal when they acquired Ilya Kovalchuk something the Devil's had since their glory days..a forward who can score on demand. The impeccable offense combined with the New Jersey defense and a healthy, game stealing Brodeur could equal a potential cup run. The Devils know this could be there time and many of the Eastern Conference teams are worried if not scared of running into the Devil's in the first round.

The Devils dont have many holes in their line up but the one that stands out is on defense. NJ would love to replace Johnny Oduya's hole left when he was dealt for Kovalchuk. right now the Devils are left with a rag tag defense and could use a guy skilled at both ends of the ice. New Jersey also has a serious problem if Marty goes down or struggles. Their back up Yann Danis is a 3rd string goalie at best. So a goalie is not out of the question but if they were to do both it would have to be a very cheap one. The Devils management has also said a scoring depth center would be nice so they wouldn't have to juggle their lines to put ether Rolston or Zubrus back at center. You can expect Lou isn't done yet, and another blueliner should follow as he believes his team can seriously challenge.

Potential Trade Candidates:
RW - Ilkka Pikkarainen - Another young prospect who was pissed of at his organization for the lack of ice time/chance he was getting with his current club and refused to head to the AHL. Pikkarainen end up taking off to where most players go when the NHL isn't an option, the KHL. He's currently playing for CSKA Moscow and still has a little value left. Teams Interested: None Yet.

D - Paul Martin - To list Paul Martin as a potential trade candidate is extremely hard as he's one of the Devil's few important defensemen. He is a UFA however and I mention him only because of the rumors I hear going around. I don't feel there's a chance he'll be moved as the Devils love him and he fits well. plus they cant afford to have to go out and shop for a 2nd D. Teams interested: Boston, Dallas and Florida.

New York Islanders

Status: Sellers (Very Minor)

The New York Islanders have had a good season especially for Long Island standards. The rebuilding is almost over and John Tavares is almost ready for the keys to the city. The Isles are only 5 points out of 8th but the race is tight and feel they still aren't at the stage they need to make a major push. The rebuilding is just about over but it's still going to be a season or two with careful moves before their able to contender. The Islanders would love to add some contracted players at the deadline and some prospects to help speed things up. They have a few free agents they can try and peddle off to get the last pieces of the puzzle. Fans on the Island shouldn't be disappointed or worried as Wang will still try and stay competitive in case they have a shot at making the playoffs.

The Islanders need to deal with their goalie situation. They have 3 guys who want to be their number one guy and all 3 know that the number one guy is Rick Dipietro. At the time everyone thought Garth Snow and Charles Wang were crazy, they still are but this move made sense as soon as the season began. Snow obviously knew that Dipietro was still ailing and added the goalies knowing he could deal them off at a later time. The tough choice will be to choose whose going between Roloson and Biron. The Islanders need 2 top 4 defenseman bad as they have an ugly looking corps at the backend. They could also use a legitimate left winger to player with Tavares. The Isles wont firesale or go on a buying spree. I expect they'll only make pitches for guys that will remain with them next season and fit into their plans for the future. Snow has plenty of cap space to work with so I wouldn't be shocked at all if they took other teams unwanted salaries for draft picks as the Leafs did.

Potential Trade Candidates:
LW - Jon Sim - Speedy Jon Sim's contract is up at the end of the season so he very well could be dealt this deadline to a team looking for a quick energy forward for their 3rd line. He won't bring in the gold but a mid draft pick could help with the right drafting. Teams Interested: Dallas, and Colorado.

RW - Richard Park - Richard Park could be a key playoff acquisition as he excels in a penalty killing checking role. He has an offense flair to him but cant be counted on for regular offense. The Islanders management love him and it would be tough for the Islanders to replace him but if a good offer surfaced they might let him go as hes a UFA. Teams Interested: Vancouver.

D - Brendan Witt - I will not lie I was pretty shocked when I learned the news of Brendan Witt's placement of waivers last month. Witt has all the tools for a playoff run. He's a good dressing room guy, he's physical, tough and a quality shut down defenseman. Still playing for Bridgeport of the AHL he most likely would be picked up for cheap as the Islanders would love to have him off the books. Teams Interested: Ottawa, Montreal, Philly, New Jersey, and Chicago.

D - Andy Sutton - Big Andy Sutton is a tough, gritty physical defenseman with a knack for shot blocking. A great shut down guy who has been all over the rumor mill. His size is a virtue and valuable to any team in the West. The Isalnders will be more inclined to move him as he's another UFA they most likely wont keep moving forward. Teams Interested: Boston, New Jersey, Nashville, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Washington.

G - Dwayne Roloson - The 1st half of the New York Islanders goalie trade tandem. Roloson has had the better of the two goalies and was the number one choice to move early season but it has been a consistent flip flop. Roloson is more seasoned and has been down that long road before. Suitable for a depth or even a starting role if needed. Roloson does have a 3mil$ contract that doesn't end til 2011 which may scare some suitors away. Most likely the better choice of goalie for teams with cap space. Teams Interested: Philly, Tampa Bay, Los Angeles, Washington, Chicago and Dallas.

G - Martin Biron - and finally the second half of the New York Islanders goalie trade tandem. Biron is the way more affordable choice for any team looking for a little reassurance heading into the big dance. Biron is a capable starter but this season has only looked like a backup. He is unrestricted at the end of this season so that could help many teams looking to land a quality goalie. Teams Interested: Buffalo, Philly, Los Angeles, Dallas, Montreal, Chicago and New Jersey.

New York Rangers

Status: Buyers (Very Minor)

The Rangers are with their backs tight against the cap and on the outside of the playoffs looking in. Their only a point out of 8th but have struggled to find consistency especially on their back end. In typical New York form the Rangers have a boat load of expensive contracts and have been under performing with exception to Marian Gaborik. The Blue Shirts have already traded some of their dead weight to Calgary for Oli Jokinen but he may not be enough for a long drive. The Rangers would love to dump some cap and bring in fresh legs so they can contend this spring or it may be another early exit or yet another missed post season.

The Rangers need help and fast. Their team has struggled in most aspects of the game mainly defense. They have a good young defense for the future but at the moment they're struggling to stay a float defensively. Wade Redden and Michael Rozival the two who were expected to help the youngsters maintain balance have failed and New York is wishing they never touched Redden with a 10 foot pole. So I guess what I'm saying is the Rangers need a cheap low cost defensive defenseman. They recently addressed their need for a backup by claiming Alex Auld from the Dallas Stars. New York also needs someone to fill their roster on the right hand side as with Kotalik gone they have no-one. The Rangers will look to deal roster players for upgrades as they cant afford to go after anyone otherwise unless their real real cheap. The Rangers wont sell ether unless its driftwood.

Potential Trade Candidates:
LW - Donald Brashear - Enforcer Donald Brashear was waived several weeks ago to clear some valuable cap space for the Rangers. His game has gone south and this could be one of his last if not last season in the NHL. He still can provide a hit or too and scrap but his age shows and couldn't be a guy in your roster every night. Teams Interested: Nashville.

C - Brandon Dubinsky - Dubinsky is in an interesting situation in New York as the brass loves him and say they wont part with him but his name keeps coming up in all kinds of trade rumors this season. In almost every deal rumored Dubinsky was part of. Could just be rumors but when they keep coming they might have some truth to it. Teams Interested: Tampa Bay, Edmonton, New Jersey and Calgary.

C - Tyler Arnason - Disgruntled Tyler Arnason's career is slowly on the decline especially after refusing to report to the AHL and breaking his contract with the New York Rangers to head to Russia and play in the KHL for Dinamo Riga. He might be willing to return but most teams will stay away from him. Teams Interested: Nothing.

D - Wade Redden - When Wade Redden signed that massive contract to leave Ottawa for New York, Ottawa fans were livid but now it's them having the last laugh as Redden has been a huge bust. His lackluster play and massive salary should keep almost every team at bay. 8$mil is way too much to absorb for most teams and even his 6.5$mil salary next season isn't much better for a player who looks like a 5 to 6. Teams Interested: Tampa Bay.

G - Stephen Valiquette - Former backup Stephan Valiquette has been a longtime loyal Ranger but demoted after a poor start and now would have to clear re-entry waivers if recalled. The Rangers would easily part with him now but is value is ground level. Teams Interested: New Jersey.

Philadelphia Flyers

Status: Buyers

The Philadelphia Flyers looked like a top contender in the Eastern Conference till Ray Emery went down with injury and their many high paid players struggled to find their game that earned them top dollars. Scott Hartnell couldn't find the scoring consistency he discovered last season while Daniel Briere and Simon Gagne have struggled to stay healthy. The Pronger era was supposed to be a turning point for the Flyers who often teased with success but never hit that second gear. Along with those issues Philly has had the same story for almost 20 years, the book of bad goaltending. Ray Emery was signed and it looked like thing were changing til his injury which he may or may not recover from before the deadline. Now still without a goalie and only a few points between them and 14th they're facing a familiar challenge. Find a goalie.

If it wasn't clear enough in the paragraph above the Flyers need a legit starter. Ray Emery is a starter but they need insurance in case he does not return. Brian Boucher isn't a guy you want to lead you into the post season. Other than a goalie they'd like to add a quality defenseman capable of playing in every situation and a scoring forward. They'll have to come cheap as the Flyers are struggling to manage their cap space. The Flyers will look to dump some salaries so they can make a move.

Potential Trade Candidates:
LW - Riley Cote - Enforcer Riley Cote is an obvious choice to moce as he really has no value as a player except to fight. They already have Asham, Carcillo and Laperriere that can bang and scrap. clearing riley cote would clear a little cap space to bring in some help. Teams Interested: Phoenix.

C - Jeff Carter - Although he's their leading scorer Carter continues to be in all the rumors. Carter is a valuable center whoses not even close to his prime yet. The Flyers would only part with him in a major deal so it's highly doubtful. He has a heavy contract but is still young so teams wont be scared to try and pry him from Philly. Highly doubtful they'll part with him. Teams Interested: Phoenix, Nashville and Edmonton.

D - Ryan Parent - Defenseman Ryan Parent is the Flyers one prospect/young player on the roster that the Flyers are willing to shop to clear cap space and use as a bargaining chip. Parent is still young and still has potential to develop further. They'll only deal him if they can get a solid defenseman that can help now in return. Teams Interested: Dallas and Nashville.

Pittsburgh Penguins

Status: Buyers (Minor)

The Pittsburgh Penguins are gearing up for a return to the Stanley Cup and look poised to do it again. The Penguins roster is virtually the same and Crosby is returning from the Olympics with even more confidence and swagger. He's expected to pick up right where he left off before the games. The question is will Sergei Gonchar and Evgeni Malkin do the same? The Pens currently sit in 4th and easily could over take New Jersey for the lead in the Atlantic Division with a win and could be poised this year to make it back to back.

The Penguins believe it or not have a pretty well rounded roster. From the net to the front end the Pens have virtually no holes. Except for on the right hand side where they could use some help. They need a 2nd line right winger to help keep the offense flowing. Pittsburgh may also want to invest in a 3rd string goalie or back up in case that Marc-Andre Fluery goes down to injury as he has a history. Nothing too fancy just a body incase it happens to help Johnson shoulder the load. The Penguins are almost done moving after inquiring Jordan Leopold. The Penguins have some prospects and picks to spare and are willing to part with them to swing a deal.

Potential Trade Candidates:
D - Jay McKee - Big shot blocking Jay McKee was brought in to help relieve some stress from the top 4 defensemen but hasn't really fit well. McKee has some value as a playoff defenseman and has that physical ability that many teams look for going into the deadline. He's also a UFA this summer and the Pens may decide they can move on without him now that they have Leopold. Teams Interested: Ottawa, and Chicago.

D - Martin Skoula - Martin Skoula has been a servicable shut down defenseman for the Penguins and also is unrestricted just like his teamate Jay McKee. He will most likely attract more attention as he has a very modest salary and is affordable. The Penguins may use him as a 7th guy but somethings got to give if Pittsburgh wants to swing more deals. Teams Interested: New Jersey and Vancouver.

D - Sergei Gonchar - Sergei Gonchar is an absolute longshot as he makes the Penguins powerplay and offense from the point roll. The Penguins have denied shopping him and it has been revealed that the Penguins and him have had discussions and have decided to wait till after the season to continue talks. Many are saying it's ether him or Letang and Letang is younger. Its a long shot and I cant see any possible reason unless they acquired a better cheaper version or a mega deal. Don't look for this one to happen, the rumors are wrong. Teams Interested: Washington.

Ice Scoopz: Monday Afternoon

Some light activity to start the afternoon off.

*-> The Philadelphia Flyers have placed scrapper Riley Cote on waivers. The tough guy is expected to clear but San Jose may decide to take a look.
*-> Brendan Bochenski was also placed on waivers by the Tampa Bay Lightning.

*-> Boston is reportedly backing away from the Dan Hamhuis sweepstakes. They have turned their attention to Andy Sutton and Aaron Ward.
*-> Ken Holland of the Detroit Red Wings is expected to make a minor move to add some depth to the forward roster he has stayed this morning. Although nothing major.

*-> The Sens are taking a look at Ladislav Smid who they previously tried to acquire in the Dany Heatley deal he nixed. A deal could be real close.

*-> Matt Stajan will remain a Calgary Flame as he signed a 4 year deal worth roughly 3.5$ million per season.

Trade! Florida - Pittsburgh

*-> The Florida Panthers have traded Jordan Leopold to the Pittsburgh Penguins for a 2nd round draft pick in 2010.

Ice Scoopz: Monday Morning

*-> The Boston Bruins and the Phoenix Coyotes are talking deal this morning. The Bruins are reportedly trying to swing a trade for Peter Mueller.

*-> Steve Ott has been officially signed by the Dallas Stars to a 4 year deal worth 3$mil per season its rumored. This should end all trade rumors.

Ice Scoopz: Sunday Late Night

Go Canada Go, great game tonight. Canada really came together as the tournament went on and only got stronger. I thought it was a fitting end to the Olympic games with a big overtime win over bitter rivals. Its funny because me and a colleague were just discussing how Sidney Crosby was having an embarassing tournament as he broke in and scored. I still feel that one goal does not merit at all a good tournament for Crosby as he looked pretty ineffective all Games long. I was really impressed with the young US squad who is going to be a real powerhouse in 2014. Their determination and heart I really admire as they battled back and almost won the game several times. The Canadians had not shown that kind of effort level all Games except for the Russian victory. I'll wrap up the tournament tomorrow with my report of last nights game, my Vancouver 2010 Allstar team and final thoughts. I still have the previous games reviewed but you have to cycle back to the previous dates to view them because of an error. Great winter Games!

Well after waiting for any deals to drop at the Olympic break freeze end nothing has so far happened. It's currently 2:35 am and it's safe to say if there are deals to be announced it will take place in the morning. For now I'm going to get some much needed sleep and report back in the morning. Hopefully we'll have some deals to report and discuss!