Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Thursday Afternoon

*-> It looks like the unhappy Ottawa fans and media have started fueling the Jason Spezza trade rumors. Spezza who had an up and down season that followed suit with the Senators season has some disgruntled fans blaming him for the 1st round loss to Pittsburgh. It also doesn't help Ottawa is desperate for some offense and Spezza is one of the few good bargaining chips the Sens own. He also has a no trade clause that kicks in July 1st and a hefty salary at 6 mil to help fuel the rumors. Murray made it no secret he's looking for some offense but doesn't have much room to add while replacing Anton Volchenkov on defense. While it is theoretically possible its unlikely as Spezza is one of Ottawas few offensive sources and as for playmakers goes he's in the top 10 for centers. Though his giveaways and inability to cover top guys draws a lot of attention its not what he's there for. His job is simple to help setup and generate offense. He also in my opinion isn't as bad defensively as many say but he could work on his toughness and physical play which would quiet most critics about his dedication and effort (both which I believe he has).

*-> It looks like JP Dumont is willing to waive his no trade clause if the Predators are looking to dump some salary next season. The Predators have 4 players with no trade clauses next season and would like to bring in fresh legs and more firepower to help out its lowly offense. Dumont is the player who could bring in more return but the players injury woes may scare off any suitors. He also however is the Preds most consistent source of offense so a deal doesn't make sense unless some proven youth can be grabbed in return.

*-> The Devils are reportedly pushing hard to sign defenseman Paul Martin to a deal. The New Jersey management has made this their first priority in the offseason. Big Lou has also said he's trying to work out a Ilya Kovalchuk extension but its still being said Kovalchuks camp would rather take it to free agency or back to Atlanta for top dollar.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Wednesdsay Afternoon

*-> Swedish free agent Martin Thornberg is rumored to be close to a deal with the Columbus Blue Jackets. Thornburg played last season with HV71.

*-> Brandon Bochenski of the Tampa Bay Lighting is rumored to be headed to Russia to play in the KHL. Reports have Bochenski attracting lots of interest from Barys Astana.

*-> The Toronto Maple Leafs have signed free agent goalie Ben Scrivens to a an entry level deal adding to the Leafs goaltending depth.

*-> Vancouver Canuck and soon to be free agent this summer Pavol Demetra has attracted a lot of interest from overseas. Rumors have Dinamo Riga and the new Lithuanian club Villenus willing to pay big money to sway Demetra back to Europe. Its doubtful he'll bolt but this could be his last signing in the NHL but for a lot less than this years salary.

*-> Norwegian prospect Mats Zuccarello Aason of Modo is attracting some interest from several NHL teams. The Chicago Blackhawks, Vancouver Canucks and the Nashville Predatord are all rumored to be wooing the forward but sources are saying that the New York Rangers are reportedly close to a deal.

*-> Finally Darius Kasparaitis has called it a career. The physical defenseman said he's hanging em up but left the door open for a possible coaching career in the KHL. One of my favorite hitters of all time I'm sure Eric and Brett Lindros would agree.

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday Morning

*-> The Washington Capitols have a decision to make this summer with Alexander Semin who is on the last year of his contract. Semin has been invisible when the going gets tough and that may factor into the Washington managements future plans. Semin who currently makes 6 million dollars this and next season could be asking for a raise. Nicklas Backstrom who is also due a new contract will be getting a big raise as well which should put the Caps right up against the cap. This being said it could mean Semins departure from Washington via trade. Many are reporting that the Caps will look to shop Semin as early as the draft and compare the situation to Boston and Phil Kessel. If traded now the Caps may be able to steal a high 1st round pick and a serious prospect.

*-> The Ottawa Senators have signed 7th round draft pick Colin Greening to a 1 year entry level deal. Greening played for Cornell of the ECAC.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Monday Afternoon

Lots of quick ones out of Russia this weekend.

*-> Alexander Radulov is rumored to be on his way back to North America. Several sources have said the Russian sniper has full intention on returning to the Nashville Predators this fall. Nashville has yet to announce anything or make any other comments other than they most likely welcome him back if he honors his contract. This is unlikely however though as he still is under contract for another 2 years in the KHL. The league would surely fill a complaint to the IIHF if he left Russia for the NHL and would be forced to honor his contract or be banned from the next Olympic games in Russia, something that would surely not be in his interest on top of making more in Russia. I also find it hard to believe the Preds would also welcome him with open arms as many words were said between both sides.

*-> Evgeny Artyukhin of the Atlanta Thrashers has told Russian newspapers he plans to listen to offers from both sides of the pond this summer when he becomes a UFA. He did state however he was extremely unhappy about his ice time in Atlanta and Anaheim this season. 5 minutes a game was unacceptable and several KHL teams have approached him already with more money and a bigger role. He went on to say he'd settle for less money to play in the best league and he is more comfortable on the small ice with physical play. He will wait until getting all of his offers before deciding his fate but it mainly depends on his role and minute with the team.

*-> Kirill Petrov the New York Islander prospect has told the Isles he will report to Bridgeport of the AHL next season. He has officially left the KHL after his contract expired in April. He hopes to make Long Island next season but has no problem with the AHL if it'll help his development.

*-> Anton Babchuk has revealed that the Carolina Hurricanes have contacted him about returning to the NHL next season. Babchuk was willingly let back to Russia last summer after the Canes and him could not come to terms. His KHL contract does have a release clause its reported. Jim Rutherford has also made several comments regarding Babchuk saying he has spoken to his camp and their looking at all options for next season.

*-> Free agent goalie Sergei Bobrovsky is expected to sign with the Philadelphia Flyers in the upcoming weeks. Bobrovsky who went undrafted has played steady hockey in nets for the past several seasons for Metallurg Novokuznetsk of the KHL. He is thought to be of backup potential and is willing to leave for North America after his contract expired in April. However several KHL teams have already made offerds for the young tender including Dynamo Minsk so if money is a factor it may stall a deal.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Friday Afternoon

*-> Remember Roman Cervenka of the Czech Olympic teams? Rumor has it he is working of a deal with several NHL teams. The Chicago Blackhawks, Nashville Predators and the Toronto Maple Leafs reportedly have been in talks with Cervenka. The Leafs are reportedly in the lead once again for yet another European free agent. There are also several reports that are stating the Avangard OMSK are also trying to win over the tiny center.

*-> On that note it looks like Jaromir Jagr will play out the rest of his career in Russia. Reports out of Russia are claiming Jagr has signed a 2 year deal with Avangard OMSK so it looks like the package deal of Jaromir Jagr and Roman Cervenka. It has yet to be confirmed by Jagrs camp but he has been very fond of the KHL and living in Russia. A NHL release clause maybe included but its doubtful. Its expected to be around the 3 million mark.

*-> Dominik Hasek has added yet another trophy to his already large collection. Hasek has won the Czech Extralia championship with his club HC Paradubice. Paradubice talked him out of retirement to play once again for the club who he started his career with. Hasek claims he has no intentions on returning to the NHL but anything's possible he finished with.

*-> Rumors out of New Jersey has Lou and the Devils interested in a goalie of the future to groom as a replacement for Martin Brodeur. Brodeur who is starting to show his age most likely will be replaced in the next 3 years and the Devils would like to have him mentor his successor. Carey Price has the Devils managements attention its rumored and they are prepared to make an offer or sheet this summer. Cory Schnieder of the Vancouver Canucks have also been said as a possible target. Ether way the Devils are expected to make a major shakeup this summer and it could start with a goaltending. Controversy.

Ice Scoopz: Friday Afternoon

*-> Remember Roman Cervenka of the Czech Olympic teams? Rumor has it he is working of a deal with several NHL teams. The Chicago Blackhawks, Nashville Predators and the Toronto Maple Leafs reportedly have been in talks with Cervenka. The Leafs are reportedly in the lead once again for yet another European free agent. There are also several reports that are stating the Avangard OMSK are also trying to win over the tiny center.

*-> On that note it looks like Jaromir Jagr will play out the rest of his career in Russia. Reports out of Russia are claiming Jagr has signed a 2 year deal with Avangard OMSK so it looks like the package deal of Jaromir Jagr and Roman Cervenka. It has yet to be confirmed by Jagrs camp but he has been very fond of the KHL and living in Russia. A NHL release clause maybe included but its doubtful. Its expected to be around the 3 million mark.

*-> Dominik Hasek has added yet another trophy to his already large collection. Hasek has won the Czech Extralia championship with his club HC Paradubice. Paradubice talked him out of retirement to play once again for the club who he started his career with. Hasek claims he has no intentions on returning to the NHL but anything's possible he finished with.

*-> Rumors out of New Jersey has Lou and the Devils interested in a goalie of the future to groom as a replacement for Martin Brodeur. Brodeur who is starting to show his age most likely will be replaced in the next 3 years and the Devils would like to have him mentor his successor. Carey Price has the Devils managements attention its rumored and they are prepared to make an offer or sheet this summer. Cory Schnieder of the Vancouver Canucks have also been said as a possible target. Ether way the Devils are expected to make a major shakeup this summer and it could start with a goaltending. Controversy.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday Evening

*-> Jussi Rynnas this years Jonas Gufstavson has decided to follow the same exact footsteps as his fellow goaltender and Scandinavian. Rynnas has all but decided on signing with the Maple Leafs as well. He is rumored to be interested in a 2year deal worth 900k and a 2 way clause. His agent informed several teams this morning they were out on the bidding. Montreal, Dallas and Edmonton were the rumored teams.

*-> With the possible merger of KHL teams HC MVD and the folding Moscow Dynamo clubs many of their players are wondering what is to become of them. Mattias Weinhandl is a name that may return to the NHL if the offer was right after a terrific season in the K.He stated in the past he may like to return but its believe the money of the KHL would be far greater as he dominanted this season. Another familiar name Alexei Zhitnik's status is also unknown but he's expected to finish his career in Russia as well. Daniel Markov is also in the same boat. Jiri Hudler was reported the other day to be released and now its confirmed by the club. The Red Wings would surely like to have him for next season. Pavel Valentenko the defensive prospect who bolted from Hamilton of the AHL due to his family demands for more money is also possibly a free agent in Russia. New York owns his rights after the Montreal dealt them in the Scott Gomez deal. He is expected to stay unless he is offered more money and or a starting position on the Rangers blueline. If the merger goes through it would be up to HC MVD to decide whether or not to keep them.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Tuesday Morning

*-> Rumors out of Philadelphia have the Flyers looking at Carey Price of the Montreal Canadians. The rumors are saying Philly had been in talks with the Habs about Jaroslav HalaK before Montreal management decided Halak was their guy. Montreal was reported to be asking for too much in return for Halak. French Canadian Claude Giroux's name has now come up its said as the asking price for Price. Its yet to be known if Price is on the market but many are saying that Price will not settle being number 2 and Halak is Montreal guys. Giroux is mostly likely not available as he's a key building block in Phillys future alongside VanRymsDyk. In my opinion Montreal and Philly are most likely speaking in regards to goaltending but Giroux is untouchable unless Montreal sweeten the deal.

*-> Mike Modano has commented on his possible retirement this week saying that despite all the rumors and fellow veterans retiring he has yet to make a decision. He still would like to play but it depends on the teams future and if there's a role for him still in Dallas. He says his decision will come shortly once he speaks with management.

*-> Martin St.Louis has told Tampa Bay media that given the ownership change and the unknown financial status he'd be willing to waive his no trade clause if the club asked him to. He said he's happy in Tampa but if the situation arises he'd be happy to help the team. Yet another star in a span of a week to follow Jarome Iginla. I wouldn't expect a deal though as its merely speculation. Vincent Lecavaliers conttract is way more of a burden.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Monday Afternoon

*-> Now that Marty Turco is a free agent come July 1st he's made his demands known. Turco has said he would only listen to offers from a contending team that was building for a run rather than a team building for the future. He also stated he would only accept the starting position at his age. This still puts Philly, Washington, and Chicago in the running but some people are saying Tampa Bay is another possibility if they get their act together. Also don't count Ottawa out of the goalie mix this summer if they can somehow dump Leclaire.

*-> Reports out of Russia have Dynamo Moscow folding this summer and buying out many of their players including Juri Hudler. Hudler nor the Detroit Red Wings who own his contract and rights have yet to say anything except for the Detroit management saying they have yet to hear anything out of Russia. Could be interesting if the Wings get Hudker back but he may stay in Russia if another team offers him big money again.

*-> Speaking of the KHL reports are also indicating that New York Ranger and soon to be free agent Jokinen could be headed to Russia next season. Jokinen who had a disapointing season yet again and was linked to Calgarys dressingroom cancer has been watched by several KHL organizations including the new Moscow team and UFA. I doubt these rumors are true as Jokinen still has talent and some low scoring team will take a risk at signing him to a lower short term deal. He might bolt if there's no interest or he gets a big money deal however.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The IR: Thursday Afternoon

*-> Milan Michalek of the Ottawa Senators gave the Sens more bad news today as he announced he's out for season after tearing his ACL in his left knee. He was playing with a partially torn ACL before the Pittsburgh game and finished the job during the game.

Ice Scoopz: Thursday Afternoon

*-> The Toronto Maple Leafs have resigned RFA Jonas The "monster" Gustavsson to a 2 year deal worth 1.2$ Mil a season. Good signing for the Leafs but I was expecting a long term deal, the closeness of the signing was correct however. Burke better hope he gets some goaltending in the pipeline sometime soon or the length of this deal might come back to haunt him.

*-> The Atlanta Thrashers have done some spring cleaning of their own yesterday as they fired their entire coaching staff starting with John Anderson. The Thrashers also promoted yes I said promoted Don Waddell. Waddell will now assume the club president role and assistant GM Rick Dudley will now be the GM.

*-> Also while on Atlanta, the Thrashers new GM has stated that signing Colby Armstrong is one of his first priorities. Armstrong who is a UFA this summer is still on the fence whether or not he wishes to remain in Atlanta. Fellow UFA Pavel Kubina is currently in negotiations with the Thrashers for a new deal. Kubina says he likes the team, and the direction their headed. He would definitely return as long as he got a fair deal. It looks like Kubina might feel the market out first come July. Johan Hedburg has yet to be contacted by the club and doubts he'll be back with the Thrashers next season. Finally Maxim Afinoganov has stated he would like to resign with the club as well.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Playoff Predictions

Playoff Predictions

Western Conference

1. San Jose
8. Colorado
Winner= San Jose In 5

While the Colorado Avalanche had a fairy tale season I feel that they don't have the extra gear needed for the playoffs yet. The wheels fell off after the break and they lost one of their best players for a player who still needs seasoning in Peter Mueller. The Sharks on the other hand have been consistent and a force the past few seasons. The playoffs are not their strong point as we know but they know that too and know there will be massive changes should they not have better results. Dany Heatley adds that extra touch around the net as well as they have plenty of youth in the lineup to energize the vets. The Sharks know its a must while for the Aves it was just nice to make it and should be ready next time around.

2. Chicago
7. Nashville
Winner = Chicago in 5.

The Blackhawks offence should scare the Predators non existent offense to death. The defense is close to the Hawks except for the fact Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keith seam to excel in the playoffs. The one edge the Preds have is goaltending in Pekka Renne but it'll be hard to compete against a team who has that much of an offensive edge especially when only 2 players on your team hit 20 goals and one of them is injured.

3. Vancouver
6. Los Angeles
Winner= Vancouver In 7

This one was a hard one for me as I really like Los Angeles and think their going to be a elite team in the near future. I also find that Vancouver is New Jersey of the West but because of that I think they have the edge. Roberto Luongo will be the deciding factor. Not to knock Jonathan Quick but Luongo is on another level. It all depends if The Sedins stay healthy. Could we see the Pavol Demetra who cares?

4. Phoenix
5. Detroit
Winner= Phoenix in 6

This is one that most hockey fans won't agree with me on but I think Phoenix will ride the wave of success and continue it into the playoffs. Their not quite a youth movement but still have the energy and speed plus the veteran experience. Phoenix has had that extra jump and passion all season long while Detroit has only come as of late. It'll be a close battle and Detroit has the experience to take it but the Coyotes have the determination and every player on that team plays their system now due to Dave Tippett.

Eastern Conference

1. Washington
8. Montreal
Winner= Montreal in 7.

The Capitals have dominated all season long and look to be the favorites in the East. If there was to be an upset this is the series. The Caps have an incredible offense from the front of the lineup to the back. This is why I say they'll struggle against the offensively challenged Habs. Jacques Martin plays a defensive turnover style game and the Caps are turnover magnets. Their defense is soft and their goaltending is suspect. Montreal knows Theodore well and that could work to their advantage as well. Overall I don't believe the Habs can match firepower with firepower but if they play a defensive style of attack to shut down Ovie and co its the Habs series.

2. New Jersey
7. Philly
Winner= New Jersey in 5

New Jersey should take this easily due to there all round game and one of the best goalies in the league compared to Phillys non existent goaltending and a struggling core of forwards. Philly was lucky enough just to make it to the dance this year. New Jersey should be able to shut down their struggling powerplay and woeful offense. The Devils alos should take advantage of a weak Brian boucher who hasn't appeared in the post season since 2002. Philly's only hope is to use their size and grit to their advantage and wear down the Devils.

3. Buffalo
6. Boston
Winner= Buffalo In 5

Buffalo is rolling right now and have that momentum going in their favor. The Bruins have struggled big time most of the season, especially in the offense department. Thats bad news since Buffalo has one of the hottest goalies in the league and my opinion hands down Vezina winner at the end of the season. Marc Savard still remains out so not much hope for that little bit of extra help combined with Boston management down grading at the deadline with dealing Derek Morris and bringing Denis Seidenberg. The Sabres have the Bruins beat in all catagories and boston has to hope Tuuka Rask is up to the challenge.

4. Pittsburgh
5. Ottawa
Winner= Ottawa In 7

This is another prediction many are going to call me on but I really think Ottawa will upset here. While they have awful goaltending the Sens have one of the best second halfs in the East. Although really pricey Chris Kelly, Jarkko Ruutu, Chris Neil, Shean Donovan and company fill the role well and I think they can line up against the Pittsburgh back half and due damage or shut down the top lines. If they cant do that then whats their use at that price tag? I also feel Pittsburgh isn't the same Stanley Cup Champions they were and unless Fleury stands on his head and Malkin gets rolling this should be a tough series to win.

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday Morning

*-> New out of Russia today, the KHL is set to go through with expansion plans at the seasons end in preperation for the new season. The KHL has been trying to lure many European teams since its begging to try and create a European based league to rival the NHL. Several larger European teams have been invited such as Farjestads BK, Frolunda HC, HV71, Linkopings HC, and Djurgardens IF of the Swedish Elite Liga were all invited but all 6 have decided to remain in Sweden til the end of next season leaving the door open for a possible addition in 2012. The only team in Sweden who fully excepted the KHL's offer was AIK in the Swedish Div 1 but the Swedish Hockey Federation refused their transfer. In the Finnish Elite Liga just Oulun Karpat was invited and declined. Ec Red Bull Salzburg was invited from the Austrian League but Red Bull has a contract with the city for several more years. In the DEL Kolner Haie and Eisbaren Berlin were explored but both remaining happy with the DEL and said maybe it could be possible in the future. The Czech Extraliga came close to losing HC Energie Karlovy Vary but due to financial woes this season the were declined by the KHL but hope to join at the end of the next season. Lev Hradec Kralove also applied and was excepted. So whos are the expansion teams so far?

- HC Budivelnyk - Kiev, Ukraine (Ukrainian Major League)
- Yugra Khanty-Mansiysk - Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia (Russian Major League)
- Krylya Sovetov Moscow - Moscow, Russia (Russian Major League)
- Lev Hradec Kralove - Hradec Kralove, Czech Rep (Czech Extraliga)
- Vetra Vilnius - Vilnius, Lithuania

Several more teams have applied as well but so far havent been accepted.
- HC Donbass - Donetsk, Ukraine (Ukrainian Major League) -> Needs Arena
- Sokil Kiev - Kiev, Uraine (Belarussian Extraleague) -> Financial Woes
- Gazovik Tyumen - Tyumen, Russia (Russian Major League) -> Needs Arena
- Keramin Minsk - Minsk, Belarus (Belarussian Extraleague)
- Yunost Minsk - Minsk, Belarus (Belarussian Extraleague)
- HK Homiel - Homiel, Belarus(Belarussian Extraleague) -> City Transfer
- Kazzinc-Torpedo - Ust-Kamenogorsk (Russian Major League)
- HC Energie Karlovy Vary - Karlovy Vary, Czech Rep (Czech Extraleague) -> Financial

*-> The Toronto Maple Leafs announced yesterday Dion Phaneuf would be the their new team captain moving forward next season. Many are reporting this is a clear sign that the Tomas Kaberle era is now over and will be moved once his trade window opens. The Leafs are reportedly asking for a top six forward and a high draft pick and prospect in return for Kaberle. Many believe the demands are too high and the Leafs may have to settle for 2 of the 3 demands.

*-> While with the Leafs, it's also rumored with Tyler Bozak's affordable salary and steller play this season, the Leafs will atempt to shop Mikael Grabovski as he falls out of their rebuilding plans now with Phil Kessel and Tyler Bozak in the mix. The Leafs are rumored to be looking to add more size up the middle on the back half of the roster.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Tuesday Afternoon

*-> The Dallas Stars have officially parted ways with long time goaltender Marty Turco today. Turco who is an unrestricted free agent this summer struggled to regain his form this season and the Stars attempted to shop him near the deadline after they acquired Kari Lehtonen from the Atlanta Thrashers. The Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk announced this morning that the club will not resign Marty Turco and thanked him for his 10 years of service with the Stars. He also announced that goalie Kari Lehtonen will be their guy going forward. Several teams were interested in Marty Turco down the stretch but it was rumored his cap hit was a major decider. The Philly Flyers, Detroit Red Wings and the Chicago Blackhawks were all rumored to be interested. The Flyers are the only team that remain interested of the three at the moment but the St. Louis Blues can be added to that mix now that their goalie situation has become unclear.

*-> The Atlanta Thrashers Slava Kozlov has hinted that he may head to the KHL next season if he doesn't attract much interest July 1st. He would rather play a few more seasons in the NHL if possible but a team of his choosing. Kozlov was linked to the Red Wings, Kings and the Caps down the stretch and it's doubtful the Caps or Wings will have cap space for the aging Russian next season. CSKA Moscow has been linked to Russian as well.

*-> GM Steve Yzerman may be heading down South as he's been linked to the Tampa Bay Lightning this afternoon. While it may not be realistic it could be the job opportunity that Steve Yzerman was waiting for. New Tampa Bay owner Jeff Vinik has not said anything on his search for a GM except he plans to have his staff locked up before the draft. No word ether on a choice for Head coach.

Ice Scoopz: Tuesday Morning

*-> The Tampa Bay Lightning have begun their spring cleaning yesterday officially as they fire head coach Rick Tocchet and also GM Brian Lawton. Not a very surprising move coming from TB ownership as they look to continue the rebuilding properly. GM Brian Lawton never quite managed to right the ship as the team moved forward and after the war between him and the coaching staff it was only a matter of time before he was let go. Tocchet was an unfortunate casualty but he struggled to spark his team when it was needed and I'm sure his war with GM Brian Lawton also hurt his image with the new management. Good moves by new owner Jeff Vinik so he may start fresh from the office down.

*-> The Pittsburgh Penguins have resigned backup goalie Brent Johnson to a 2 year deal worth 1.2 mil$. Johnson fared pretty well this season and did the job when M.A Fleury was unable to.

*-> The Toronto Maple Leafs are rumored to be close to a deal with Jonas Gustavsson who is a restricted free agent this summer. The "Monster" is expected to be signed in the next week or so according to Toronto media sources. No sign on what the deal may be but it's expected to an increase on this season.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Monday Lunchhour

*-> St Louis is leaning towards resigning goalie Chris Mason management has reported. Mason who had a quiet but decent season is reported to want to stay with the Blues but is looking for a definite number status and a pay increase.

*-> Teemu Selanne and Scott Niedermayer are both contemplating retiring next season. The Anaheim management would like to have a decision before free agency. While Teemu Selanne is expected to return for another run, Scott Niedermayer is most likely going to hang em up unless the Ducks management make a major pitch.

*-> Sheldon Souray has officially requested a trade out of the Edmonton Oilers organization. Souray cites a lack of care and respect from the management and has given up on the management. He also stated that he believes the management already gave up on him and he feels no longer needed. Souray also claims to not have heard from the club the entire injury length. Its being said that Souray just wants out and would accept a deal to almost anywhere. Washington, Atlanta and Dallas. Dallas is reported to be tryingg a Ribeiro Souray swap but in my mind isn't good for ether party.

Ice Scoopz: Monday Morning

*-> The KHL vs the NHL saga took another twist late last week as once highly coveted Russian prospect Kirill Kabanov was sent home from the Under 18 Russian squad shortly after he had arrived to camp. The Russian brass told the media he showed up to camp thinking he was the star and better than the team. He was subsequently benched then told he was off the squad although he was one of the better players on the team. Kabanovs agent is claiming this was all politics and Kabanov has no dressing room problems and still has the goal of making the NHL. The Moncton Wildcats had allowed him to return late from wrist surgery so he may play in the U18s even though they are deep in the playoffs. Kabanov's stock has dropped drastically from challenging Taylor Hall all of last season for number one down to 12th this season and now 31st. The main dip was due to a nagging wrist injury suffered playing in the KHL last season causing him to miss all but 22 games this season. This turn of events is rumored to be payback for Kirill leaving the KHL to play in the CHL this season to adjust to the North American game. His rights were traded right before he left for Moncton leaving his team short a highly touted player plus the return the gave up. The KHL tried to fight Kabanovs departure but was unsuccessful as he had a release clause in his contract. The IIHF ruled in Kabanovs favor. JP Barry has said his client had to leave the KHL in order to pursue his dream of playing in the NHL as he would have been required to sign long term in Russia.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Thursday Morning

*-> Keith Tkachuk has announced he will hang it up at the end of the season after 19 years. The St Louis Blues will play Nashville the last game of the season where Tkachuk will play his last game in the NHL. Tkachuk said it was mainly because of missing out on his family he decided to hang em up.

*-> Another aging vet Owen Nolan of the Minnesota Wild has decided to go in the opposite route. Nolan has decided to play one last season before deciding to quit. He is a UFA and hopes he fits in to the Wilds plans this off season but even if he's not resigned he will look for one final team to finish off his career with.

*-> Mike Modano of the Dallas Stars has also came out about his possible retirement. Modano stated he'd like to play another season but only if he felt good about it and only if he was in the Dallas Stars plans. Modano has also been linked to be on the verge of buying the Stars with Gretzky and Hull.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday Evening

*-> The Chicago Blackhawks were reportedly testing the trade waters at the trade deadline with Cory Crawford. The Hawks have a goalie log jam with Niemi and Huet and its looking more and more likely they'll be unable to deal Huet. Crawford as admitted to being unhappy in his situation and would welcome a trade if he doesn't make the team soon. Crawford has dominated the AHL since being drafted 7 years ago and feels he has nothing left to prove at that level. Crawford also has said that while he is unhappy he'd prefer to stay in Chitown but if the chance isn't coming he'd like to move on. No word on suitors except that there has been a steady parade of scouts watching him for the past 2 years.

*-> Vesa Toskala of the Calgary Flames plans to continue his NHL career after this awful season for him. He still considers himself an NHL caliber goaltender and is willing to fight for a chance to start even if it means a season as a cheap back up. Calgary likes his reliability and are considering signing him if he's willing to take a cut. Many people have also reported that several European teams and a KHL team has contacted his agent about next season.

*-> The Florida Panthers are expected to make a Major shake up trade to start the next season. Cory Stillman and Tomas Vokoun are at the center of the talks. Vokoun is highly sought after. His impressive play this season has made him a hot item this spring. Philly almost had a deal in place at the deadline but Florida declined. The Ottawa Senators have also been mentioned. Stillman has been rumored to be a draft day trade bait for any team looking for a veteran goal scorer and have a draft pick to spare.

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday Afternoon

*-> Branko Radivojovic told the Hockey News that while he is having a career year in the KHL he most likely won't ever return to the NHL again. He came to North America and played junior for the Belleville Bulls and still calls Belleville his home. He cites his age (31) and his 2 years remaining on his contract as the main reasons for not likely returning to the NHL.

*-> Reports out of Atlanta claim that Ilya Kovalchuk plans to return back to Atlanta July 1st. The Thrashers would love to retain Kovalchuk and many have been saying since the deal it was previously planned to help restock the stuggling team. This being said I've also heard whispers of Don Waddell claiming he wouldn't doubt it if Kovalchuk took a smaller deal to remain in New Jersey with the Devils. Personally it could could go ether way. On one hand Ilya loves Atlanta and still has a home there but on the other we all know Kovalchuk thrives on being the "guy" and he certainly is the "guy" in New Jersey but without the pressure. If he did return to the ATL he could make Waddell look like a genius.

*-> The Toronto Maple Leafs will be parting ways with disgruntled defenseman Garnett Exelby this summer as he's an unrestricted free agent this summer. Talks have not begun and it looks like they will not begin as Exelby is frustrated with the Leafs and wants out. He is agitated about not being used and asked for a trade mid season but the Leafs were unable to find a suitor.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Tuesday Morning

A few quick ones to start the morning off.

*-> Many teams in the league are looking at goalies this summer with many goalies available. Marty Turco is one name out there to consider. It was reported this week the Stars most likely will part ways with their long time keeper. While Turco isn't young he still can provide the reliability that a contender needs at least for a few seasons still. The Philadelphia Flyers have looked into Turco but it appears they will make a big push for Thomas Vokoun. Another team who has had interest has been the St Louis Blues who lacked reliability between the pipes all season long. The darkhorse of this one could be the Ottawa Senators who have rode the season on 2 mediocre goalies. Leclaire could rebound but Brian Elliots a backup at best. The Canadians have a decesion still to make about Carey Price and Jaroslav Halak. The Flyers almost had Halak earlier in the season while the New Jersey Devils want Price.

*-> Yesterday the Edmonton Oilers signed prospect Linus Omark of Dynamo of the KHL to a 2year deal. The deal is worth 850k and has an opt out clause at the start of the second season. If Omark is unhappy and or struggling he can leave to Europe before the season begins.

*-> The Dallas Stars have appeared to have had enough of Mike Ribeiro recently as the scoring center missed several team events including a mandatory team meeting. He was healthy scratched for a game as punishment but the sides are reportedly still at war. It is expected the Stars will shop him during the summer months to give Jaime Benn more ice time along with Brad Richards.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Monday Morning

*-> Big Andy Sutton has thrown a curve into Bryan Murrays backup plans as he revealed this weekend that he would love to return to the Island. He stated his heart is in New York and he loves what the Islanders have done with the team. He still considers Long Island his home and also revealed he'd love to sign with them again if they'd take him back. Murray was counting on Sutton being his insurance factor in the Volchenkov free agency.

*-> Tomas Kaberle has told the Toronto media he does not have a rift with head coach ron Wilson and wishes to remain with the Maple Leafs. A report came out last week stating that Kaberle wants out of Toronto due to a fued with Wilson. Both Wilson and Kaberle have down played the rumor. Wilson stated its a work relationship and arn't friends but its due to the situation. You can't be a coach and friends at the same time. Kaberle is expected to be moved during the window where his no trade clause is lifted temporarily. Kaberle is on the final year of his contract and the Leafs are expected to go in another direction with Dion Phaneuf.