Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Saturday Afternoon

*-> Alex Tangauy has officially signed with the Tampa Bay Lightning as previously reported 3 weeks ago. The us finally in place and is worth only 2$mil over 1 year with the Bolts.

*-> IIHF has officially banned Jiri Hudler from international and has disallowed his transfer to the KHL. Not much more is known but Hudler may be forced to return to the Red Wings before camp.

*-> Over the last few days Mats Sundins name has been circulating. Rumors have it the Rangers are pushing hard to get the former Leaf Captain but he still is unsure if he still has the drive to play. It is believed the Leafs would also love to have him return only at a discount price however.

*-> Mike Comries name has been linked to the Oilers the past few days and the Oilers organization has yet to deny interest. Comrie would rather play in NYC but may have to look elsewhere if no offer gets made soon.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Friday Evening

*-> The Toronto Maple Leafs have invited former Leaf Jason Allison to a tryout with the club.

*-> Alexei Kovalev has made some suspicious comments this afternoon about his future with the Senators. Kovalev stated today his still wishes he could play for the Habs again and acknowledged he made a bad personal decesion by keeping the Habs waiting over money as he wishes to retire their. He claims he's visited several times since and calls Montreal home still and would love to retire with the organization. Despite his confusing and misleading comments he still remains focused for the next 2 years for the Sens. Rumors have already begun to spin however including one which would take place if Heatley decided to return to the Sens. If Heatley was to return the Sens would have to dump a bit of cap space sending Kovalev back to the Habs for Plekanec, and a pick. The Habs would get Kovalev back along with Jason Smith. This is highly unlikely but never impossible. The sens would love to keep Heatley and Kovalev both in the fold.

*-> Peter Forsberg has taken a big step to once again making a comeback. The star Swede has been added to the Olympic hopeful list and last night returned to the ice without pain or complication for the SEL's Modo. Forsberg says he should know how he feels after a few more games played with the puck. A couple teams have shown interest in him including his longtime club Colorado and also the New York Rangers.


*-> The Vancouver Canucks have made a deal to secure their blueline and replace Matias Ohlund. The Canucks have acquired defensemen Brad Lukowich and Christian Erhoff from the San Jose Sharks for prospects Patrick White and Daniel Rahimi
*-> The NHL's elite journeyman and trade deadline fixture Mike Sillinger retired yesterday morning.

*-> Darren McCarty is looking at several options around the NHL but It appears he'll be headed to the KHL. Vancouver has a little interest as does Anaheim but the KHL is still the best option so far.

*->Another former Red Wing and veteran defenseman Chris Chelios is also contemplating heading to the KHL this season. He has yet to receive an offer from any NHL clubs but some have shown some interest such as the Montreal Canadians, Nashville Predators and the LA Kings. Moscow Dynamo and St. Petersberg have both shown interest in bringing the aging dman to the KHL.

*-> The Vancouver Canucks have added 2 players to their lineup via free agency. Mathieu Schneider and Dave Scratchard have both signed on with the club. The latter will make 500K for 1 year while Schnieder is expected to make 2mil$ for 2 years.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Schedule Release Date

Well I'm finally over this damn flu and it feels good to be back and good to be doing something other than watching Divorce court and sleeping. My apologies for the lack of posting but I've had a slitting headache and couldn't bare to stare at a computer screen. Luckily there really wasn't anything missed since things have been extremely slow as of late.

As Hockey Canada and the NHL Training Camps get set to begin and the new NHL schedule has been released I figure I should release Ice Scoopz's new hockey year schedule and whats next to come. I've got several new ideas and a lot of exciting things planned for the upcoming season.
Last season was a good 1st season and I really want to make this your number 1 stop for anything hockey.

I know last season the pace was a bit slow and the schedule struggled at times to keep up so my number 1 concern this season is to stick to my guns and get a good flow going. I really want to start off fresh and stay on track this time around. So starting September 1st the new season begins in my mind and therefore so will the new Ice Scoopz schedule.

I should have the full weekly schedule + monthly events posted up by this Saturday along with a description of changes and a list of things to come. Stay tuned! Tomorrow posting will resume as normal and back to business....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Tuesday Morning

Sorry folks I've been battling a flu/stomach virus the last 6 days so hence the lack of posting. This bug pretty much killed my birthday week but I'm just about recovered so starting tonight or tomorrow morning posting will commence. Starting with a new schedule that takes place starting September 1st. Thanks for staying tuned.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Tuesday Morning

*-> Todd Bertuzzi has signed a 1 year deal worth 1.5$mil with his former club the Detroit Red Wings. This seams like a good deal to be. Bertuzzi is a reliable second line offensive source.
*-> The New York Rangers have signed Vaclav Prospal to a one year deal worth 1.1$mil per season. Prospal at 1.1$m is a great deal. He's still a consistent scorer and should easily replace Nikolai Zherdev.

*-> The New Jersey Devils are extremely close to signing Justin Peters. Peters has said his heart is in Buffalo but he doubts they will resign him and he plans to make a decesion shortly.

*-> Former Montreal Canadian Francis Bouillon has had several teams kicking around but no set offers yet. Rumor has it the Canadians are considering a training camp invite and the Pittsburgh Penguins have contacted him about a depth role.

*-> Phillipe Boucher is curently considering retirement after no receiving any decent offers from any NHL teams. The Pittsburgh Penguins have offered him a depth role as a 7th D man but he wants to have a greater role. Boucher also says that the KHL or any other European league is out of the question.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Tuesday Afternoon

*-> Nikolai Zherdev has found himself a new team....but its not in the NHL surprise surprise. Zherdev has signed a 1 year deal with Salavat UFA of the KHL this morning RDS and other media outlet report. Not 100% yet but it is believed to be true. It is also believed to have an NHL release clause. Yet another blow in my opinion to North American hockey.

Ice Scoopz: Monday Late Night

A couple of quick notes before I head to bed.

*-> Mike Grier has returned home to Buffalo for atleast one season. The gritty winger was brought in to add some toughness back into a soft Sabre's organization. Grier was signed to a one year deal worth 1.2$mil it has been rumored.

*-> Rookie Ryan Jones earned himself a two year deal worth 975$K per season with his play with the Nashville Predators last season. Jones was part of the Marek Zidlicky deal two seasons ago.

*-> The Leafs have traded Justin Pogge to the Anaheim Ducks for a conditional pick as reported by TSN yesterday afternoon. The Leafs then turned around and signed Joey MacDonald to be their insurance plan as predicted.

*-> A wild rumor out of Boston tonight as many media sources are reporting the Montreal Canadians have signed Manny Fernandez to a two year deal signifying that Jaroslav Halak's time in Montreal has come to an end. I highly doubt this is true as why would the Habs need Fernandez when they just signed Curtis Sanford unless Fernandez is that desperate that he wants to play in the AHL and wait for his time again. Just doesn't add up.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Night Summary

Well another quiet week as the summer continues on, it really hasn't felt like summer at all with this shitty weather but as the calander points out, its almost over. Training camps are only a few weeks away and a lot of teams are putting final touches on their rosters. A few recent rumors from the weekend and a little sum up from the past week.

*-> Maxim Afinogenov has been practising with the KHL club Moscow Dynamo this past week. It is expected he'll sign with the KHL club but a few late takers have surfaced and are expected to make offers. The New York Islanders are one of the teams looking into his services. The Islanders are desperate for an offensive kick and Afinogenov might be an inexpensive option. The Washington Capitols are the other team interested. The word is that if the Caps cannot come to an agreement with Nikolai Zherdev, Maxim could be another option. I personally think it would be a good choice because both those guys Zherdev and Afinogenov both cant be counted on as go to guys but given a role where they can just "go" and put up secondary numbers would benefit them greatly.

*-> The Toronto Maple Leaf's have a deal in place with the Anaheim Ducks for could-be bust goaltender Justin Pogge. The deal in place is for a late draft pick TSN reports that changes depending on Justin Pogge's performance. The Toronto Maple Leaf's have also come to terms with goaltender Joey Macdonald to make him their 3 string goalie. The deal is reportedly worth 500K$ and is for 1 year.

*-> Out spoken and extremely talented Jeremy Roenick has officially retired ending a great career. The only one thing that holds him back from a Hall of Fame entrance is never winning a Stanley Cup or being part of a championship team. Another veteran of 20 years Teppo Numminen has also retired without a cup. Two great players that will be missed in the hockey world. It's too sad that neither of these two great players will never get to taste victory or raise the cup.

*-> Brendan Shanahan has signed what is most likely his last contract earlier this week with the New Jersey Devils. The deal is worth 1MIL$ for just one year. At 42 theres not much left in the Tank for Shanny and it's hard to believe he'll have anymore seasons left in him.

*-> Speaking of 42 year olds, Theo Fleury has sent a letter to Commissioner Gary Bettman trying to get reinstated back into the NHL. Fleury who was banned after not passing the NHL's substance abuse program several years back has been clean for over 4 years now and has had a fire lit back under him. Fleury has been thinking of a comeback since playing in the British Elite league 3 seasons ago and last year he played Senior Men's Hockey in Alberta. It's going to be hard to reinstated because he never finished the NHLPA's Substance Abuse program the last time around.

*-> The New York Ranger's have walked away from one dimensional winger Nikolai Zherdev's salary arbitration. The judge awarded him with a 3.9$Mil for one season and the Rangers chose to pass and let him become a UFA. Several teams around the league has shown interest in the Russian winger including the Washington Capitols as previously mentioned. The Nashville Predator's have also expressed interest but still feel burned by the Alexander Radulov situation. Another team rumored to be interested as well is the Tampa Bay Lightning but that rests on the fact they wont be able to sign Alex Tanguay. Nik's agent has said the winger has had a couple offers from NHL teams and KHL teams but the forward would prefer to play in North America this season and would return to Russian as a last resort.

*-> Patrick Kane and his cousin were arrested late last night for attacking a cab driver and stole their money back after not him being able to provide them proper change for their 20$ bill. They both are being charged with felony robbery and misdemeanour theft of services and criminal mischief. Both have also plead not guilty. The Chicago Blackhawks are aware of the situation and currently have no comment other than the fact they will deal with it internally. whether or not this effects Kane's upcoming NHL season is yet to be seen but it is expected to be only community service and several fines.

That's it for the Sunday Summary. More news later, plus I'm going to get my team Sweden Predictions up before tomorrow night as well. I'm getting into the flow of things again now so spread the word about the site. Expect at least 3 postings daily as well as up to the minute deals and major news. I'm currently working on a forum for this site so you guys can post and get into some good discussion about anything hockey. Should be up within the week. I'm also working on a set schedule for the European leagues and some team Canada (WJ) daily news updates. that's it for now!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Friday Lunch

Some more quick ones for you.

*-> Marc Andre Bergeron is curently weighing in his options this morning. He is rumored to be signing sometime this weekend. Columbus and the Buffalo Sabres are high on his puck moving abilities.

*-> Buffalo has also expressed interest in Vaclav Prospal but only if the price is right.

*-> Montreal is rumored to be making the rounds calling teams about Halak to see what they may get for him.

*-> Todd Bertuzzi to Toronto is becoming really close. Brian Burke loves his style and Toronto needs a bit of a secondary offense boost. Bert could be that guy.

Ice Scoopz: Friday Morning

Well with no home pc at the moment and a dying blackberry its been hard to update so please be patient. I should be back and running tonight hopefully so my Team Sweden prediction should be up as well.

*-> Nik Zherdev is currently being persude by several teams. The Washington Capitals have expressed interest in the Russian winger but need to clear some cap space first. The Minnesota Wild have also inquired but are scared off by the fact he has no twoway game and also he could defect at any given time. The last team appears to be the Panthers as they need an offensive boost.

*-> The Heatley saga continues. A lot of media sources have been claiming a deal is close to bring done but its far from the case. The Manage A Trois between the Habs, Sharks and Sens is actually quite ludicrous because Montreal can't afford to take Cheechoo's or Marleau's salaries and to say they'd dump Andrei Kostitsyn with Plekanec makes no sense. They'd have to dump both brothers as they are a package deal. The only way this would work is if someone agrees to take Hamerlik off Montreals hands which won't happen at 5.5$ a season. I think this is just media talk and stirred up by certain members of the Ottawa Sun who are known for fabricating stories.

Ottawa has turned away the Sharks and now Murray has a new mystery partner. I believe it is the New York Rangers once again. Heatley would love to play in the bright lights of the big apple. The Rangers tried the first time around but bailed cause of the asking price. Now Zherdev is gone they have a bit of cap space but still need to clear a bit more. Another team I can see as being a potential suitor is the Tampa Bay Lighting. They have 10$ to spend and would love another forward. Ottawa would have to take back a player like Ryan Malone though. Tampa's situation rides on Tanguey however. They are seriously interested and Alex is sitting on an offer according to his agent. Its rumored to be between Tampa and the Panthers.

*-> Finally Jason Williams has signed with the Red Wings as expected. The deal is worth 1.5$ for one year only.

More rumors after lunch.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Ice Scoooz: Wednesday Morning

Well back again after a quiet weekend off. Not much happening this weekend so it was a good choice. Here's a few good ones for today.

*-> Nikolai Zherdev has officially been released and is an unrestricted free agent. The New York Rangers have parted with the one dimensional winger. The judges decesion to award him 3.9$mil for one season was far too much for the Rangers who were looking for a reason to dump his salary. Rumors have already started to swirl around Zherdev. The Columbus Blue Jackets have already stated that they are not interested again. The rumored teams that could make an offer for him are the Minnesota Wild who are looking for a jump in offense but I can't see him as a Minny style player. The Washington Caps have also been linked but would first have to dump some salary such as Nylander. Another more reasonable option would be the Toronto Maple Leafs who have zero offense.

*-> Patrick Eaves has signed with the Detroit Red Wings. The Red Wings are high on his potential and his abilities to play special teams. Ottawa definetly lucked out on a cheap signing.

*-> Brian Elliott has signed a twoway contract with his Club the Ottawa Senators worth 1.7$.

*-> Carolina restricted free agent Anton Babchuk is on the block as Jim Rutherford has announced today he will try and trade him. He is reportedly seeking a mid draft pick or average prospect. Several teams have shown interest.

*-> Two retirements are expected to be announced today. Jeremy Roenick and Teppo Numminen.

More this afternoon including some Danny Heatley news and the Sharks.