Monday, November 30, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Monday Afternoon

*-> Victor Tikonov has been loaned to CSKA Moscow of the KHL by the Phoenix Coyotes. A new trend has been started and is continuing among young Russian players. The money and the increased ice time are a huge temptation rather than toil away in the AHL. Although its not really a threat as he's coming back next summer for training camp with intent to crack the roster but I do believe it could stunt their development.

*-> Eric Staal could be available many pundits are saying as the Carolina Hurricanes Are almost ready to start a rebuilding phase. Edmonton has made a pitch according to reports which includes Andrew Cogliano and Tom Gilbert plus a 1st rounder. I don't think the Canes are ready to part ways with their best player so Staal should be safe. As for Cogliano he's most likely going to be trade bait all season long as he's expendable.

More tonight..

The IR: Monday

*-> David Clarkson will be out till mid January with a broken fibula. The Devils have officially placed him on the Injured Reserve.

*-> The Buffalo Sabres will be without Craig Rivet for atleast 2 weeks as he's recovering from a leg injury.

*-> Peter Mueller will miss a week with an undisclosed upperbody injury.

*-> Kyle Calder of the Anaheim Ducks is suffering from an eye injury that will keep him out of the lineup till late December.

*-> Matt Cooke of the Pittsburgh Penguins is suspended untill his hearing sometime this week. Its expected to be 5 games.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Ice Scop

The IR: Friday

*-> Antti Mietenen of the Dallas Stars will miss up to 2 games with an upperbody injury.

*-> New York Rangers Wade Redden is out with an upperbody injury. He's expected to miss atlrast a week.

*-> Andrei Lokiniov is out indefinatly with a shoulder injury for the Kings. Injured in his first call up game of the year. Talk about bad luck.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The IR: Thursday

*-> Montreals Andrei Markov has returned to skating this week after his collision with Carey Price which cut his tendon. He is expected to be playing by January 1st which Russian and Habs fans will be estatic about. His original time frame was late February.

*-> Ottawa will be without Chris Neil for two weeks while he recovers from a knee injury. Mike Fisher is also listed as day to day with an upperbody injury. The Sens can't catch a break.

*-> The New York Rangers have lost Ales kotalik to an undisclosed injury which should be only a week.

Ice Scoopz: Thursday Afternoon

*-> The Washington Capitols are still trying to get rid of Michael Nylander. Reportedly the KHL teams interested have stalled and are rethinking the whole situation. The Caps would love to get rid of him before the christmas break. It might be in their best interest to play him for a week or so to showcase him.

*-> Several Toronto Radio stations have reported the deal between The Leafs and the Chicago Blackhawks is revolving around Patrick Sharp as a centerpiece. I highly doubt this though.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday Morning

*-> The Colorado Avalanche have placed TJ Hensick on other waivers with plans to demote him.

*-> The Florida Panthers have also waived a player. That player being Ville Koistinen. Several teams are interested including The Coyotes, Toronto, Detroit and the Isles.

*-> Rumors around an injury riddled Detroit Redwings continue to fly. Mainly in the return of Chris Chelios to help the Wings on the backend. Although Ken Holland claims no moves will be made as its time for the youngins.

More rumors later including an IR report.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Tuesday Afternoon

*-> The Toronto Maple Leafs and the Chicago Blackhawks are talking deal. A league source has reported a deal is being ironed out by both clubs with Toronto trying to shake up their struggling squad and Chicago trying to dump cap. Right now it looks like Burke is trying to pry a draft pick off the Blackhawks and also what is believed to be defenseman Brent Sopel or possibly Cam Barker in exchange for a mid range pick next season and a throw in midrange prospect. Christian Hanson has been mentioned as well as Garnett Exelby. This doesn't sound like a for sure thing yet as I don't believe the Hawks are that desperate to get rid of Sopel for virtually nothing.

*-> Still no word on Miroslav Satan's return to the NHL. His agent reported a few weeks back that he was close to a deal and narrowed it down with 2 teams. He could just have been trying to stir the pot and get some teams on the phones. Currently Minnesota and Ottawa are the two rumored to be involved.

*-> Alexander Frolov continues to frustrate his Los Angeles coaches and GM with his in consistent play. This season has been a frustrating rollarcoaster for the Russian sniper and is an almost certain trade deal in the future, quite possibly at the deadline if the Kings can get some more help back to replace him. The Kings management have already stated they don't want to lose him for nothing. Lots of teams have inquired about his services but the Kings aren't ready to trade yet but have small hopes on resigning him.

Ice Scoopz: Tuesday Morning

I started reading Theo Fleury's book Playing With Fire this morning and could not put it down. Such a great insight into hockey and into why he became the man he did. If anyone went through what he has they'd be in the same boat. It's incredible how tough he was when he played but whats even more amazing is how mentally tough he was even though he was battling many many demons. Theo has allways been one of my favorite hockey players and I have tremendous respect for him. I truely believe he should be in the Hockey Hall Of Fame for the numbers hes put up, how he changed the game and the fact he beat all odds and returned to the NHL after conquring his demons. Great read so far, I'll post more thoughts when I'm finished it. Now to the news.

*->Georges Laraque has been suspended for 5 games by the NHL for his knee on knee hit agains't Detroit. The result of the knee knocked out Nicklas Kronwall for atleast a month. Laraque has previous infractions which i'm sure helped the verdict a little.

*-> On that note many are reporting that the call up of Sergei Kostitsyn is pretty much a trial to showcase him to the league. Reports have him being scouted by the two Alberta teams. Calgary has reportedly showed interest in just Sergei while Edmonton is after both brothes Sergei and Andrei. I highly doubt this because A. Montreal has had a waive of injuries with even more bodies out now with Gomez, and Gionta and B. because these rumors after been floating around since the start of the Sergei Kostitsyn termoil.

*-> Speaking of termoil the media community is keeping a tight lip about what went on a few weeks back with Dion Phanuef and coach Sutter. A yelling match as I commented on before was overhead between the player and the coach with "selfish" apparently being the key word shouted several times, for those who don't follow me regularly. It's hard to read the situation because a major media code was broken in reporting/listening on behind closed doors so not many people want to touch it. The main theory is that Phaneuf is struggling and his attitude has become negative so its rubbing off on the other players and he may or may not be happy in Calgary. Some have reported it goes deeper than that and may be something negative harming himself personally. It's really a difficult situation for the Flames as they have to settle it soon because he's one of the cornerblocks of that franchise and if they don't it could turn into the Heatley situation like Ottawa had to deal with. Several bloggers, pundits and rumor seekers have reported the Flames might turn to a trade if this situation isn't solved soon. Once again the Alberta and mainstream media has shyed away so it's hard to say, and after all it's still premature to talk about a trade. This could just be over a bad selfish play who knows. I'll report it as I hear its comes.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Monday Night

Awesome finish to the game. Ottawas lucky that their supporting cast played with heart cause the stars wernt shining tonight. Guys like Neil, Fisher and Regin. Something tells me Alexander Ovechkin is still injured.

Ice Scoopz: Monday Evening

I hope everyone got to read that great article Thomas Kingsley wrote for us. Hopefully he,ll keep working with us in the future.

I'm currently at the Sens Caps game in Ottawa tonight. A few quick observations. The Sens are lucky to have scored at all but as I say that they get their 2nd. Ryan Shannon truely looks litterally out of his league...Mathieu Perrault of the Caps however does not...Ovechkin hasn't been himself tonight...I'm starting to think Cory Clouston might not be the right fit. He consistantly mixes his lines and never allows a ryhthem for his guys. He's been out matched at home most of the night. He's coaching AHL hockey still especially with his love for Shannon and Pickard.

Trade ! Montreal - Minnesota

*-> The Montreal Canadians have traded fan favorite Gulliame Lattendresse to the Minnesota Wild for forward Benoit Poulliot.

Personally I think its a bad deal for the Habs who need grit and size on a small soft team. Lattendresse was also a fan fav adding to the list of favorites out the door this year. Poulliot has yet to show his potential, neither has Gulliame but he is more expected to be a grinder. If Benoit does find his scoring touch though it could be worth it.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Sunday

*-> The Minnesota Wild have claimed Andrew Ebbett off waivers from the Chitown Blackhawks.

*-> The Anaheim Ducks have had a boatload of rival GMs and scouts taking in their games leading us to believe a deal is on the way. League sources have said the Ducks want a shake up bad. Rumor has it is that the Ducks are willing to listen to anybody outside Ryan Getzlaf, Corey Perry, and Bobby Ryan.

Ice Scoopz: Saturday Morning

*-> The Blackhawks have placed Andrew Ebbett on waivers this morning. He is expected to clear although Nashville or Carolina might have interest. This is presumed to be a move in order to be able to announce the resiging of the big 3. Sopel appears to be the next step although I believe that Cam Barker could be shopped in order to get a very cheap rugged veteran d man. Maybe sign Chelios? Keith and Seabrook are the clear future and moving Barker while he still has value could be a smart move.

The IR: Saturday

*-> The Carolina Hurricanes keep riding the storm of injuries as of late now adding backup goaltender Michael Leighton to the long mix. Although, Leighton is just day to day with a lower body injury.

*-> The Penguins will be without Jay McKee for a week with a broken finger.

*-> The Ottawa Senators have lost Shean Donovan for atleast 3 months with what is assumed to be a torn MCL or ACL after the knee on knee from Matt Cooke Thursday night.

That's all the bad news for now but some good rumors in a bit.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Profile Of Gary Bettman

Profile: Gary Bettman
By Thomas Kingsley

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is a regular feature in the sports media. In over 16 years at this position, he has experienced many highs and lows, and has been a major influence on the league's evolution. Some believe he has accomplished a great deal in this time, others believe his autocratic decision making has damaged the league's traditions and history. Whatever viewpoint you may take, Gary Bettman will certainly go down in league history as a truly influential and memorable commissioner.

Gary Bettman began his career as a lawyer in New York City, before joining the NBA in 1981 as an executive dealing the league's marketing and legal responsibilities. He would hold this position for 12 years before making his transition to the NHL.
Beginning his tenure as NHL commissioner in 1993, there were immediately questions as to whether Bettman was the right man for the job. His legal experience and his time with the NBA demonstrated he had skills as an administrator, but there were doubts about his level of understanding and appreciation for the sport itself and what effects this would have on the league.

His original mandate was to 'grow the game'. This meant expansion into the large untapped American markets, employing new marketing tactics for the United States, and securing television deals. For the league's longstanding following in Canada, where hockey is deeply engrained in the nation's culture, these instructions were seen by some as a threat to the history and identity of the game. An example of this is his decision to immediately rename the leagues conferences and divisions with geographical identities, instead of the existing names that were tributes to the league's pioneers. Changes such as these were viewed as pandering to prospective fans in markets who were unwilling to adopt the game, at the expense of its core following.

1st Period: First NHL Lockout
During the 1994-1995 season, a lockout shut the league down for over 3 months before a new labour agreement was reached. At the heart of this dispute were the league's failing small market teams, who simply could not keep up with the growing salaries being absorbed by the larger markets.
Though Bettman and the owners wanted a salary cap, they decided to compromise with smaller measures including a cap on rookie salaries, greater limitations on free agency, and changes to salary arbitration.
Despite these changes, 4 small market teams where lost during this period. They were:
· Minnesota North Stars 1993 (to Dallas, Texas)
· Quebec Nordiques 1995 (to Denver, Colorado)
· Winnipeg Jets 1996 (to Phoenix, Arizona)
· Hartford Whalers 1997 (to Raleigh, North Carolina)

There are two points of view in the minds of hockey fans when it comes to Bettman's role in these relocations. Some defend his position, as he had been the head of the league for a short time, and inherited an antiquated labour agreement from his predecessors. The other side is that if Bettman had done more during the first lockout, like demanding a hard salary cap at that time instead of 10 years later, it would have not been too late to save at least some of the these franchises. Some even contend that this was a part of his plan to sell the game to new markets at the expense of its established ones.

2nd Period: Television and Expansion
In the second half of the 1990s, on the heels of the exciting and historic New York Rangers' Stanley Cup victory, Bettman was able to secure long-term television deals with two major American networks; a first for the league. They included Fox (best remembered for their cartoonish FoxTrax puck streak), and ABC/ESPN (of the Disney company). While this was an impressive feat, ratings would remain poor during that period. One issue was that new viewers found it difficult to follow the small, fast-moving puck on the large ice surface. Another was that the sports culture in many American television markets was such that sports (or pastimes) like bowling consistently received better ratings than the NHL. Despite the fact that four small market teams had already been lost to larger, less hockey-friendly markets, Bettman felt the next move to improve the television ratings and league revenues was expansion.

When Bettman was first hired as commissioner in 1993, the league's expansion was already underway, with two new franchises having been awarded to California, two to Florida, and one new franchise in Ottawa, Ontario. While the clear focus was on American markets, establishing a franchise in the small market of Ottawa (with two of the most devoutly supported franchises in league history within a 400 kilometre radius) showed the league was willing to at least consider the hockey-culture of a city when selecting a location for expansion.
By the end of the decade, Bettman had expanded the league to 30 teams, with the number of divisions having increased from 4 to 6. While Minnesota was given a second chance, the others were more southern and less hockey friendly locations, including Nashville, Tennessee, and Atlanta, Georgia, where the Atlanta Flames had failed 20 years earlier.
One downside is that this rapid expansion put tremendous financial pressure on the league, with teams carrying hundreds of millions of dollars of debt combined. This coupled with a low Canadian dollar and severe ownership turmoil meant that teams like the Ottawa Senators (who went bankrupt before being saved by billionaire Eugene Melnyk) and the legendary Edmonton Oilers franchise were in jeopardy of being lost to larger American markets. Even storied American franchises like the Pittsburgh Penguins and Buffalo Sabres (who entered bankruptcy protection) were in danger of relocation due to this troubling financial situation.

3rd Period: Second NHL Lockout and Rule Changes
The entire 2004-2005 season was lost due to this lockout. The unresolved issues from the first lockout had snowballed, with players' salaries accounting for over three-quarters of revenues at that time. During the 2002-2003 season alone, NHL clubs amassed a combined quarter of a billion dollars of debt. It was clear that this path would lead to more bankruptcies and relocations, so Bettman decided that more band-aid solutions comparable to the outcome of the last lockout would not be acceptable.
The buzz word Bettman and the owners were trumpeting throughout this ordeal was 'cost certainty'. This meant protection for clubs and the league from skyrocketing player salaries in the future. The NHLPA director Bob Goodenow rejected all 6 of the NHL's proposals, refusing to let go of their open marketplace concept for player salaries despite its long-term consequences. These events would lead some to observe a seemingly personal battle going on between Bettman and Goodenow's egos, with the players and fans feeling like the victims.
In the end, a new collective agreement was adopted, which included a salary cap. It took over 300 days and severely damaged the league's relationship with its fans. Bettman achieved the goals he had set at the beginning of the dispute, while Goodenow ended up signing an agreement that was harsher than many of the league's original proposals. This failure marked the end of Goodenow's tenure, and he was asked to step down.

Also during this period, Bettman made numerous changes in an attempt to 'modernize' the game and increase offense. The league added a second referee, moved the goal lines and defensive-zone circles, moved the blue lines closer to centre ice, and created a trapezoid behind the net where goaltenders were allowed to play the puck
There were also rule changes that were implemented with the hope of improving the speed and flow of the game. Obstruction penalties were more strictly enforced, two line passes were permitted, and hurry-up line changes were adopted. Also, the size of goaltenders' equipment was reduced by about 11%. These changes were not popular among some of the game's purists, but Bettman firmly believed that creating more offense was the way to attract new fans.

Overtime: Financial Impact and the Future
With league revenues growing from $400 million to over $2.5 billion during Bettman's tenure, the league has certainly enjoyed impressive growth numbers. However, one outcome of the second lockout has been that the league's relationship with many of its long-time fans had been damaged. This was exacerbated by the fact that throughout the lockout, the NHL promised that the stoppage was in the best interests of the average fan. They claimed that NHL games would be affordable to real fans, and no longer would so many of the best seats belong to corporate buyers. As it turns out, this was categorically untrue. Despite the 'cost certainty' that teams now enjoy, ticket prices have been rising across the board, with jumps as high as 10% in a single year some markets (like this year in St. Louis). Some teams have 'frozen' ticket prices, and only a few teams have actually lowered their ticked prices this season (including Tampa Bay).
This problem particularly frustrates many fans in Canadian markets. During the 2007-2008 season, the 6 Canadian teams accounted for 31 per cent of league ticket revenue; which meant a contribution to the tune of $341 million US. The teams with the highest average ticket prices in the league in US dollars are currently:
1. Toronto Maple Leafs: $76.15 (up 3.5% this season)
2. Montreal Canadians: $64.26
3. Vancouver Canucks: $62.05 (up 2% this season)

The fact that there has only been one Stanley Cup awarded between these three franchises in over 20 years demonstrates that there is an unwavering passion for hockey in these regions, where fans are willing to pay a premium for what is often a mediocre product. This year, the NHL has been running advertisements called "Faith: Is this the year?" These are very appropriate because this faith is key to their product offering in their most lucrative markets, where actual winning is a distant memory.

In terms of further league expansion, 30 teams appear to be the limit for the foreseeable future. However, the league’s rapid expansion in a short period of time coupled with the emergence of the KHL has lead many observers to perceive a dilution in the talent level of the league. If Bettman was truly concerned with the quality of the on-ice product, reducing the number of teams would in fact greatly improve the average skill level of NHL level players, and truly deliver the best hockey in the world.

In the coming years, the NHL will continue to evolve. The foundation has been laid by Gary Bettman, centering on his vision of growth in new markets for the league. More recently, regular season games have been played overseas in Europe and even Japan. This could be a sign that Bettman wishes to arouse interest in the league overseas to create new franchises for a more global league in the long run. From the point of view of the league's ticket holders, this seemingly undying desire to expand the league does little to serve their interests. Bettman on the other hand is more interested in creating longer-term cash flow for the league, even if it requires some undeniable damage to the league's traditions and relationship with its core following along the way. Most fans will agree that a more balanced approach between league growth and a respect for wishes of the ticket holders and television audience who are paying the leagues bills would be more desirable, as opposed to autocratic overhauls that take many of the leagues stakeholders for granted.


Canadian teams accounted for 31 per cent of league ticket revenue, pegged at $1.1 billion US

Had its profile across North America dramatically raised. The NHL's licensing and sponsorship income now rivals that of other big professional sports leagues. Ten years ago NHL teams competed in 11 U.S. markets. That number has doubled to 22. Licensing revenues have grown 700% to 1.2 billion.

Expansion - 30 franchises, questionable markets

Bettman's strategy to "grow the game" has also made it difficult for hockey to survive in Canadian markets. Some fans in Quebec and Winnipeg still blame Bettman's expansionist plan for the Jets' move to Phoenix and the Nordiques' move to Colorado. Annually, the Vancouver Canucks, Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames and Montreal Canadiens must find ways to compete despite financial constraints. The Ottawa Senators went bankrupt.

Ice Scoopz: Thursday Morning

*-> The Blue Jackets brass are expected to meet this week to discuss the Nikita Filatov situation. The main decesion is whether or not to trade his rights for a prospect or draft picks. With no space in site for Filatov he will stay in the KHL till a space opens up. Filatov is a bonafide prospect and will make an impact eventually but the Jackets have already wasted time with Nikolai Zherdev and have taken heat. My guess is they will trade him to a "Russian" friendly squad like The Rangers or The Caps. He is worth the wait in my mind and he wants to play in the NHL but with top line minutes. They will get a large chunk back for him and the team getting him will benifit so its win win in my books.

The IR: Thursday

*-> The New York Islanders will miss Brendan Witt for 2 games as he deals with personal issues.

*-> Ryan Smyth will miss atleast a month due to a lower body injury. The Kings will surely miss him.

*-> The Dallas Stars will be without Fabian Brunnstrom for a week with an injured shoulder.

*-> Another Carolina Star has hit the shelf long term today. The Canes have placed Eric Staal on the IR. He's expected to miss until mid December with a lowerbody ibjury suffered on the 1st.

*-> Kris Versteeg is day to day with an upperbody injury.

*-> Aaron Asham of the Flyers will miss a week with an oblique injury.

*-> Rob Scuderi of the Kings will also miss a week with a lowerbody injury.

*-> The Lightning have given Matias Ohlund day to day status with yet another lowerbody injury.

*-> Finally Mike Comrie is still suffering mono. He is expected recover within the month while playing.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Tuesday Morning

A retirement and an unretirement to announce, plus the possible end to the Forsberg saga for now?

*-> Brendan Shanahan has decided to call it a career after 17 seasons. He said his decesion was based on wanting to be with his family.

*-> Markus Naslund has come out of retirement to play for Modo of the Swedish Elite League. Although no NHL plans are in the present there may be in the distant future.

*-> Peter Forsberg is reportedly staying in Sweden for the 09 season playing with Modo alongside his buddy Naslund. This was all announced yesterday by the Vancouver Media. It has yet to be confirmed by his agent or Forsberg himself. Reportedly he is unsure of his ankle still and wants to return for the 10 season.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Friday Afternoon

*-> The Michael Nylander situation is far from over. Several KHL teams have sent him offers but it is rumored the NHL is where he wants to be. It is doubtful an NHL team will make a pitch given his salary.

*-> Scott Niedermayers name has been thrown about this past week. It is doubtful the Ducks will move him unless they are clearly out of the playoff picture. The New Jersey Devils has huge interest in him but arnt willing to part with their future.

*-> David Hale and or Lucas Krejick seam to be the target of Kevin Lowes and the Oilers search.

Ice Scoopz:

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Thursday Afternoon

*-> It looks like Michael Nylander is infact heading to Russia/the KHL but to what team is a mystery. I've heard quite a few teams in the mix or atleast rumored. St. Petersburg, Dinamo Moscow, AK Bars and now Dinamo Minsk. I've also heard Jagr has put quite a big push to get Nylander with him so OMSK could be another possibility. Only Dinamo Minsk has commented on the situation saying that they have had discussion but nothing further is left to anounce.

*-> The past 2 weeks Kevin Lowe has been scouting the Tampa Bay Lighting which leads many to believe the Edmonton Oilers and the Bolts are talking trade. The Oilers are rumored to be after a defenseman. One name being thrown about is David Hale. More to come on this.

Remember the forum is up so let's get some intelligent hockey convo going!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday Afternoon

*->The Detroit Red Wings have claimed Tampa Bays Drew Miller off waivers today.

*-> The Phoenix Coyotes are rumored to be highly interested in defenseman Chris Chelios. Don Maloney has jumped into the mix and made it public that the team needs help to cover injuries to the point. Could the Islanders who are in the same boat be interested as well?

*-> The Ottawa Senators have rumored to be one of the few teams looking at Edmontons Robert Nillson. The Oilers have yet to make shopping him public but he has been a consistent dog house resident since last season.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Tuesday Evening

*-> The Ottawa Senators GM Bryan Murray has stated today he plans on looking for a goal scoring forward at the GM meetings the next few days. Although he is pleased with his team, he knows his team needs secondary scoring something the club has struggled with for quite sometime. It was especially obvious during Jason Spezza's back injury. Some possible targets have rumored Ray Whitney who has a no trade clause, Andrei Kostitsyn who has had a lot of success with Alexei Kovalev and Atlanta's Todd White. I personally think none of the above are posibillities but anything can happen. Todd White could probably be acquired with ease since hes been demoted to 3rd line duties now. what about Brendan Shannahan? He would probably come cheap, provide secondary scoring and take some leadership off Alfredsson's shoulders.

*-> J.S Giguere has voiced his unhappyness to the L.A Times today. The veteran goalie expressed how he would not be happy unless he was the starting goalie and if not he'd be happier retired. He went on to say its ether hims or Hillier whose a free agent this summer so the organization needs to make a choice soon. The rumored since the start of the season have linked him back to Brian Burke in Toronto. The Leafs would have to send the Anaheim Ducks Vesa Toskala back in return however to clear cap space. Detroit could be another team interested in reliable goaltending as well as the St. Louis Blues.

*-> Chris Chelios has admitted to not hearing anything yet from any NHL teams but expects some calls after he's shown the past few weeks with the Chicago Wolves that he can still play and keep up. The Montreal Canadiens who have defensive depth problems were interested but it has been quiet on that front for some time. The New Jersey Devils have been in the same boat as of late and in my opinion would be the front runner. Chelios is inexpesnive and priceless when it comes to effort, leadership and experience. Speaking of experience, the Chicago Blackhawks blueline is looking for some of that as well.

*-> Miroslav Satan's agent has revealed that his client is contemplating a few offers and expects to be signing with an NHL club by the end of the week. The Minnesota Wild who just lost Petr Sykora is rumored to be in talks with the slovak forward. The Nashville Preditors, New York Islanders and the Ottawa Senators have all shown interest as well.

Ice Scoopz: Tuesday Afternoon

*->Tyler Arnason has been suspended by the New York Ranger organization for breaking his contract with the club. Arnason was expected to be the next call up apparently but pulled the wool over the organizations eyes and took off from Hartford to Russia. The club would not say if they would pursue actions agains't the other party.

*-> In other KHL news, Michael Nylander has clear waivers and he is expected to sign in the next few days with ether AK Bars Kazan or St. Petersburg. Several KHL teams reportedly have come into the mix after his waiving. Nylander reportedly would rather play in the NHL this season but is highly doubtful that the Washington Capitals would put him on reentry waivers in order to get another team to claim him. Looks like the ordeal is almost over and Nylander will be forced to retire or head to Europe.

Ice Scoopz: Tuesday Morning

*-> The Colorado Avalanche have admitted to scouting Peter Forsberg as of late. The team has revealed they have sent scouts to watch team Sweden during international play to get a good read on the situation. Colorado fans shouldn't get to excited according to the team because most teams have been following this situation and everybodies watching this situation they explained. The Vancouver Canucks have also openly stated they are following closely and would love to add Forsberg to their offensively challenged lineup.

*-> Tyler Arnason has signed a contract with Dinamo Riga of the KHL. It is rumored to be worth 500K for one year. This isn't really a blow to the New York Rangers considering they've been trying to shop the disgruntled winger for weeks.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Monday Afternoon

*-> The Carolina Hurricanes have signed goaltender Manny Legace after loosing Cam Ward for a month with a cut. The deal is worth 500K for 1 year and is a two way deal. Great pickup by the Canes. Legace is a proven starter and at that salary can easily be moved if he performs till Ward gets back.

*-> The New York Rangers have indeed sent scouts and personel to go and talk with Peter Forsberg this week.

*-> Jaroslav Halaks agent Allen Walsh made quite a big storm on his Twitter account last week. The agent basically stated that Price has only 6 wins in something like 40 starts. His client has a way better record and stats. He retracted his comments saying it was only in humor and didn't know Montreal media can't take a joke. The Montreal brass has yet to comment. The facts are indeed true and I believe that Halak is the more reliable of the 2 goalies and they're definately gunna have to think about whether Price is the man or not. Its a tough call especially since Halak is a UFA this summer and will not return if he's a backup. Stupid move by Gainey to only resign him to a single year deal. Montreal is going to be forced to deal him if they don't see him in their plans. The system is pretty dry for the next couple of years as well so its going to be a rough decesion between Price or Halak. I think they'll deal Halak but Price may not be the goalie they thought he was and they might be able to rack in a randsom for him if they were to shop him while he has great value. Tough call!

Ice Scoopz: Monday Morning

This cold was really hard to kick but is finally gone so lots to report on today.

*-> Peter Forsbergs agent has started discusing a comeback with his former star this weekend. All signs point to a return. His agent has said he'd like to return to the Colorado Avalanche but that scenerio doesn't make sense because Colorado is in the middle of a youth movement. Reports have also connected him Chicago and New York but of which would have to dump camp first. Chicago is also looking for a stay at home defenseman first more than likely. Which the injury to Simone Gagne the Flyers now have cap space and GM Paul Holgren has openly said he'd be interested. The Preds have also thought of rehiring Forsberg but the word is he's not interested in going back. The Canadians have also inquired but they too have cap issues. Another team that could make a move is the LA Kings since they believe they are contenders for the cup and Forsberg could add that extra offense and leadership to lead them into the playoffs.

Remember folks the Ice Scoopz forums are up so start posting! I need your help to get this going.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Saturday morning

*-> The Montreal Canadians have claimed defenseman Jay Leach off reentry waivers today. Leach has played in only 29 games all with the Devils but will give the Habs some depth and hurt the Devils defensive depth even more.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Friday Afternoon

*-> The New Jersey Devils have added a bit of depth today by signing veteran Dean McAmmond to a 2 way 1 year deal worth 500k. McAmmond brings smart defensive play and speed to the Devils.

*-> Mike Peca hasn't given up hope yet on returning to the NHL. The former captain has stated while he isn't waiting by the phones he still would love to play under the right circumstances. He has received several offers so far but is being picky. He is only considering offers from contenders and has clearly stated the money isn't important but is being choosey when it comes to what team. He just wants to win one last cup and help a team out that has a chance.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Thursday Afternoon

*-> The Montreal Canadiens have recalled Mathieu Carle and Tom Pyatt from the Hamilton Bulldogs.

*-> In other Montreal news, the team has responded to Andrei Kostitsyns complaint by dropping him down to the 4th line. Jacques Martin has stayed that if the elder Kostitsyn wishes to remain on the 2nd line he has to play like he's a top 6 forward. In other words produce. I don't think this is the way to go as neither winger on the 2nd line has yet to produce. Seperating Cammaleri from the 1st to the second to spread out the offense may be a better solution. This is just going to cause more issues with the brothers. The LA Kings and the Nashville Preds both have inquired about the brothers so far. Montreal is requesting Alexander Frolov apparently but the LA Kings arnt ready to make a deal involving Frolov yet.

More in a bit.

The I.R: Thursday

*-> David Krejci of the Boston Bruins is the latest NHLer to be diagnosed with H1N1 and will miss atleast 3 days to avoid infecting the team.

*-> Steve Staios of the Edmonton Oilers will return to action tonight after missing time with a concussion.

*-> The Nashville Preditors will get back a little agitation and grit tonight as Jordan Tootoo will make his season debut after suffering a quad injury in the odd season.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The I.R Wednesday

*-> Kristian Huseluis will miss up to a week with an upperbody injury. He is expected to be placed on the IR officially Thursday.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Tuesday Afternoon

Still not feeling so great but I'm fighting through it. Back at work now so why not back to blogging is the way I see it.

*-> Michael Nylander is still without any interest yet. The Washington Capitals have recalled him from Hersey and he is expected to begin playing as soon as Thursday. It looks like the Caps are stuck with him.

*-> The Detroit Red Wings are still searching for a starting goalie. Many pundits still believe that the lack of a net presence may cause them to miss the postseason. A rumor that has been going around is they may be trying to put together a package for Carey Price. I find this one highly unlikely as I doubt Montreal will move Price unless Halak can 100% show he's there guy and even then it would have to be over Gaineys dead body. The Wings don't have many options left but Manny Fernandez and former Wing Manny Legace via fee agency and there's nothing available for trade other than Toskala who has cap and well goaltending problems. He would be a good fit if he can clear his head and start playing the way he's capable of. The Leafs would still have to reentry him but they won't do that till they find themselves a goalie first.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Monday Evening

*-> Add another Kostitsyn brother to the list of disgruntled Montreal Canadiens. Andrei Kostitsyn has come out with his unhappyness according to the Montreal Gazette. The winger claims the lack of production is due to the lack of ice time compared to the previous seasons. Montreal has yet to speak on this but may be packaging the brothers to an offensive starved team. The Nashville Preditors are reportedly interested but the Habs have yet to make a decesion on whether or not they want to give up on Andrei yet.

Ice Scoopz: Im Back!

Sorry folks I've been sick with the damn flu the past week and a half. Thought it was H1N1 for a while but I never got the whole stomach thing and it *knock on wood* seams to be just about over. Everyone seams to have this bug which should confuse the hell outta doctors and the Swine Flu clinics Haha. Anyways business in now back to normal starting today!