Monday, January 31, 2011

Ice Scoopz: Monday Late Afternoon

*-> I finally got a hold of my Sens contact once again and he still is saying the Senators have a deal ready to go but are waiting on a second option he claims. He however doesn't think the deal is very large. He also has said he knows that Jason Spezza is untouchable despite the recent rumors that have picked up although he did go on to say it could be possible that Spezza is moved but he thinks it's all up to Spezza and if Spezza wants to move or not. He didn't think Spez would be interested ether way. (Murray hinted to the media Saturday night that Spezza was one of the untouchables on the team).

*-> The Calgary Flames are struggling to find a new home for Ales Kotalik. Kotalik who currently has been demoted to the AHL is still eager to play in the NHL but the Flames no longer have room for him on the roster till the playoffs. Some are saying there would be some suitors such as Dallas and Ottawa could become interested if the Flames were to place him on waivers.

*-> I'm also hearing the Flames have a full intention on making a push for the playoffs as they seam to be in reach. I'm hearing rumblings of a possible move to help them get over a bit more. Some are reporting the recent waivings could be a sign of cap space being cleared for a new addition. We'll have to keep an eye open on this one.

Ice Scoopz: Monday Afternoon

Another busy Monday so only a few quick rumors to start the day, but will have some more in an hour or so.

*-> Sheldon Souray is once again being linked to the New York Rangers. Several people around the league have said the Rangers have had interest in Souray but others are saying they could have had Souray a long time ago if they really were interested. Souray is still not healthy yet so that could be a factor but most likely not.

*-> Ray Emery is reportedly ready to go and would like another shot at the NHL, so far no teams have expressed interest as of late as there's too many goalies about around the league.

*-> Defensive defenseman Robyn Regehr is reportedly avaliable to the highest bidder. Jay Feaster is refusing to admit he's shopping Regehr but Regehr would still have to waive his no trade clause first. The Buffalo Sabres and the Montreal Canadiens are bother rumored to be seriously interested.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Ice Scoopz: Friday Noon

*-> Matt Moulson has officially resigned with the New York Islanders this morning TSN has reported. The deal is a 3 year deal worth 9.7$ million overall. This should silence all those people saying Moulson was on the market.

*-> The Chicago Blackhawks have been looking at defensemen this past week. Some are saying Chris Phillips has been on their radar as well as Mike Commodore. Mike Commodore would have to be placed on re-entry waivers first. Bowman wants a steady reliable shut down defenseman to add depth to his roster incase one of his defenseman go down before a playoff run.

*-> Speaking of Chicago, former Hawk Kim Johnsson is ready to return and has now told teams around the NHL he would like to return to action. The Hawks may be interested if their search turns up empty handed.

*-> The St. Louis Blues are reportedly still looking for an offensive forward but don't want a quick fix, they'd rather trade for a young prospect. Nikita Filatov could be a potential pick up for a decent price but to me it's not a permanent solution.

Ice Scoopz: Friday Morning

*-> Jay Feaster of the Calgary Flames has once again squashed the Jarome Iginla trade rumors. Feaster has said while many teams have inquired about the Flames captain but he tells them what he tells everyone else he's not availiable at all. He also said that it probably wont stop his rivals from calling which doesnt bother him.

*-> Many people around the Flyers are saying their making a major push to bring in a forward via trade. Erik Cole of the Carolina Hurricanes and Cory Stillman names both keeps coming up. Cole is a longshot as the Canes are still in the mix but if things turn sour and they look like a long shot he may be dealt once again. Stillman is on the block but his expensive salary may not work with the Flyers.

*-> The Flyers are trying to send Nikolai Zherdev eslewhere to clean up space while they freed up space with Scott Walker's waiving. It's rumored the Montreal Canadiens are considering a longshot project with Zherdev to add instant offense. Walker is expected to cleaer but the Flyers have hopes that a rival team will claim him.

More around 11

Ice Scoopz: Friday Morning

*-> Bryan McCabe is attracting interest from the Western Conference. The San Jose Sharks and the Columbus Blue Jackets are both mildly interest in the puck moving D-man. From what I'm hearing both are considering McCabe plan B. The Sharks are still extremely hot for Sergei Gonchar still.

*-> A rumor out of New York has the Rangers taking a hard look at Sheldon Souray. The Oilers have said no teams have inquired really in recent weeks and many say he could be had pretty much for free. Looks like no truth behind the Rangers/Souray rumors.

*-> Many are saying Brad Richards is close to a deal with the Dallas Stars.

A few short teasers to start the morning off but more around 10.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ice Scoopz: Thursday Afternoon

*-> The Philly Flyers have placed Matt Walker on waivers today, it's expected he'll clear and be assigned to the AHL.

*-> The Calgary Flames also have placed winger Ales Kotalik on waivers today, several teams could be interested but it's said re-entry waivers would be required. His former team the Buffalo Sabres are rumored to be a possible interested team.

*-> No word yet from the Nabokov camp but many people close to his camp expect the netminder to reconsider reporting to New York as long as a trade is in the works for the playoffs. Not too sure how that one will work out, Nabokov somewhat tarnished his name and has no-one to blame except himself. Playing out the season would be in his best interest.

*-> Craig Conroy is leaning towards retirement as previously reported. He told the media he'll wait a week to see what happens and to see how he feels.

Ice Scoopz: Thursday Afternoon

*-> Alexander Semin has been resigned by the Washington Capitals this morning. The deal is worth 6.7$ million dollars for only one season but should silence the many rumors going forward this season or does it......

*-> The rumors haven't ended yet and several new ones have surfaced this morning after the signing. One rumor is saying that this could be a sign and trade on the part of the Washington Capitals as the club interested was worried Semin wouldn't be a for sure thing for next season as their team still needs time to grow. The team is believed to be the Los Angeles Kings looking to add instant offense to their young squad. Another team that was interested was the Nashville Predators. A crazy rumor sending Shea Weber to the Capitals for their first round draft pick and Alexander Semin and a depth player recently hit the internet. I'm not buying ether but anything could happen.

*-> After Marc Savards most recent hit to the head many are speculating that Marc Savard may indeed retire. The Boston Bruin star recently was hit by former teammate Matt Hunwick in Colorado and was flown home immediately right after for safety precautions. Some are saying that Savard's post concussion syndrome is so severe he may have to take time away from hockey to recover including a possible retirement. The team announced this morning he most likely wont be back this season and will remain at home to recover.

The second part of this post surrounds the rumors that have taken off from the latest Savard injury. Many are saying because he was flown home from Colorado he most likely isn't suffering from a concussion as doctors wouldn't allow a patient with a concussion to fly. Another question mark is that Savard didn't seam woozy and was well aware after the hit and seamed to favor his face more than anything else as he rolled around on the ice. Some are speculating that he may have suffered a severe facial injury instead. It's hard to tell what actually happened but I doubt a team would play up a concussion when concussion's and head shots are the talk of the NHL. It also decreases their players value significantly so anybody speculating that this could be a trade ploy should shake their heads. If they are hiding another injury it doesn't make much sense ether as many teams would rather take a facial injured player over a concussed player. The extent of his injury is far too serious to play up the severity and if they are shame on the Bruins organization. I have much on Savard's possible retirement but still no sign of if there's truth to it. As for flying on the plane? I'm not a doctor so I really cant comment but if he has post concussion syndrome I do believe you can fly still. Ether way best wishes to Savard and his family for a speedy recovery and a return to the game in the near future.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday Evening

*-> NHL scouts have been scouting goaltender Rob Zepp of the Mannheim Polar Bears of the DEL. Zepps contract runs out this spring and could return to North America after a few strong seasons in Europe.

*-> The Boston Bruins are looking at centers to replace the injured Marc Savard. There isn't much available around the league for centers at the moment but New Jerseys Jason Arnott and Brian Rolston. No word on whether or not that the Bruins would actually be interested.

*-> Speaking of Jason Arnott the recent post of Montreal scouting the Florida-New Jersey game has brought more rumors into the mix. Montreal could have been scouting New Jersey Devil Jason Arnott as they still look to add a big center to their tiny organization. Word around Montreal is that after their Tuesday loss to the Flyers the Habs really want and need a physical center or rugged power-forward to help out against bigger teams like Philly. Rumors also have the Canadiens looking at physical fouth liners who can play the defensive side of the game and also drop the gloves. Martin's request to the Montreal management is that the player has to be able to play the game and not just enforce it's been reported.

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday Noon

Congrats to Ottawa native and friend Paul Byron on scoring his first NHL goal against the Ottawa Senators last night!

*-> Craig Conroy has been placed on waivers by the Calgary Flames this morning. It's expected he'll clear waivers and be ether be bought out or assigned to the AHL. There's still a rumor thats been reported earlier this season that Conroy has an offer to become the Calgary Flames color commentator. I've also heard the Flames will offer him an office position. We'll have to wait and see.

****Sorry Folks, for some reason the entire post didn't go through earlier so here's the complete post.

*-> The Edmonton Oilers are reportedly willing to part with longtime Oiler Ales Hemsky for a steap price. It's believed that the Oil are asking for a high draft pick and a high level prospect for Hemsky. Several teams have believed to have contacted the Oilers but just to inquire about Hemskys injury status. However there is nothing serious at the moment. Hemsky could definatly bring a decent reward in if they were to part with him but Oilers management is still not sold on trading Ales yet. I'm not sold on them trading him unless there's a injury concern for the future something that most teams would stear clear of.

*-> Evgeni Nabokov is standing his ground with the Islanders as they suspended him today for the remainder of the season unless he reports to Long Island. The Islanders are also reportedly going to file a complaint to the NHL which could possibly force Nabokov to play next season for the Islanders for the same price.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ice Scoopz: Tuesday Noon

*-> GM Bryan Murray has finally spoken and has told Sens fans he will be making some changes to his ailing team. He confirmed he has been given the vote of confidence by Ottawa owner Eugene Melnyk. He also has said Melnyk has given him the ok to make any necessary changes and full control moving forward. He told the Ottawa media that he believes after the right moves this spring and some key free agency signings the Senators will be a playoff team in less than a year. Murray also has shot down the rumors again that he will be retiring this summer and or will be moving into an advisory role stating that he intends on being the GM ofthis team still if Melnyk allows. I'm surprised by all this especially the 1 year turn around, I cant see that being a possibility but maybe Murray can wheel some majic.

*-> In Sens trade news, when questioned about Mike Fishers no movement clause that has been rumored he quickly pointed out Fisher does not own a no movement clause leaving many to speculate that Mike Fisher could be one of those Sens shipped out this deadline. Ian Mendes of Sportsnet also confirmed the no movement clause being false this morning. Murray also has said that a Daniel Alfresson trade wont happen as he is one of the two untouchables on the team. Erik Karlsson or Jason Spezza is believed to be the other. Jarkko Ruutu is reportedly upset with Cory Clouston and at this point would like to move on. The Sharks were reportedly earlier in the season interested but I'm hearing the Vancouver Canucks if they can find a way to fit him in.

*-> The Montreal Canadiens had scouts looking at the Florida Panthers this past week when the Panthers played the New Jersey Devils. It's believed the target is Stephen Weiss.

*-> As the New York Islanders sit outside looking in at the playoffs many are predicting yet another season of selling but it's rumored the Islanders are pretty happy with their young team and may not make any major deals. It's said there is very few players the Isles which to shop at the deadline this year and would like to resign most of their young core. UFA's Radek Martinek, P.A Parenteau, Matt Moulson and Zenon Konopka they all would like to retain and most likely wont be moved unless deals cant be reached. The Isles still have a ton of cap space to spend so most of the RFA's are going to be dealt with easily moving forwards. The main body that most likely will be moved is Doug Weight who is no stranger to being shopped at the deadline and usually is glad to help out a team in any way possible. They may even add a body or two at the deadline if the fit is right as their looking for a little extra back half forward depth and a backup goaltender.

More this afternoon

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ice Scoopz: Monday Night

*-> After the recent wave of injuries the Montreal Canadiens seem content on riding out the storm with their current club and Hamilton Bulldog recruits but rumors are still active in Montreal. The Montreal faithful have been reported that the Canadiens have inquired about the availability of Florida's Stephen Weiss. Another name that keeps coming up and I've heard myself several times in Nikolai Zherdev of the Flyers who has been on the block after a disappointing slow start and the Flyers looking to shed some cap for an upgrade. Montreal is looking to add some offense to help ease the loss of their injured and provide extra insurance should another injury come their way. The disgruntled Mathieu Carle and Andrei Kostitsyn have both been rumored to be on the block and available for a swap.

*-> Peter Forsberg is reportedly experiencing far better results than he planned, some are saying that he could be ready to sign in even less than 30 days. Many believe he'll know in two weeks.

*-> I'm still hearing lots of Marian Gaborik to Los Angeles buzz around the internet, most reporters are saying its a no go despite the persistence of these rumors. The Rangers organization denied talks yesterday about Gaborik.

*-> The St. Louis Blues are still looking for offensive help after being snubbed two times by waiver claims. An irate Davidson is looking to add some firepower to his injury ravaged club. The Blues have already kicked tires at Alexei Kovalev of Ottawa and it's believed now they have interest in the struggling Devin Setoguchi out of San Jose. The San Jose Sharks are still asking for a pucking moving defenseman in return. Mikhail Grabovski is another name being floated around in St. Louis but Brian Burke is still not sold on trading one of his hottest players at this point.

Thats all for tonight more rumors in the morning.

Ice Scoopz: Monday Evening

*-> I attempted to contact my Sens source today but no luck so far I'll push deeper for tomorrow. He was right about the Bryan Murray, Cory Clouston situation so far as Melnyk announced Sunday that he'd be keeping them in the fold till seasons end then decide. I'm still confused what Melnyk is doing with the GM situation. coaching fine, but he needs to get his GM in place for the future in place soon so they can make plans for the future. It makes no sense to let a guy make decisions for the future when he's not going to be in the picture after this season. I'd think you'd want someone in place at the deadline to start the rebuilding program. Another thing that bothered me was why hasn't he publicly said it's a rebuild from this point on. Fans need to get closure. Knowing there is plan for your favorite team is a lot better than sitting watching and waiting for some clue there could be an end to the hurting. I heard this morning that Murray has said he most likely wont be around for an advisory role as everyone is rumoring. Does that leave Tim Murray in charge as mentioned as well still? That's the only thing that makes sense at this point in time as Tim Murray is somewhat in the fold now so is he secretly planning and calling the shots behind the scene now or will they quietly let him take control with the senior Murrays help for the rest of the season? My source was right about Murray and Clouston so far.

More later tonight still really hectic for me right now, hopefully around 10:30ish.

Ice Scoopz: Monday Afternoon

It's been a really busy day on my end but here's a quick first post of the day, they'll be more a bit later this evening. On to the rumors including a silly rumor that surfaced yesterday which I start with first.

*-> Reports out of the wild wild web has the Toronto Maple Leafs pulling off a blockbuster deal with the Dallas Stars to acquire Brad Richards in a multi player deal. I'm not even sure where to begin on this rumor but maybe I should start with the deal itself. The Leafs would send Kris Versteeg, Nazim Khadri, Clarke McArthur, and a low end pick for Dallas's Brad Richards, Jaime Benn and Ondrej Roman. In theory this deal could work but I don't believe it makes sense at all for the Stars. Why wouldthey give up playoff hopes for another unrestricted player, and no-one to really fill the hole that would be Brad Richards. They also lose another key guy in Jaime Benn while they get a good prospet in Khadri. I'm not the first rumor jockey to shoot this one down mainly because such a mega deal hasn't been seen in a while as well as the logistics behind the deal. The Leafs do want Richards we know that but if the Stars were to take that offer I'd be shocked as the Stars are set on keeping Richards in the fold. That being said anything is possible but highly unlikely.

*-> Evgeni Nabokov has said he'll continue to stay at home despite of GM Garth Snows determination to make him an Islander. Nabokov cited wanting to play for a playoff bound team the only reason behind it. Personally I think he's going to wrong way about and and should play himself out of the hole he dug. Nabokov is forcing the Islanders to ether suspend him for the whole season, trade him or place him back on waivers. There won't be many suitors after this incident as well as there wasn't very many playoff bound teams interested to begin with. Hopefully Detroit can convince the Isles for a light trade.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ice Scoopz: Sunday Afternoon

*-> My Sens source has told me Ottawa has something on the go today. A deal that could help the team but that's all he'll say other than it may take a bit for anything to be finalized meaning it could be today, tomorrow or later this week. He also wouldn't tell me how big the deal could be. It could just be a minor tweak or a shuffle. I'm trying to dig deeper and get more but I'm doubtful he'll disclose more as from what I get even the staff members are stressed out and upset by the Sens drastic fall from grace.

*-> More on the Sens situation, I'm also hearing Eugene Melnyk is still sticking by Bryan Murray and Cory Clouston as the two won't be a part of the organization this summer and Melnyk does not want to bring on more bad press with the firing of yet another coach when at seasons end Clouston is up ether way. He wouldn't comment on ethers status yesterday but it seams he wants it as quiet as possible. Murray may just quietly hands the reigns over to his nephew Tim Murray and advise quietly. I'm not too sure how this all will play out as each day goes by and Murray has yet to make a move and Clouston has yet to reel in his team. It seams like a firing is necessary. Especially since I'm sure the franchise would like to have their GM for next season in place to make the major changes going forward especially before the trade deadline.

*-> I'm being told Florida Panther Mark Cullen has cleared waivers and been assigned to Rochester of the AHL. Not 100% yet however.

*-> Peter Forsberg is expected to begin contract negotiations this week with the Colorado Avalanche if all goes as planned. The Aves are reportedly willing to take him even at 50% as they want and need his leadership and inspiration for their young team. Many sources are also saying Forsberg would like to keep training for atleast 30 days before making a decesion.

*-> Word out of Detroit is they are willing to make a small deal at this point to bring in Evgeni Nabokov finally. It's being said a late pick or a minor roster played could be shipped the Islanders way if their willing. I'm still hearing Garth Snow thinks he can talk "Nabby" into staying, some are even saying by threatening to suspend him for the rest of the season and appeal to the league as the Senators did with Alexei Yashin frcing him to "owe" them a season. I think it's doubtful in my mind but hey anythings possible!

Ice Scoopz: Sunday Noon

*-> Evgeni Nabokov has told the New York Islanders he will not be reporting to Long Island to play for the Islanders. It's believed that Nabokov only wants to play for a contender. The Islanders have a couple options they could follow which include a trade but only with Nabokov's approval, place the now show goaltender on waivers in which only Detroit could claim him or suspend him for the rest of the season. From what I hear however GM Garth Snow plans to have a sit down with Nabokov and try and per sway him to join the Isles. Snow still considers Nabokov to be a member of the Islanders at this point in time.

*-> Lots of rumblings out of Florida this weekend, more and more reports are saying Florida GM Dale Tallon is listening to offers for Stephen Weiss. Reportedly he's still just feeling out what he can get for now but maybe with the right offer for his club he'd think about it. Buffalo, Montreal, and Philly all in the mix it's said. Still not too sure about the Panthers trading Weiss but anythings possible, if they can get a solid prospect and a pick then it may be worth it as the Cats still have a lot more rebuilding to do.

*-> I'm still hearing Mike Fisher to Los Angeles, Eugene Melnyk has finally come out and told Sens fans he's going to make some improvements soon. After two brutal losses and 2 miserable seasons with no end in sight one would think changes would have to occur. He still doesn't seam sold on a rebuild which his club desperately needs. Bryan Murray continues to sit and wait while a shake up move is in need to help settle the fans down. I was in attendance Friday night and the Sens fans beside me were joining in booing the Sens. Fisher could be attractive but once again a no trade clause blocks the road. Fisher is a team first guy and I believe if approached he'd waive it for the right location. Why not Los Angeles or Nashville his wife frequents both cities and they are the two rumored franchises interested?

*-> The Ottawa Senators have been rumored to be goaltender shopping this weekend for some damage control assistance. The Sens management is reportedly looking to ease the pain a little by bringing in an affordable goaltender to help them not get blown out and keep games close. Robin Lehner has played only a handful of games in the AHL and is not ready to be rushed into to duty. Michael Leighton and Evgeni Nabokov are the two goalies that have been mentioned. J.S Giguere, Johan Hedberg, and Tomas Vokoun have all been in the rumor mill as of late maybe the Sens might take a look. In myopinion they need to bring in a veteran guy for another two seasons till Lehner is ready but something tells me Murray would rather go with two weak goalies to drop into lottery position. The team is close to announcing Pascal Leclaire is out for the remainder of the season it's said.

*-> I'm also hearing that Los Angeles King GM Dean Lombardi has indeed contacted the New York Rangers about Marian Gaborik and was told Gaborik is untouchable. The Kings are desperate to make an inpact move to add offense.

*-> The Columbus Blue Jackets appear to be dangling Nikita Filitov to bring in some extra help. The enigmatic winger has been playing with half effort all season in the AHL and several teams scouts have been seen watching the Russian.

*-> The Philly Flyers have been looking at Jason Arnott and Cory Stillman as of late it's said. The Broadstreet Bullies would love to add some more firepower to their already arsenal for a serious playoff run. Its no secret the Flyers wanted Jaime Langenbruner bad but they go with another veteran Devil that can also help defensively and add additional veteran support to their young players.

*-> I'm still hearing that Francois Beauchemin isn't available despite many reports that the Toronto Maple Leafs are shopping him. The rumors have the San Jose Sharks highly interested.

*-> Another no go that has lots of rumors surrounding him this weekend is Alexander Semin, it's believed the Caps are not entertaining offers for him. If the Caps want offense it does not make sense to trade one of your most offensive guys. Maybe if they don't have a real shot at a run and can get back an equal player or prospect they might at the deadline but not yet.

More this afternoon

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ice Scoopz: Saturday Noon

*-> Evgeni Nabokov has been claimed by the New York Islanders off the Detroit Red Wings off waivers today. No sign if it's a claim then trade with Nabokov's permission as he would have to ok any kind of deal however. Boy do the Ottawa Senators wish they claimed Nabokov now after last nights performance.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Ice Scoopz: Friday Evening

*-> As everyone knows by now and to me this came out of left field as I didn't even hear a whisper today about the return of Peter Forsberg which I learned on my way to the Sens Montreal game off TSN. If you havent already heard Forsberg has returned to North America. Before everyone gets too excited there is no contract but he is practicing with his former club the Colorado Avalanche. According to his camp he's just testing out his foot once again and may be considering one last kick at the can. Hes felt great so far this year but the only way to truely test out his foot according to him is against NHL players and the Aves can help with that. No word yet how interested he is but the word is it's Colorado or nothing. Forsberg would not have to pass through waivers as he hasn't played this year in Europe.

Ice Scoopz: Friday Noon

*-> From what I'm hearing the Evgeni Nabokov situation is getting complex and now their are multiple teams considering a claim. The Colorado Avalanche, Washington Capitals and the New Jersey Devils have all been added to the existing teams linked to Nabokov as of noon today. It's believed the low price of Nabokov it's garnering a lot of attention from teams who could use help in net. The Colorado Aves have a ton of cap space left and could use some help as both goalies haven't played up to full potential. The Capitals get included in every goaltending rumor as they have a young duo who many doubt can string together a playoff run yet, I personally feel the Caps will stay away but I'm reporting what I hear. The New Jersey Devils are an interesting situation. From what I'm hearing across the league is the Devils would claim Nabokov and with his permission replace him on waivers for the Red Wings to claim. The no-movement clause stipulates after being waived by a 2nd team only Detroit could claim him if he's placed on waivers again. The Devils would be doing Detroit a favor of sorts for maybe a favor in the future to be returned. The other situation I'm hearing is New Jersey claims Nabokov and trades him to Detroit for a low end draft pick ensuring Detroit their free agent signing. I'm hearing more and more the Ottawa Senators are indeed interested as last night was the icing on the cake for Brian Elliott. I'm still hearing Eugene Melnyk is still convinced the Sens can make a run and make the playoffs like last season so their still is hope and Nabokov could bring better odds. The New York Islanders would also like some help for Rick DiPietro and I'm hearing with Antero Nittymakki out the Sharks would like a hand.

More this afternoon

Ice Scoopz: Friday Morning

*-> The recently acquired Jonas Andersson of the Vancouver Canucks earlier this season, has taken off to Russia to play for AK Bars Kazan. He left the Manitoba Moose earlier this month.

*-> Some are saying the San Jose Sharks are reinterested in Evgeni Nabokov to help ease the injury woes. Reports have his slim salary enticing for the Sharks as their goaltending has been incosistent all season long. I'm still not sold but as I said before atleast the Sharks know what their getting with Nabokov.

*-> Former Tampa Bay Lightning Stephane Veilleux has left the Blues of the SM-Liiga as well as former Ottawa Senator Martin St. Pierre has left Karpat.

Not much else this morning on the go more around noon.

Ice Scoopz: Friday Morning

*-> Evgeni Nabokov has officially signed with the Detroit Red Wings it's reported. The deal is worth 585K$ and is on a 1 way contract for the remainder of this season. The deal also includes a no movement clause which after today Nabokov cannot be placed on waivers or traded without his permission. I'm still hearing the Islanders and the Sens will try and nab Nabokov off waivers today. My source wouldn't comment on the Sens but said with the recent play of Brian Elliott anything could be expected.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ice Scoopz: Thursday Afternoon

*-> The Tampa Bay Lightning have sent the recovering Mike Smith down to the AHL for a conditioning stint. GM Steve Yzerman is reportedly buying some time before making a decision which goaltender to go with for the remainder of the season. It's clear that Dwayne Roloson will remain on the roster but will the incosistent Dan Ellis or the incosistent Mike Smith remain on the roster. My guess is Dan Ellis who has proven he can put up consistent stretches in the league while Smith has struggled since his days in Dallas. I doubt there would be any interest from around the league in Smith though.

*-> Old news has resurfaced again with JS Giguere playing his old team the Anaheim Ducks. Once again the topic of Giguere's willingness to waive his no trade clause for the Leafs. Giguere still stands by his comments reported on Ice Scoopz earlier this season; he says he is willing to look at a move if he was asked by GM Brian Burke. He said it would depend on his family and the direction of his career but would be willing to look at future options. This time around he said he'd like to remain with the Leafs but if he wasn't in Toronto's plans for the future he'd look at his options as they come. Same old out of Toronto their is mild interest around the league but Giguere's salary is one that forces a move only near to the deadline. Giguere also has said no-one has yet to talk to him.

*-> I'm hearing Evgeni Nabokov's deal in Detroit is still being finalized by agent Don Meehan and it looks like a 1 year 1 million dollar contract according to reports around the internet.

Ice Scoopz: Thursday Afternoon

*-> TSN has reported that free agent goaltender Evgeni Nabokov is currently is discussions and close to signing a deal with the Detroit Red Wings. An interesting development out of Detroit, not many saw the Wings as in the market for a goaltender but with recent injuries it does make sense. Remember "Nabby" would have to clear waivers and given the last few weeks free agents have been a growing target for struggling teams. I'm still hearing several teams have been waiting for another team to attempt to sign Nabokov so a claim could be made. I'm still hearing the New York Islanders and depending the price and term the Ottawa Senators. San Jose would like to fix their goaltending but they appear to be staying away from revisiting Nabokov.

*-> The Los Angeles Kings GM Dean Lombardi has told the media that he is looking for an impact forward but currently there's nothing available at the current time and the only thing teams are offering is tinkering deals. Lombardi has admitted he wants to find a left winger to play with Anze Kopitar.

*-> Nothing new yet on the Sharks it may just have been hot air this morning or just mild interest in a player around the league.

Ice Scoopz: Thursday Morning

*-> Michael Sammuelsson of the Vancouver Canucks could be the odd man out when Sami Salo and the rest of the Vancouver injuries return. The Canucks management has been extremely impressed by Kevin Bieksa this season and would like to keep him in the fold going forward. Bieksa has been rumored all season long since the Canucks are close up agains't the cap. Sami Salo could also be moved but given his recent injury history it would be hard to find a taker. Due to recent injuries the Canucks arn't too pressed to make a deal but it's being said the management wants to make a big impact this season and they feel this is their year. Whether that means they go out and make a major move is another story however.

*-> San Jose is up to something this morning I'm hearing could be a trade for a defenseman or could just be chatter.

More in a bit.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday Afternoon

*-> The Matt Moulson waiting game has begun as there's been a ton of conflicting reports over the past few days. Many rumor hounds are saying that the Islanders are pushing a deal to trade Moulson to what I'm hearing is Boston while TSN Hockey Insider Bob McKenzie says it's not Boston IF they are dealing him. The team has told the media they would like to resign him and Moulson has said he'd like to remain on Long Island so I can't see a deal yet. Maybe if a deal isn't close by deadline day maybe. I can see Boston interested as well but Bob McKenzie is usually bang on so we should safely say that one shouldn't happen.....atleast anytime soon.

*-> Reports out of Russia have Vityaz of the KHL trading leading scorer and former New York Islander Chris Simon to Moscow Dynamo. Alexei Zhamnov the Vityaz GM has yet to comment on such a deal but Andrei Nazarov (former San Jose Shark) has denied a deal. Reports have it listed as a done deal so we'll have to wait on this one.

*-> The Detroit Red Wings reportedly have interest in Chris Phillips as well it's being said.

*-> Some are saying Steve Weiss out of Florida could be had for the right price. I'm not too sure they'd deal Weiss but I said that about Nathen Horton as well. Another Panther that is rumored to be avaliable is veteran Cory Stillman.

*-> Michael Sammuelsson of the Vancouver Canucks is reportedly avaliable once Sami Salo returns and Vancouvers wave of injuries ends it's being said, more on this later.

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday Noon

Not much on the go right now, it's been a fairly quiet morning so fars here's a couple quick rumors for lunch.

*-> I'm now hearing Jarkko Ruutu may have some interest in San Jose as they look to add some more energy to their bottom 6.

*-> The Islanders and Matt Moulson both would like to come to terms fairly soon. Although no talks have taken place both parties have said they think a deal could be done and are willing to stick with each other.

*-> The Toronto Maple Leafs are trying to dangle Mike Komisarek for a mid range prospect of draft pick it'said. The Leafs are trying to position themselves to take on unwanted salary this deadline from playoff bound teams once again. A smart strategy GM Brian Burke has employed over the past few seasons. Picks and prospects for cap space.

*-> It's rumored Tim Connolly's days as a Sabre could be numbered as he's struggled to find his form after signing that multi year deal. Connolly could be dangled as bait to bring in some help for an ailing Buffalo squad who had a slow start.

*-> Chris Phillips still has not been asked to waive his no trade clause yet, if a trade were to go down the Sharks, Caps and Blues could all be interested.

*-> The Anaheim Ducks would love to find a taker for defenseman Paul Mara.

*-> It's been confirmed that former NHLer Miroslav Satan has officially signed a deal with Moscow Dynamo after playing 2 games for the KHL club.

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday Morning

*-> The Atlanta Thrashers are reportedly still working the phones looking for another possible deal. GM Rick Dudley has said he's willing to make another deal but only if it makes sense for the team. At thispoint he'd rather add than subtract. It's rumored he's interested in a depth defenseman and a two way forward to help with their playoff chances.

*-> The San Jose Sharks are also still looking for a deal after bringing in enforcer Ben Eager yesterday, their attention now has been turned to obtaining an impact defenseman to help run their PP and attack from the point. Sergei Gonchar and Francois Beauchemin have been linked to the Sharks as of late. Both could be viable options if the Sharks can send some cap space back.

*-> The Columbus Blue Jackets GM Scott Howsen has said he has no plans to reassign disgruntled defenseman Mike Commodore to another AHL team. Commodore has said he'll play for Syracuse as long as the Jackets attempt to deal him in the near future. He cleared re-entry waivers earlier this week.

*-> Many are saying the Canadiens may be in the market after losing 3 forwards to injury last night. From what I hear Max Pacioretty will be back in the line up this week and Jeff Halpern played the 3rd period last night so there may not be a panic move yet. Although the length and severity of the injury to Mike Cammaleri, TSN has reported a 2 week minimum for his seperated shoulder. I hearing that it's looking more like 6 to 8 weeks which may cause the Canadiens to go out and look for more offense. The Canadiens have always liked Jason Arnott's combo of size and skill. The Flyers however has also linked to Arnott as of late.

*-> Expect the Buffalo Sabre's to make a move to keep them in the hunt in the near future.

More in a bit

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Trade! Atlanta -> San Jose + SJ Waiver Claim

*-> The Atlanta Thrashers have traded Ben Eager to the San Jose Sharks for a 5th round draft pick in the 2011 Entry Draft.

Doug Wilson promised a shake up and this could be the beginning of things to come. Eager adds some extra grit and toughness to the Sharks line up and Wilson is hoping he provides a spark for the rest of his new teammates, something they haven't had in a while.

*-> The San Jose Sharks have also claimed Kyle Wellwood off the St. Louis Blues today. The Blues are having a lot of tough luck trying to bring in free agents this season as they've lost both recent signings to waivers.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ice Scoopz: Monday Afternoon

*-> The Kyle Wellwood deal has finally gone official. Wellwood will play out the remainder of the season with the St. Louis Blues and once again hit free agency this summer.

*-> Jarkko Ruutu has told the press that he believes his days in Ottawa are numbered due to his UFA status this summer and the fact he's spoken to no-one in Ottawa about a possible resigning. Most people saw this one coming, Ruutu could bring in a little help if dealt and a player of his mold usually is sought after deadline day especially in the Wild West. It's said the Red Wings and the Stars could be interested.

*-> Reports have the Dallas Stars telling teams calling for Brad Richards he will remain with the team this deadline and resigning him is a priority. Not really new news out of Dallas. Many have speculated a deal but why would the Stars risk a long playoff run by trading away their goto guy? I cant see it happening unless they can bring in a cheaper 100% gaurentied replacement.

*-> A crazy rumor out of New Jersey has the Columbus Blue Jackets sending Mike Commodore to the Devils for recently waived Brian Rolston. I cant see the Devils adding another slow imobile defenseman to their lineup. They need a puck mover, the rumors of Calgary trading Jay Bouwmeister to the Devils makes a lot more sense as both parties benifit from the deal.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ice Scoopz: Sunday Afternoon

*-> Jon Sim has officially signed with Gotteron of the Swiss Elite Liga and will join fellow NHK cast off Cristobal Huet.

*-> Ray Emery is a few weeks away from being able to return to action TSN has reported, he is currently a free agent and is looking to return to the NHL this season and if not then next season. Not too sure if there will be a shot for him as theres a far more capable goaltender in Evgeni Nabokov out there. Michael Leighton is another name avaliable.

*-> The New York Islanders GM Garth Snow is refusing to say the Isle's are once again out of the playoff picture. It's believed he'd like to add another goalie to help ease the load on Kevin Poulin and the often injured Rick DiPietro with Roloson gone. Kevin Poulin is believed by the club to be almost ready for full time backup duty but would like him to finish the season in the AHL. The Isles were linked to Evgeni Nabokov but one wonders if maybe Ray Emery could be a cheap short term solution for the club. On Evgeni Nabokov, I'm hearing Ottawa is interested but are waiting to hear back on Pascal Leclaire's current injury. It's believed he'll be out for the rest of this season and has played his last game as a Sen. The Senators want young Robin Lehner in the AHL for the rest of the season as he's yet to play over 10 games due to injuries and the World Juniors. Nabokov would be a perfect affordable fit till Lehner was ready for prime time with Brian Elliott or Mike Broduer as backup,

*-> The San Jose Sharks is also looking at adding a goalie but I'd count out Sugar Ray Emery as they have already taken a risk on Anti Neimi and would like a for sure thing this time around. Evgeni Nabokov could be an option but the Sharks have already been there but there is a history between the two; atleast the Sharks would know what their in for. I am hearing J.S Giguere is high on their wish list as he's proven, experienced and has leadership abilities something the Sharks are looking for.

*-> Mike Commodorehas till Monday to be claimed on re-entry waivers and no update yet. Some pundits are saying the Phoenix Coyotes and the Washington Capitols both have interest.



Ice Scoopz: Sunday Afternoon

*-> The interest for Sheldon Souray is still at an all time low as Souray is still recovering from his recent knee injury. Many people are speculating that the Columbus Blue Jackets are hot for Souray as of late but I think thats just mere speculation since the Jackets have a need for a puck moving defenseman. I doubt Scott Howsen would be intersted in the aging fragile blueliner as from what I'm hearing out of the Oilers organization there is no interest at all. Souray could be had for free and at half price but there still isn't any takers.

*-> While on the topic of Columbus they placed disgruntled defenseman Mike Commodore on re-entry waivers yesterday. It's looking like he'll clear and be bought out but I'm hearing Los Angeles could be interested.

*-> San Jose is also interested in a puck moving d-man, there is some reports out there they too could have interest in Sheldon Souray but I doubt that rumor as well mainly because they are already having leadership problems in their dressing room so why would they bring in a player coming off a bad break-up with his team. The player the Sharks appear to be targeting is Francois Beauchemin of the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Sharks could decided to bring in Sergei Gonchar if the Sens make him avaliable. The word is Bryan Murray loves Devon Setoguchi and has faith in a rebound for him. The Sharks GM Doug Wilson has told his staff their all safe this season but the players are in a different boat as they have 10 games to turn themselves around before the ax comes down. The Sharks have recently lost 4 of the 10 so far so a change is most likely going down ether way.

*-> Owen Nolan who is currently playing in Switzerland has hopes to return to the NHL for a playoff run it's said.

*-> Chris Campoli of the Ottawa Senators is rumored to be extremely unhappy with coach Cory Clouston over his recent 2 game benching. Campoli has said he isn't the worst defenseman on the team so he doesn't see the merit behind the benching. Campoli still has a lot of fans and believers on Long Island and it's believed he would like to return one day.

*-> Rumors out of the Montreal orgnization have the Canadiens not interested in the enigmatic Alexei Kovalev. There could be future interest but at the moment their not in on any talks. It's still believed the St. Louis Blues are interested but are waiting for Murray to discount Kovalev. It's also believed that the Canadiens have told Andrei Kostitsyn his play has to improve or he'll be moved. Nashville would love to reunite the brothers its rumored.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ice Scoopz: Saturday Morning

*-> Reports out of Germany have Corey Locke heading to the Swiss Liga after his contract with the Senators runs out. Locke has several connections in Switzerland including Kevin Constantine who previously coached Locke. Locke is highly sought after in Europe for his dominance in the AHL. I personally don't think Locke will leave if unless he gets top dollar as he's one of the highest paid AHLers.

*-> Jon Sim has been suspended by the New York Islanders for refusing to report to the Bridgeport-Sound Tigers. He's been placed on waivers and if he clears the team will dump his contract free of charge due to his refusal to play. Sim is expected to go play in Swizterland as well as soon as he clears.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Ice Scoopz: Friday Afternoon

*-> Craig Conroy is getting ready to retire reports out of Calgary have said. The longtime Flames center doesn't appear to be in game shape any time soon and is expected to become a color commentator for the Flames.

*-> Nothing going on with Chris Philips it appears. I cant find anything new on the situation regarding Philips, I'm not hearing any news at the moment, it appears to all quiet on that front.

*-> In other Sens news it looks like the Columbus Blue Jackets have interest in Ottawa center Mike Fisher. The Sens and the Jackets reportedly have spoken about a possible deal. How true this is, I'm not sure but there seams to be interest in the gritty center from around the league should Ottawa decide to deal him.

*-> Another Sens rumor from one of my sources has Jesse Winchester looking to get out of Ottawa and has being trying to play himself into a trade. Winchester has being getting little ice time and would like toplay a bigger role on the team which he wasn't getting according to rumors.

Ice Scoopz: Friday Morning

Not much in the news so far this morning but I have heard a few quick ones.

*-> The Minnesota Wild have placed Patrick O'Sullivan on waivers with intent to send him to the minors. The Wild management have also said that they have no plans to trade O'Sullivan as there is no market for him.

*-> Something may be going down involving Chris Phillips, it could just be rumors but I'm hearing it over and over this morning. Some are saying San Jose is trying to make a move as well. Could they be linked?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ice Scoopz: Thursday Evening

*-> The Columbus Blue Jackets are still trying to push a trade for Mike Commodore but there hasn't as much interest as the Jackets once thought. Both Commodore and Columbus want the player off the roster but many teams are still being scared off by his heavy contract and poor play this season. There is some chatter after the all-star game a playoff contender may take a run. Several sites have reported that the Rangers are looking for a defenseman but do the blue shirts really want to end up with another Redden situation? The Rangers have also reportedly spoken to the Jackets about former Ranger Fedor Tyutin.

*-> While on the subject of Columbus it's been rumored the Blue Jackets could be interested in Sergei Gonchar if the Ottawa Senators are going to open up for business and trade some of their many under achievers. Alex Goligoski of Pittsburgh is another defenseman the Blue Jackets have their eyes on it's said.

*-> Washington is reportedly willing to listen to offers for World Junior Team Russia Star Evgeni Kuznetsov after talks have broken down Russian media outlets have reported. The "Kuz" is reportedly going to get offered major money in the KHL to entice him to stay and the Washington management is reportedly concerned he'll be a tough sell to bring over. Not too sure how much I believe this one but it is true that the KHL will make him and Tarasenko major offers to keep them in Russia.

Trade! Toronto -> Dallas

*-> The Toronto Maple Leafs have traded disgruntled winger Mikhail Stefanovich to the Dallas Stars for the once highly sought after European free agent Fabian Brunstrom today. Stefanovich has been playing for Dynamo Minsk of the KHL after refusing to report to the ECHL.

Good deal for both teams, the Stars get a long term project forward while the Toronto Maple Leafs get a player brimming with talent but also hasn't been able to find any ground in the NHL.

Ice Scoopz: Thursday Noon

*-> TSN has reported that the Florida Panthers are in talks with goaltender Tomas Vokoun whose contract is up this summer. The Panthers are rumored to be feeling out Vokoun's intentions and getting notice sooner than later so the Cats could move Vokoun close to the deadline if a deal couldn't get done so they don't lose him for nothing. The Ottawa Senators have been long linked to Vokoun but it's being said now that the Panthers would like to give Jacob Markstrom another season of an AHL workload.

*-> Reports out of St. Louis have the contract between Kyle Wellwood and the Blues stalled over the 2 way clause. The Blue missed the December 15th cut off to sign a play to a 2 way deal and if he did clear waivers the Blues would have to take the full hit although he'd be in the minors. St. Louis management is still exploring other options now with this signing on hold.

*-> J.D Watt formerly of the Calgary Flames has accepted a try-out contract with the San Antonio Rampage this morning.

*-> More Ottawa news this morning as reports have the Sens looking at Los Angeles goalie Jonathan Quick. Reports also have off season transaction Sergei Gonchar also available. I'm still not sold the Senator organization is ready to blow up the team completely as most statements from the management has just shown they want to make a major move but believe in their core roster still. Ether way the Sens have to do something soon.

*-> Former Ottawa Senator Michael Barinka has signed a deal with Lokomotiv Yaroslav leaving HC Vitkovic of the Czech Extra Liga.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday Night

*-> A controversy surrounding Alex Kovalev has surfaced this afternoon as many french media outlets have reported that Alexei Kovalev has been spotted skiing at Mont Tremblant. The reports have the should be "injured" Kovalev taking in some sites on the mountain. Pictures have reportedly been taken by fans of the enigmatic superstar who has since then denied skiing but admitted to being at the hill. Many are believing now that Kovalev isn't indeed hurt but the team has asked him to stay away from the lockeroom till he gets his attitude turned around or till the team can deal him. Gainey did something similar in Kovalev's last season with the Canadiens where he was asked to go home and think for a few games before returning. It's been clear from the start of this romance that Kovalev's heart once again hasn't been fully committed to Ottawa. Even his teammates have been unfond of his work ethic including the captain Daniel Alfredsson. I heard from one source close to the team many of the younger guys he has barely said two words to this season. It's tough to say if his knee is really acting up again or if it's just a damage control injury conjured up to protect the team and the player. If it is a ploy then the Sens have done a really good job with it as most major sports media agencies have bought it up. It could be that Kovalev lied to the team or that he was actually just taking in sites while his family did the skiing. Ether way Ottawa will probably have to do some more damage control as this story begins to spin and ether way the Sens WILL look to get anything they can from the under achieving Russian sniper. St. Louis still has mild interest in Kovalev as well and the Pittsburgh Penguins who have been searching for a winger for Sid the Kid since the start of the season. If Nashville is in good position for a run they too could be interested in adding a bit of offense and have had good luck with unwanted underachievers in the past. Montreal is always going to be a source of Kovalev return rumors but it would be a long shot I believe as his cap hit is pretty steep and these rumors are merely fueled by the fans love of Kovalev and his desire to return to Montreal. I expect as the days go on we'll hear more about this incident as well as more possible destinations as Ottawa starts to push hard for a deal to rid themselves of anymore bad press.

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday Late Afternoon

*-> The Ottawa Senators have hit an all season low yesterday and deals are expected to come in the near future. The only name I'm currently hearing is Mike Fisher over and over as of late. We know the Los Angeles organization has been scouting the Sens, many are saying it's Mike Fisher or Jarkko Ruutu they have their eyes on. The Kings need some gritty help with an offensive touch so it's believed to be Mike Fisher, the Kings love what Ryan Smyth brings to the table and Mike Fisher is cut from the same mold. Nashville keeps coming up over and over but I believe thats mainly because of the Carrie Underwood connection.

*-> Another rumor out of Ottawa has captain Daniel Alfredsson frustrated and disillusioned with the franchise and coaching staff. Alfie has reportedly talked to GM Bryan Murray about Cory Clouston and how the veterans on the team have lost faith and do not respect Clouston. My source has already spoke to my earlier this season about Alfie being upset with Clouston, Kovalev and the mis-management of the team. Murray has yet to address any issues with his club as he's been handcuffed all season long to make a deal but it's believed time is running out. Owner Eugene Melnyk does not want to officially "blow up" the team but make some key changes to right the ship. Daniel Alfredsson knows his career is winding down and one has to wonder if he wishes to play for a cup once again something the Ottawa Senators may not be able to realistically compete in the near future. Recently Alfie spoke to the Ottawa media and once again said all the rifght things by saying he's focused on one game at a time and he was only focused on winning at the moment. He also said that he hasn't thought of even being asked to waive his no movement clause till this point and if that situation ever were to occur he wouldn't bother thinking about it till time came.

*-> The Blues are reportedly looking at Devin Setoguchi of the Sharks but it appears the other Western Conference team is out of discussions already. Eric Brewer could be return.

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday Afternoon

*-> Kyle Wellwood has officially signed with the St. Louis Blue. The deal is believed to be a one year deal worth 850K$ but info is still murky at this time. He will also have to clear waivers as well before joining the Blues. Hopefully this signing for the Blues doesn't end up the same way as the Svatos signing.

*-> Speaking of the Blues have them in talks this morning with another struggling Western Conference team about offense, I'll try to look more into this one later this afternoon.

*-> The Nashville Predators have resigned Jerred Smithson to a two year deal worth $1.6 million over the two years or 800K$ per year.

Back with more in a bit.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ice Scoopz: Tuesday Noon

*-> Petr Prucha has been officially loaned to the KHL by the Phoenix Coyotes this morningand will play out his contract with SKA St. Peterburg. The Coyotes are still attempting to find him a home in the NHL according to Phoenix management.

*-> J.S Giguere has told the Toronto media this morning he has heard the rumors and sees a good possibility of him being traded before the deadline. He has said the Leafs have not approached him about waving his no movement clause but says it wouldn't surprise him if he's asked. He also stated he'd "strongly consider" waiving his clause. This is fresh off rumors posted yesterday so I think it's safe to say the Leafs could move him before the end of season but his salary, UFA status and inconsistency this season may limit the suitors as well as the over crowded goalie market.

*-> The St. Louis Blues have reportedly contacted Kyle Wellwood about a possible signing. The Blues are looking at all options possible to help add some secondary scoring to their offense. The New York Rangers also have had interest in Wellwood but the Rangers may be out now with the Wolski deal.

*-> The New Jersey Devils haven't approached Patrick Elias about waving his no trade clause yet according to Elias. It is yet to be seen if the Devil's will have a firesale before the deadline or just tweak their roster for next season and hope for a recovery. Elias and Arnott have both been linked to being possibly dealt before the deadline which could be very true as the Devils will look to dump some age and their unwanted free agents before next season.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Trade! Phoenix -> New York Rangers

This ones a little late due to me being in afternoon meetings but here it is.

*-> The Phoenix Coyotes have traded the struggling Wojtek Wolski to the New York Rangers in exchnge for defenseman Michael Rozsival. The main key to this deal was the Rangers officially lost Alexander Frolov due to injury and this move saves them over 1.2 million dollars against the cap.

I like this deal for the Rangers, we know Wolski is capable of putting up points and just needs a bit of help getting going again. They save capspace which allows them to possibly adjust their team even further moving forward. The Coyotes don't lose this deal, they get a capable defenseman who can log minutes to help their core.

WHL Trade Deadline Day Part 2

*-> Another member of this years World Junior Canadian squad has been dealt this afternoon. Brayden Schenn of the Brandon Wheat Kings is headed to the Saskatoon Blades along with a 3rd round pick in 2012. The return is massive with the Kings receiving a 1st round in 2011, a 1st round in 2012, a 1st round import draft pick in 2012, a 2nd round in 2011, Ayrton Nikkel, and Tim McGauley. That's a serious acquisition for the Blades putting them in good odds for a long playoff run.

Ice Scoopz: Monday Afternoon

Here are some late bits of news and rumors from the weekend as well as some rumors for today.

*-> J.S Giguere is rumored to be on the block in Toronto come deadline day. JS does have a no trade clause so it may be a tough task for the Leafs to pull off especially since he is an unrestricted free agent this summer. The San Jose Sharks have been linked as the Sharks would love to have some stable goaltending behind them for any kind of run.

*-> Jack Johnson will remain a Los Angeles King for the for seable future as the Kings signed him to a 7 year deal worth 30.5$ million or 4.35$ million a season. This should ruin all those Johnson trades out there recently.

*-> Peter Schaefer has called off his retirement and will head to Europe to play with ERC Ingolstadt of the DEL.

*-> Mike Commodore has been assigned to Syracuse of the AHL after clearing waivers by the Columbus Blue Jackets. Several teams are still looking at Commodore but will play the waiting game to see what the next step is.

WHL Trade Deadline Deals

*-> Carter Ashton has been dealt from the Regina Pats with a 3rd round pick in 2012 to the Tri-City Americans for Tanner Olstad, Nils Moser, a 1st round in 2011, a 2nd round in 2012 and a 5th round pick in 2012.

*-> Swift Current has also dealt their Team Canada Silver medal winner Cody Eakin to the Kootenay Ice for Christian Magnus, Ryan Bloom, Jarrett Zentner, Colby Cave, Steven Myland, a 1st round pick in 2011, a 2nd round pick in 2011 and a 3rd round pick in 2012. What a haul for the Broncos.

OHL Trade Deadline Day Deals Part 2

*-> The Greyhounds have traded forward Brett Thompson and 2nd round pick in this years import draft to the Erie Otters for a big haul. David Broll, a 3rd round pick in 2013, a 4th in 2014 and a 1st round in this years import draft.

*-> The London Knights traded Michael D'Orazio to the Missausaga Majors for their 2nd round picks in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

*-> London also dealt Tyler Brown to Kingston for their 8th round in 2011 and 4th round pick in 2012.

*-> Plymouth has traded Jay Gilbert to Owen Sound for Saginaws 2nd round in 2012, Curtis Crombeen, 3rd round pick 2012.

*-> The Greyhound also dealt Jake Carrick to the Windsor Spitfires for Brent Sullivan, 4th round in 2012, 3rd round pick in 2013, a 10th round in 2014 and a 2nd round in 2015.

*-> Saginaw has dealt their 4th round in 2012, their 6th round 2013 and their 2nd round in 2014 to the Greyhounds for Brandon Achibald.

*-> The Windsor Spitfires have traded Michael Whaley and Michael Kantor to Plymouth for their 13th round pick in 2012.

*-> London traded Chris DeSousa to Missisauga for their 2nd round pick in 2013, and a 4th in 2013.

*-> Niagra traded Brampton's 5th round in 2011 and 8th round in 2012 to London for Victor Terreri.

*-> London then traded their 7th round pick in 2012 to the Bulls for Kyle DeCoste.

*-> Erie traded Jeremy Gottzmann to the Peterborough Petes for their 5th round pick in this years draft.

*-> Finally the Colts traded Corey Czarnik to Plymouth for their 12th round pick in 2011.

OHL Trade Deadline Day Deals.

Some late trades from Barrie yesterday for you I'll have some more around 1 plus the usual NHL rumors and news as well. Stay tuned.

*-> Yesterday evening Barrie did indeed trade Dalton Prout to the Saginaw Spirit as previously rumored. Saginaw sent back Alex Lepkowski, Matt Ashman, Kitcheners 3rd rounder in 2013 and Saginaw's 3rd rounder in 2014.

*-> The Colts also dealt Taylor Carnevale as rumored. Carnevale was shipped to the Windsor Spitfires for Eric Locke and Josh Malecki.

*-> Yet another Barrie deal yeaterday where they sent Stephen Gaskin to Guelph for Barries 2nd round pick in 2012 back and Guelphs 4th round pick in 2012 as well.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ice Scoopz: OHL Trade Deadline 2011 Rumors

Here are this evenings OHL Trade Deadline rumor for the big day Monday. The OHL's official deadline is Monday January 10th at 6pm. We'll be covering the trades as we hear em on Ice Scoopz as well as a final tally Monday evening after the day's events. The WHL also has their deadline this Monday as well so we'll have that coverage as well.

There's a couple prominent names and rumors starting to take off this weekend already and I'm sure there will be no shortage in rumors and trades leading up to 6pm. Several big names this year that have very good odds at being dealt come Monday.

*-> Columbus Blue Jacket draft pick Dalton Prout is rumored to be heading to Saginaw as several sources have been rumoring both the Barrie Colts and the Saginaw Spirit.

*-> Sudbury Wolves captain Marcus Foligno has been featured in a pile of rumors since his strong performance in this years World Juniors for Canada. Several sites have Foligno on the move as the Wolves look to retool and trade their graduating players for future talent. Foligno has told the Sudbury media and the Sudbury management he'd like to remain with the Wolves for the rest of his CHL career just as his brother and father did. I highly doubt that Foligno will be moved as management has said they have a mutual understanding between the two parties although it would be more beneficial if Foligno was moved before the deadline. The biggest suitor is rumored to be the Windsor Spitfires where he would join Team Canada teammates Ryan Ellis and Zach Kassian.

*-> While on the subject of Sudbury, it's believed the Windsor Spitfires is also interested in Ottawa native Eric O'Dell who has spent most of the season on the sidelines after having surgery. Windsor is reportedly looking at a package deal of Foligno and O'Dell. O'Dell is overage so the teams would be limited but another team reportedly in the mix is Niagra.

*-> Russian gold medal goalie Sergei Bobkov is rumored to be unhappy with the London Knights and the Knights have been reportedly looking to deal him to get some value back when he leaves at the end of the season as he's overage. The Erie Otters have slight interest while Plymouth Whalers also could be in the fray.

*-> Calvin de Haan has been mentioned in many rumors as of late but from what I hear the Oshawa Generals want him staying put and will take the loss at the end of the season when he moves on to bigger and better things with the New York Islanders.

*-> With the Sault St. Maire Greyhounds on the outside looking in veteran goaltender Chris Perugini is getting a few looks. The only team I have heard as of late is the Erie Otters who appear to be in every rumor circle regarding goaltending.

*-> Another Greyhound possibly moving on is second generation defenseman Brock Beukeboom. The Ottawa 67's and the Niagra Ice Dogs have both been linked to the son of hard hitting NHLer Jeff Beukeboom.

*-> The Colts could be interested in parting with centerman Taylor Carnevale if the price is right. Barrie would love to keep this kid in the fold next season but if a contending team makes an unbeliable offer it's very viable he could be moved. I'm hearing the Generals and the Kitchener Rangers.

Quebec Major Junior Hockey League Trade Deadline Transactions

As the the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League Deadline has passed this past week (Wednesday January 6th) here are some of the deals that have occured.

*-> Drummondville has traded Alexandre Comtois to Rouyn-Noranda for Jarome Raymond.

*-> Rouyn-Noranda then traded Troy Vance to Victoria for their round 8 pick in 2012.

*-> Rimouski traded Julien Levasseur to Drommondville for their 3rd round pick in 2012.

*-> Both Drommondville and Rimouski wern't done yet as they both exchanged draft picks with Drommondvilles 7th round pick in 2011 going to Rimouski for their (Quebecs) first round pick in the import draft in 2011.

*-> Acadie-Bathurst has dealt Connor Gagnon to Val-d'Or for an 8th round pick in 2012.

*-> Baie-Comeau traded Michael Morin to Rimouski for an 8th round pick in 2011.

*-> Shawinigan has dealt Raphael Pouliot to the Montreal Juniors for their 5th round draft pick in 2011 and a 2nd round pick in 2011 (CAP).

*-> Montreal also acquired Jean-Laurence Beauchemin from PEI for Baie Comeau's 5th round draft pick in 2011.

*-> Chicoutimi has dealt Pierre-Karl Marion to Rouyn-Noranda for 11th round pick in 2011.

*-> Halifax has traded Montreal Alex Lemieux for their 3rd round draft pick in 2012.

*-> Val-d'Or acquired a 5th (GAT) and 4th (QUE) round draft picks from Victoriaville for Guilliame Nord.

*-> Saint John traded both a 2012 3rd round draft pick and Frederic Piche to Halifax for Mathieu Corbeil-Threiult.

*-> Shawinigan has dealt Marc-Andre Kaiser and Dany Potvin to Cape Breton for their 6th round draft pick in 2012.

*-> Jean-Sebastien Fournier was dealt from Cape Breton to PEI for PEI's 3rd round draft pick in 2012 and Lewiston's 5th round draft pick in 2011.

*-> Cape Breton also traded Brandon Boutillier and their 5th round pick in 2011 to Quebec for Kyle Campbell and a 5th round draft pick in 2011(BAT).

*-> Victoriaville traded Anthony Goulet to Halifax for their 4th round pick in 2012.

*-> Victoriaville also made a major deal with Gatineau for Benjamin Leliberte, Gatineau's 1st round in 2011, 1st round in 2012 and Drummondville's 2nd round in 2011 for Philip-Michael Devos and their 3rd round pick in 2011.

*-> Gatineau also made a deal with Baie Comeau for their 3rd round pick in 2011 for Gatineau players Gabriel Carignan and Hugo Laporte.

*-> Rimouski dealt Charles-Antoine Roy to Victoriaville for Gatineau's5ht round pick in 2011 and a 1st round pick in the 2012 import draft.

*-> Halifax traded Jaime Bishop to Rimouski for Drommondvilles 3rd round pick in 2012.

*-> Montreal traded Denis Kindl and a 1st (2013) and 2nd (2012) round pick to Cape Breton for Viktor Hertzberg.

Remember that the OHL trade deadline is Monday January 10th at 6pm, we'll have full reports and transactions here on Ice Scoopz as well as some OHL trade deadline rumors later on tonight so tune in.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Ice Scoopz: Friday Evening

*-> ESPN has ended the Calgary Flames and Boston Bruins trade rumors. The recent rumors had Robin Regehr headed to the Bruins for centerman Marc Savard. ESPN has reported theres no truth to the rumors and Savard is not being shopped by the team. Regehr reportedly is however on the block as the Flames look to find more offensive help once.

*-> The Phoenix Coyotes are attempting to shop Petr Prucha around the NHL. The Coyote management are surprised so far that no one has taken any interest in claiming Petr Prucha of waivers. Management has said they'd like to keep Prucha on the Yotes but arn't happy about his salary still on the books. They also have informed Prucha if he is unhappy they look at the next option and that would be to loan him to a European club. According to reports several have already contacted Pruchas agent.

*-> The Ottawa Senators are working on a deal to send a defenseman to Columbus. It's been reported that Ottawa is attempting to shop Filip Kuba once again. The Jackets are desperate for an offensive d-man and it's rumored that ether Filip Kuba or another Ottawa blueliner could be headed to Columbus. The Jackets are dangling Nikita Filatov as trade bait some are saying. Toronto is another team thats rumored to be in the mix in Columbus. Howsen reportedly has had his eyes on Francois Beauchemin for a bit now but Columbus management have stated they have yet talked any deal and wouldn't say if Beauchemin was on their radar or not. No confirmation from this one from ether of my sources except Kuba out could be a possibility some time this season if the offer was decent. Ottawa is also once again trying to showcase Brian Lee and is trying to push a deal. Another Ottawa name thats making rumor waves is Mike Fisher. Nashville is the obvious team that keeps coming up.

*-> The New Jersey Devils have told the Jersey media and Martin Brodeur that he will not be traded. Big Lou wanted to end all the talk surrounding his franchise goalie and put an end to the rumors of a possible Brodeur deal. He will stand by his goalie and look at making any other necessary changes to right the ship of his struggling club.

*-> Finally the Dallas rumors mentioned earlier were concerning Langenbruner so we can end those.

Ice Scoopz: Friday Noon

*-> I'm hearing more and more about a possible Martin Brodeur trade in the aftermath of the Jaime Langenbruner deal. New Jersey has yet to ask Brodeur and is rumored to be waiting for Marty to bring up the idea first. Martin has made it very clear he wishes to remain a Devil but is willing to do whatever the team asks. People around the New Jersey organization have said Brodeur would like to play another season before retirement. This leaves an interesting situation for Devils, do they part with their longtime franchise goalie or do they keep him despite the rebuild situation and put him through another struggle of a year? The Los Angeles Kings and the San Jose Sharks are highly interested but the Devils would be asking a steap price if they were to consider dealing Brodeur.

*-> In other New Jersey rumors an Ilya Kovalchuk to the New York Islanders is starting to surface over and over again. The Devils organization would part with Kovalchuk if they can reap more than they lost from the first trade for Kovi rumors are reporting. Its tough to say, Yes Kovalchuk has had a horrific year but if they cant resign Zach Parise they are in trouble offensively so I expect unless they know for sure or they get a major offer then they will wait.

More in a bit including the rumors mentioned this morning.

Trade! Dallas -> New Jersey

*-> The Dallas Stars have brought Jaime Langenbruner back to Texas as the New Jerseys have traded their captain for a 3rd round draft pick in 2011. The Stars are looking to add some short term help for a potential playoff run this spring. Langenbruner is a UFA at seasons end.

Good deal for the Stars, I thought Langerbruner would bring in a 2nd or a medium level prospect but a conditional 3rd may have been the best offer.

Thanks CA and everyone else for the heads up.

Ice Scoopz: Friday Morning

*-> The New Jersey Devils have officially asked captain Jaime Langenbruner to waive his no trade yesterday it's been reported yesterday by several New Jersey media outlets. Langenbruner has apparently told the Devils he will accept a trade for the team but it's reported he will pick his destination from a list the Devils provide for him. St. Louis has been looking at Langenbruner as well as the Toronto Maple Leafs. The lastest rumor out of Jersey is that Martin Brodeur will be next to be asked to waive his no trade clause for the good of the team as well. No official word on that one however, personally it could be a longshot, I beleive Marty will want to retire in New Jersey.

*-> The word in Columbus is that recent healthy scratch and struggling Mike Commodore has asked for a no trade possibly dating as far back as two weeks ago and was placed on waivers yesterday. Scott Howsen is reportedly working every option possible for any kind of deal to get Commodore off the roster and off the books. It's being said that the Blue Jackets want another defenseman in return but will settle for almost anything to rid themselves of the headache and possible locker room issues. Several teams have expressed interest but in all situations require the Jackets to place Commodore on re-entry waivers first. It looks unlikely that the Jackets find find a taker till the team takers the next step and places him on re-entry.

*-> The New York Rangers are looking at bringing Kyle Wellwood back to the NHL from the HK Atlant of the KHL.

*-> The Florida Panthers have loaned Steven Reinprecht to the Manheim Eagles of the DEL for the remainder of the season. Reinprecht struggled to hold a spot with the Panthers and the Cats also struggled finding a taker.

*-> Last night New Islanders signed Milan Jurcina to a 1 year contract extension worth 1.6$ million. Jurcina has played well for the Isles this season and with the trading of James Wisniewski leaves a lot of ice time to fill.

More rumors this afternoon including Ottawa, Phoenix and Dallas rumors.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

World Juniors: Gold Medal Game After 3

Well I never thought I'd be posting Russia 5 Canada 3 all after one period of play. The dejection here looks like outside a Toronto Maple Leaf game, well their used to losing. No just joking, a tough loss. I myself thought it was in the bag after 2 and was ready to post but a pesky Russian squad out worked a "lunch pail" team Canada. The Russians played dead for 2 periods then decided to turn it on for the 3rd game in a row and won the gold. Maybe it was the Terasenko hit that sparked the entire bench? I over heard a Canadian fan telling his buddy that it was the hockey gods as several Canadians were burning American flags after defeating the States 2 days ago and the treatment of the host country fans all tournament long. Personally I think their holding back and then giving everything in the 3rd shocked Canada and took them by surprise. They played extremely well in the 3rd and stunned the Canadians who just sat back and watched the play. Goaltending once again was a factor and Canada didn't have it during the clutch. Canada play well as well for the most part but in the end the Russians played better when it was needed. I know myself as a Canadian was upset and shocked but deep down knew it was "good for hockey" as a whole as a close friend put it. Congrats to Russia, Canada, and the US another great story and great tournamen

World Juniors: Gold Medal Game 2nd Intermission

1 more period left of play Canada's up 3 to nothing. Looks like if Canada keeps up the pace the Canadians have this tournament once again. The HSBC is going to erupt in 20 minutes. I was a little disappointed by the booing of the injured Vladimir Terrasenko earlier by the Canadian fans but that's hockey sometimes. It actually seamed to motivate the Russians more. Terrasenko will be a huge loss, its going to take a lot for them to come back but they did against the Finns so hopefully it will be a tight and exciting final period. Puck drop for the final period..

World Juniors: Gold Medal Game 1st period

After the first period its 2 nothing Canada. The game has been a lot closer than I thought, the Russian squad has played decently enough to get by without a blowout so far. I'm still awaiting Kuznetsov so decide he's playing tonight. The entire Canadian team has looked good even in net, Canada's one real weakness. The atmosphere here is crazy, I've seen about 10000 Canadian jerseys but only one Russian and one American, its hard to believe this tournament is being held in the USA. A local bartender was telling me there's usually 50/50 for Canadians attending most Buffalo games as well. Back to the action more later.

Ice Scoopz; Wednesday Morning

Here are today's rumors while waiting at the Canada - US border crossing as I head to Buffalo for tonight's gold medal game.

*-> Free agent Marc-Andre Bergeron has officially signed with the Tampa Bay Lightning this morning. The Lightning get an experienced powerplay quarterback to add to their lineup.

*-> The Columbus Blue Jackets and the Anaheim Ducks made a minor league trade this morning as the Jackets sent Nate Guernin to the Anaheim Ducks for Trevor Smith.

*-> The Minnesota Wild have sign Jed Ortmeyer who has been playing for their AHL affiliate the Houston Aeros.

*-> With the situation in Ottawa looking very grim and playoff hopes bleak the rumors in Ottawa have started to spiral. The main rumor has been the potential firing of Cory Clouston after the horrific loss to their Ontario rivals Toronto Maple Leafs. Clouston doesn't have the respect of the players and many refuse to buy into his system. I have heard rumblings that the Sens have something going down this week possibly Thursday or Friday afternoon. When I attempted to ask my source he would not confirm or deny any changes and did not want to talk about Clouson or Murray at all which is odd. From what I'm hearing is Murray wants to fire Clouston but Eugene Melnyk doesn't want another yet another coaching change as that would look terrible on the franchise. They may wait ou the season to let Clouston go as he will be up for a new contract. As for Murray its hard to say, while many fans still defend him its believed his time is up hear. Everyones hearing the Pierre McGuire rumors but I'm not quite sold on them, from what I get Brian Murray will hand the reigns over to his nephew and assistant GM Tim Murray and step into an advisory role with the team. Some are saying this could happen sooner than later and before his contract expires this summer. The Sens would like to have a GM in place for the trade deadline. I'm still digging for more on this one as everyone seams tight lipped at the moment.

The second part of the Ottawa story is my source did say that several players were on the block. He told me Murray could move everybody for the right price except his younger cast and crew. He is looking for a starting goalie to finish the season off and carry the team into the next season till Lehner is ready. He also has said Murray has had offers for Jarkko Ruutu and Alexei Kovalev. I'm hearing that Evgeni Nabokov is looking more and more like an option, Murray wants a bonafide starter not a 2 goalie tandem like he currently has. The word is he is pushing a Leclaire deal hard. Some are saying Tomas Vokoun is a player he'd love to have. On to Kovalev the enigmatic Russian will be dealt but Ottawa will wait till closer to the deadline to try and drive up his price. St Louis has interest in him but doesn't want to pay a high price of a young forward. Many teams in the Western conference have interest in the gritty forward. Apparently the Sabres and the Sharks have inquired according to rumors. Another name that has acknowledged that the team has had inquiries for him is Chris Phillips who told the media while he hasn't been approached by the team he knows there are offers out there and come deadline day could be asked to lisft his no trade clause.

That's all for now more later on!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ice Scoopz: Monday Late Afternoon

*-> The Florida Panthers Steve Reinpreit has cleared waivers and been assigned to Rochester of the AHL. The Cats had reportedly pushed a trade hard but had no success.

*-> Today Brian Burke has acknowledged that he has had teams calling in regards to Kris Versteeg and even received a pretty good offer. Burke also said the talks were just inquiries and nothing beyond the kicking tires phase. Burke also wouldn't comment if Toronto was shopping Versteeg.

*-> Maxim Kitsyn will not be returning to Russia after the 2011 World Juniors as Bob McKenzie has reported that the young Russian has signed a deal with the St. Michaels Majors.

*-> The New Jerseys Devils are reportedly to be working their phones hard. Devils management is reportedly ready to pull the plug on the season and begin selling off the weak links. Jason Arnott is reportedly on the block as Danius Zubrus. Some are even saying Ilya Kovalchuk could be had IF there was a taker.

*-> TSN has reported that Michael Leighton has been waived by the Flyers. The Flyers have made their goaltending controversy decision as their playoff hero will most likely be ether claimed or sent down to the AHL. One has to think a team would bite on a free Leighton. This has to be more bad news for Evgeni Nabokov as yet another goalie is available without the risk of waivers. The Islanders may take a look as will the Sens with Pascal Leclaire out due to injury. I've also heard San Jose.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Ice Scoopz: Sunday Morning

Not a whole lot going on so far this morning but a couple of rumors to report.

*-> You can squash the stupid rumors out of Toronto that John Tavares has told his agent Pat Brisson that he wants out of Long Island as soon as possible. Last night Brisson went on the record to say that his client wants exactly the opposite of the rumors. Tavares is looking to negotiate a long term deal with the Islanders as soon as the window opens this summer. He went on to say that GM Garth Snow and Johnny T were extremely close and John believes in the rebuilding and the plan for the Isles future. I figured this rumor was bs but one has to wonder how much patience these guys have in New York as it doesn't look like the Islanders will be contenders any time soon especially now after this past weekend.

*-> Zach Parise is also in the same boat as the rumors report John Tavares is in. The rumors continue about Parise wanting out of New Jersey and hoping someone puts in an offer sheet this summer above what the Devils can afford. I don't really believe this one ether but this situation is buyable. The Devils are going to have to enter a rebuild mode this summer like it or not. Age has finally caught up to the Devils and a changing of the gaurd is in need. However Parise may want out of New Jersey but the Devils will be sure to match any offer sheet for the young American as he is one of the few cornerstones of the franchise.

*-> Now that Dwayne Roloson has been traded to the Lightning speculation has it Evgeni Nabokov will have to push his service even harder and accept a possible two way deal to almost anywhere. The Capitals are still battling incosistency despite the managements constant dismissals of the team looking for a goaltender. The Ottawa Senators could be looking at a short term solution to their goaltending woes and it's been reported their looking at any option avaliable to turn around the club. The Florida Panthers have been linked as well as the Colorado Avalanche. The lastest I've heard is the New York Islanders now that Roloson has been moved and DiPietro has been off and on all season long. The Isles may have been waiting for word from the Bolts before moving Roloson and attempting to sign Nabokov to a multi year deal. It's hard to say where Nabby may end up but he may be stuck accepting an AHL deal till next summer or hope that an injury surfaces in the NHL.

Trade! New York Isles -> Tampa Bay

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone has had a great year and wish nothing but the best for the New Year. Great Canada - Sweden game, I can't remember watching a game that nail biting, I was attempting to do some reports but found myself stuck on the edge of my seat the entire game. Anyways the first trade of the New Year has broken so on to the trade, I'll have more on the World Juniors tomorrow.

*-> The Tampa Bay Lightning have finally pulled the plug on their goaltending experiment this season and went out and traded for some help. The Bolts acquired Dwayne Roloson from the New York Islanders for prospect Ty Wishart. This now leaves the Lightning with 3 goalies when Mike Smith returns from injury. Wishart will be assigned to Bridgeport as will odd man out Cedrick Desjardins of the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Everyone in the hockey world knew the Bolts needed help but most were suspecting that newly free agent Evgeni Nabokov would be the Lightnings guy. This deal makes sense but also crowds the Lightning. Ether Dan Ellis or Mike Smith will now be ether waived or traded in the near future especially with the emergence of Cedrick Desjardins. My guess is Mike Smith he has yet to even come close to his potential after being acquired from from the Stars. A smart hockey move for Stevey Y and co but a puzzling move from GM Garth Snow of the Islanders. It seams Snow is sending the message to his fans we will not be competing once again for a post season spot after trading first James Wisnewski and now Roloson. Although the Isles do have Nathen Lawson to back-up the often injured Rick DiPietro.