Thursday, January 29, 2009

The I.R: Thursday Evening

*-> Despite my predictions yesterday the Tampa Bay Lightning have sent down Kari Ramo to Norfolk Admirals of the AHL and recalled goaltender Riku Helenius today. Helenius should get a decent look from the brass and a decesion to who gets to be the back-up will shortly follow.

*-> Brad Stuart of the Detroit Red Wings will be on the I.R for at least a week after suffering from bruised ribs. Detroit has recalled both Aaron Downey and Ville Leino from the Grand Rapids Griffins of the AHL. Leino who is lighting up the AHL will be mainly to replace freshly re-signed Henrik Zetterberg who is suffering from back spasms. Zetterberg will most likely only miss one game to rest his back.

Ice Scoopz: Thursday Evening ->Fritsche To Wild

*-> Forward Dan Fritsche of the New York Rangers was traded today to the Minnesota Wild for defenseman Erik Reitz. Both players had been playing minor roles for their organizations. Reitz is expected to be a 7th D for Rangers while Dan Fritsche will be a key penatly killer and 3rd liner for the Wild.

*-> Big George Parros will be a Duck for at least a few more years by signing a by signing a 3 year deal with Anaheim today. The terms were undisclosed but should be roughly around the 750K$ mark. Parros is having a career year in points this season with 8.

*-> Ray Emery formerly of the Ottawa Senators and now playing for Atlant Mystichi of the KHL was involved in yet another altercation yesterday afternoon. Emery after being pulled in a 5-1 loss refused to wear a team hat which is team policy for goaltenders on the bench. After refusing to wear the hat which one of the trainers provided for him he stared down the trainer until he returned with the hat again. This time Ray Emery decided to swing his blocker at the trainer. The trainer then backed off and another trainer ran to break up the altercation. Emery refused to let it go and took another swipe at the trainer before knocking him down and sending him into the tunnel that leads to the locker rooms. Ray Emery's agent J.P Barry claims that it was just Ray being fiery and upset that he had a bad game, and that Ray only pushed the trainer. the fottage was caught on video by a fan. The team has yet to comment.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday Evening -> Zetterberg Re-Signs!

*-> The Detroit Red Wings have re-signed superstar foward Henrik Zetterberg to a whopping 12 year deal worth roughly 7.2$M next year then 7.7$M for the next 9 years then 1$M the following 3 years. The deal is expected to lower the average cap hit. Zetterberg who turns 29 this October most likely wont finish out his contract as he'll be 40 when it runs out. This is an amazing deal for the Red Wings and this will help keep the key members of the squad signed for long term.

*-> The Ottawa Senator's owner Eugene Melnyk held a press conference today to tell the fans to be patiant and hold on because it's going to get better from here on out. Melnyk doesn't want the fans to give -up on the team and promises this is only a small stumble for the once mighty organization. It was apparent by last nights game agains't the team needs a lot of help and much more effort. The fans consistantly booed the home team throughout the game. Melnyk also went on to say that "anbody who believes this team should be blown up should blow themselves up." He feels they have most of the team and staff in place to succeed. They will not be sellers at the deadline he claims but still expect a few players in and a few players out as he put it. Bryan Murray this week also made a few statements and one of them was he was definatly interested in shopping his UFA's for the right deal. Martin Gerber, Filip Kuba, Chris Neil, and Dean McAmmond all fall under this catagory. Filip Kuba is expected to draw some interest from around the league. The Sens rivals the Montreal Canadiens are slighly interested to bolster their powerplay and the Phoenix Coyotes would also like to add some offense to the backend. Many teams in the West would love to get their hands on Chris Neil. The Anaheim Ducks, the Nashville Predators and the Columbus Blue Jackets would like to add some muscle. .

*-> Martin Gerber's situation has gone from bad to worse as there is next to no interest in him right now. It really looks like he'll finish the season in the minors and will ether take a really hug pay cut or head back to Europe. He may get a second chance before the deadline if another team has some goaltending troubles. Rumor has it is that the Calgary Flames would like to aquire him only if the Sens would take Jim Vandermeer (2.3$MIL/3) or Cory Sarich (3.6$MIL/4) in return. Ottawa's not biting yet.

*-> Nashville has been silently trying to shop Dan Hamhuis for an offensive threat up front. It's been no secret this year that The Pred's haven't had much luck in the goal scoring department. Hamhuis is an affordable 2M$ for 2 seasons so expect a taker. Colorado might be willing to send Marek Svatos in exhange.

*-> Pierre Dagenais of the KHL team Traktor Chelyabinsk has stated he would love to stay with the team and plans to move his family over this summer. Dagenais has said although now there still is a huge gap in the KHL vs NHL quality of play, he says it still blows the AHL out of the water. He expects to see much more NHLer's head over this summer.

*-> The KHL has announced they are debating the possibility of expansion to China and Eastern Europe in the near future. For the time being however the KHL has announced that the Czech team HC Energie Karlovy Vary and Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg from the Russian Supreme League will be joining for the 2009-2010 season. Finland's Karpat, Sweden's Frolunda, and Belarus's Karamin Minsk and Junost Minsk have all been invited to join next season as well. Another piece of big KHL news was revealed Monday which will help the KHL teams develop their players and stop the early loss of prospects to the NHL by adding a junior club to each KHL team. This will greatly help development and help serve as a "CHL" style junior league for the Russians.

The I.R: Wednesday Evening -> Sillinger Out For Season

A few internet problems last couple of days doubled with bad weather but heres todays I.R...

*-> The New York Islander's veteran forward Mike Sillinger will miss the entire season after undergoing hip surgury Monday. The aging veteran has stated he intends on playing at least one more season with the Islanders before retiring.

*-> Goalie Olaf Kolzig of the Tampa Bay Lightning will miss the rest of the season with a ruptured tendon in his left bicep. He will undergo surgury this weekend and if successful he will miss atleast 4 months still. Although he has only played 8 games this season his presence will be missed. Kari Ramo will serve as Mike Smith's back-up for the rest of the season. Also expect to not see Olaf Kolzig in a Lighning jersey again as he's an unrestricted free agent this summer. Kami Ramo appears ready for the "show" so he'll most likely stay up.

*->Martin Gerber of the Ottawa Senators has been sent down to Binghamton after GM Bryan Murray could not find a decent suitor. He will finish the season out in the AHL unless Ottawa can find a dance partner. At this point it seams unlikely unless another team runs into goaltending issues or a deadline day deal. I'll have more on this later.

*-> Justin Pogge of the Toronto Maple Leaf's has been sent back down to the Toronto Marlies of the AHL.

*-> Dallas Star's Fabian Brunstrom has been loaned to the Manitoba Moose. The organization feels Brunstrom still needs some polishing to get to where he needs to be.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The 2009 Allstar Weekend Rant

Well the Allstar weekend is finally over and that usually means Christmas aka trade deadline day is to soon follow. 38 day's to be precise but whose counting right? I've always liked the Allstar game but every year its the same with all the criticism. It seams every single hockey reporting media outlet tries to dissect the game and continuously opens up the thought of getting rid of it or altering it. You hear them interview every player, every analyst, and every management level personal but yet you don't here any interviews or fan opinions. Judging for the media's comments they really aren't happy with the game but I as a hardcore hockey fan am perfectly fine with way the allstar game is being played. I mean sure it doesn't have the same intensity as a playoff game and sure some of the players efforts is clearly not 100%. Who cares really? This game is to give back to the fans and if the fans are happy which they clearly are in Montreal then leave it alone. Do they really expect players to risk injury and exhaustion just for one game that's means nothing season wise and is just supposed to be for fun? Of course there isn't going to be that intensity. I really don't see why they have to put these doubts in the fans minds. Its excited to watch the best or the best square off in not only a skills competition but an overall game were they can try anything they normally cant try in a real game.

Just look at the breakaway challenge it was a complete joke after last years competition which I thought was entertaining. Why did they feel the need to change it? The real goalies, the real judges and real attempts all worked. The whole 1 minute time limit was ridiculous because guys looked lazy and uncompetitive, barely willing to skate back to try another attempt. also why would they tell the mystery goalie a no name nobody to not try and stop the puck? That's just insulting to not only the players but to everyone watching. It wasn't a competition it was a set-up trying to trick fans into thinking that they saw the best to offer when really it was forced and unnatural. Just leave it the way it is, the game of hockey doesn't need to be changed in order to suit and attract poor hockey markets. What happens when these markets do get teams? Relocation is the natural order of things. Just let it be and the natural order of things will take its course and hockey will expand. If not then it isn't mean to be.

Another thing about the Allstar game that pissed me off was CBC's constant interruption of the game with stupid interviews? Why is it that necessary to cut the game off to watch Scott Oak molest Mike Modano while asking him stupid questions we heard during the skills competition? They bitch about trying to get the most entertainment, well that's not helping. I mean I like interviews but on the bench while a game is in action? Really? I mean really? Just do it before or after or even during breaks in play and when the play starts just cut to the action and just have audio. Its a simple concept.

Last of all, I really dislike the fans being able to vote the starters. I know it is for us but it dilutes the quality of the players that should be there. This year really wasn't too bad although I hardly see defensive Mike Komisarek who missed a good chunk of the season on the roster. We all remember the darkest NHL allstar game in history when Rory Fitzpatrick got voted in. That was ridiculous and embarrassing. It's a really hard thing to fix but my solution would be to let every player and personnel in each conference to have a closed ballet vote where they each selected 3 players in each conference then 3 teammates they'd like to see selected. In the end the highest 6 goalies, 12 defensemen and the top 22 forwards selected would be named allstars. Though it would still be biased because they players could just through their votes away to guys like say Andrew Peters but I think that's a really low chance because players really respect the allstar game and wouldn't want to make a mockery of it. It would also be a secret ballet like I said so guys could vote freely for who ether they choose. It's just an opinion however and on the flipside I really suppose its an honor also to be chosen by the people who support the game. Maybe it should be up the the NHL not to release the vote tallys till the finals and weed out the players who really don't deserve the chance to play. But then again that kind of is hypocritical for me to say that the NHL should change its format just to appease one person. After all it is the fans who they are trying to please and I guess if they want Rory Fitzpatrick then let them have Rory Fitzpatrick!

Let me know what you guys think! Please post some comments I really would like to hear your ideas and thoughts about the Allstar game.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The I.R: Thursday Evening

*- Sidney Crosby will miss the all-star game and most likely a week afterwards with an injured knee. Although it's not severe the Penguins would like to take extra precautions just in case. Martin St.Louis will replace Sid the Kid in the All star game.

*- Danny Briere of the Philly Flyers underwent successful stomach surgery. He has missed the last 31 out of 32 games due to injury. He is expected to miss another month while recovering from the surgery. The Flyers are going to be looking for another forward to help them in the playoffs it looks like.

*- Martin Brodeur has started skating this week and the Devil's plan on using the allstar break to get him rested and ready to play in 2 to 3 weeks.

Ice Scoopz: Thursday Afternoon -> Gerber On Waivers

*- Martin Gerber has been placed on waivers this afternoon, no teams are expected to claim him. The New York Islanders have been rumored to be interested but as the days wind down to the trade deadline it seams the Isles are happy just to settle with Joey Mcdonald and Yann Danis. Tavares must really be a sweet thought. Gerber is expected to finish the season down in Binghamton or head overseas on a loan to a Swiss or Swedish club.

*- Danny Sabourin has cleared waivers this morning, Kevin Lowe has apparently told Danny Sabourin still not to report to the Oilers and that they are going to attempt to shop him during the All Star break. If no luck expect Sabourin to be ether bought out or sent down to the AHL.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The I.R: Tuesday Evening

*-The New York Islanders have announced Rick DiPietro will miss the remainder of the season due to an ongoing problem with the knee surgery he had at the beginning of the season. The swelling refuses to go down so he will remain out and have another surgery on his knee. The Islanders are expected to go out and find some help till next season.

*Claude Lemieux completed an unbelievable comeback story tonight by returning to the NHL. Lemieux who is turning 46 who retired 4 years ago had no played hockey since this summer. He eventually earned a two way contract with the San Jose Sharks and tonight will mark his first game back. Incredible.

*Columbus goaltender Pascal Leclaire will be out 3 months with an undisclosed ankle injured. The Columbus goalie had surgery this afternoon to repair his ankle and is expected to make a quick recovery.

*Yet Another Columbus goalie is on the mend as of Tuesday. Goaltender Steve Mason has been suffering from severe back spasms and will miss the next 3 weeks. The Blue Jackets will not put him on the IR but rather just let him rest. He unfortunately will miss the youngstars game due to his condition.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Tuesday Evening - Forsberg Back??

*Former Colorado Avalanche member Peter Forsberg is once again contemplating playing again. He says he will take to the ice again next week to test out his skate after having yet another ankle surgery. Forsberg claims that this is his last shot at making a comeback and if his ankle is still bothering him hes going to hang up the skates for good. Rumors have Chicago wanting Forsberg badly to help their young core through the post season. Colorado would also love to have him back with the loss of Joe Sakic indefinitely.

*The Ottawa Senator's are apparently shopping Gerber hard to the New York Islanders now that Rick Dipietro is sidelined for the entire season. They have even offered to bring him up through re-entry waivers for the club. I highly doubt they will bite however because they are expected to claim Danny Sabourin off waivers tonight.

*Danny Sabourin who was recently traded to the Edmonton Oilers after the Mathieu Garon trade was told today not to report to Edmonton and he was immediately waived this afternoon. As mentioned before the New York Islanders are expected to claim him.

*Florida Panther defenseman Corey Murphy was claimed on re-entry waivers by the Tampa Bay Lightning late Monday night. Ottawa GM Bryan Murray stated that they Sens were never interested in Murphy and have their powerplay quarterback in Brenden Bell.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Sunday Night

So I'm pretty sure I'm going to be offering a trade deadline day e-mail and texting service this year every time a trade happens. Let me know what you guys think. Not many rumors tonight I'll have more tomorrow plus I'll get my World Junior reports going again so I can have the hopefully finished by the end of the week. I know I've been delaying but this week I'll getter done for sure.

*Bryan Murray the GM of the Ottawa Senator's has officially gone on the record to say he will not trade Jason Spezza because he is an important piece of the Sens organization. He claims as long as he's the GM he will not trade him despite the media gunning for a trade. He is their franchise player and he will not listen to any offers for him.

I personally find this interesting because Spezza has been in every rumor as of recent in the Ottawa papers. If I was Murray I would trade him just because he has a ton of value and recently has lost all support of the fans for his selfish and gamely giveaway. It's the fans that sell tickets so why not listen to them for once? Bryan Murray I believe will be out of a job this summer and so far he has done nothing to redeem himself or even try and better the franchise for the future.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The I.R Sunday

*-Buffalo Sabre's longtime defenseman Teppo Numminen is out once again after having facial surgery this morning. He had surgery to repair a fractured cheek bone caused by taking a Tim Gleason shot to the face Saturday night. Teppo who has had a long list of ailments this season is expected to miss another 3 weeks.

*-Mike Zigomanis of the Pittsburgh Penguins will miss the rest of the season after opting for sugery on his right shoulder which he suffered December 3rd.

*-St. Louis Blues rookie defenseman Roman Polak will be out at least 2 months with a fractured bone in his foot. He was injured Saturday night when he took a shot of his right foot.

*Steve Stamko's of the Tampa Bay Lightning will be missing a few games as a healthy skratch so he may work on his conditioning and review video footage to make him stronger. The team announced they would be holding him back to help his future. He is however expected to play on Monday but after the future is unclear.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Thursday Evening

*- Martin Gerber of the Ottawa Senators has been sent down to Binghamton on a two week conditioning stint. This is expected to buy the organization time and allow them to evaluate Brian Elliott more closely. If he performs well then he stays if he doesn't he'll switch with Gerber.

*-Brian Lawton the owner of the Tampa Bay Lightning has decided to once again speak out on the Vincent Lecavalier trade rumors. He officially denies anyone from Montreal has spoken to him and that he would not trade Lecavalier unless he asked for a trade. He spoke with him early this week and told him he was not being shopped and will not be shopped in the near future.

*-Curtis Sanford cleared waivers as expected and will report to the Manitoba Moose of the AHL.

*-The New York Islanders have a contract in place for their former back-up goalie Wade Dubielewicz. The deal is rumored to be for $850k and one year. Dubielewicz who took off to Russia last summer has been playing with KHL team AK-Bars Kazan. Before it is official Wade Dubielewicz must be release by Kazan.

*-Brenden Shanahan made his return officially yesterday by signing a one year deal with the New Jersey Devils for $850k. He is expected to take the ice next week after practicing with the team this week.

*- Karel Pilar has asked for his release from the KHL team Metallurg Magnitogorsk after barely playing this season. He felt he was being held back and it would effect his career by not playing. He is not bitter about the situation and has already found a new taker in Sparta Prague of the Czech league. He says he will finish the season with Sparta then return to a Russian club this fall.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

World Junior Report: Team Germany

Germany is really the one team I never got to see other than the Canada - Germany game and the Latvia - Germany game. Here are my observations from what I did see from the under performing Germany squad.

30. Philipp Grubauer - G - OHL Belleville Bulls
Grubauer was outstanding in the Canada game, he held his team in there when they had no business being there. Grubauer looked big in the net and challenged shooters really well. I thought he looked a lot better than his drafted counterpart Timo Pielmeier. His five-hole and his glove hand looked really weak though. He really didn't look like a draft worthy prospect unless it was a really late spare pick but he did have a really good tournament.

9. Jerome Flaake (TOR) - LW - DEL Kolner Haie
Flaake was a 5th round pick for the Toronto Maple Leafs in the 2008 draft. This tournament he lead team Germany in scoring with 3 goals and 2 assists in 6 games played. He was by far Team Germany's best player throughout the tournament. He looked really offensive orientated without a defensive side. Most of his goals we're scored by him doing most of the dirty work and then being able to finish. He has the size and the finish to play in the NHL but it may be his defensive lapses that holds him down. Ether way it didn't look like a wasted draft pick.

10. Denis Reul (BOS) - D - QJMHL Lewiston MAINEiacs
Denis Reul is a 5th round pick of the Boston Bruins in the 2007 entry draft. Reul is a really big body who skates well for his size. He appears to be more of a defensive defenseman than an offensive playmaker. He plays the body well and has good positioning. He still has to control his ability to avoid taking dumb penalties though. He finished the tournament with a -1 which isn't bad and 27 PIM which should have been a bit lower. He seams like a decent pick and I think playing in the CHL will help his development greatly.

1. Timo Pielmeier (SJ) - G - QJMHL Shawinigan Cataractes
A 3rd round draft pick of the San Jose Sharks in the 2007 entry draft, Pielmeier excelled in the 2008 IIHF World Juniors but this year not so much. I really didn't buy into the hype I was hearing about him this year and I thought his backup looked a lot better. He does play for a weak defensive team but look at Janus who is playing for a similar style team and he stole the show. Pilmeier needs to be able to step up his game and it really didn't look like he tried his hardest. As a 3rd round draft pick he should be a decent prospect, so maybe it was just a bad tournament. We'll see soon enough.

that's Team Germany, Latvia is tomorrow night..

On The Block: A to L (Wed Jan 14th)


-No one at the moment


*-Colby Armstrong

-Armstrong hasn't quite panned out since Atlanta acquired him in the Hossa deal. Its clear now that while playing in Pittsburgh Crosby definitely carried him.

*-Mathieu Schneider

-Atlanta has been trying to shop Schneider ever since they realized it was going to be a rough season. Schneider who makes $5.5mil this season is a hard sell as not only does he has a hefty contract, he also is getting on it age. Someone will take a risk however by deadline day.

-Ottawa - Montreal - Phoenix - Buffalo

*-Jason Williams

-Williams is an unrestricted free agent this summer and hasn't been the powerplay superstar they expected when they signed him. Expect a deal by deadline day to a team whose powerplay starved.

-Montreal - Boston - Pittsburgh - Edmonton

*-Kari Lehtonen

-Atlanta's patience must be wearing thing with the "blue chip" goalie over the past few seasons. His development has seamed to have halted and the Thrashers may be ready to part with him for the right deal.

-Ottawa - L.A - Colorado - Florida


*-Manny Fernandez

-When Boston acquired Manny Fernandez they really didn't expect Tim Thomas to steal the show and become their number one guy. Now that Thomas is clearly the number one guy and also Tuuka Rask is ready to play at the NHL level and they need some space. Fernandez will be the fall guy.

-Atlanta - Ottawa - L.A - Colorado - Florida


*-Maxim Afinogenov

-Lindy Ruff's patience is being tested with the enigmatic Russian winger. He can put up numbers in the 80's but his carelessness and his lack of effort often put the team behind more than he scores these days. He's also an unrestricted free agent this summer and is likely to bolt for a pay cheque.

- Boston - Florida - New York Rangers - Pittsburgh

*-Jochen Hecht

-Coach Lindy Ruff recently called out Jochen Hecht and he has yet to respond with any kind of emotion on the ice. Hecht hasn't put up the numbers so far he is expected to. He could be a candidate for a trade to shake-up the squad.

-Ottawa - Columbus - Boston


*-Craig Conroy

-This is a case of addition by subtraction. Calgary by dumping Conroy's salary can add another name for a playoff run. He is the odd man out in Cow town.


*-Frantisek Kaberle

-The other Kaberle has been the center of rumors coming out of Carolina since this summer. The Hurricanes have been trying to shop him all season long but to no prevail any suitors. He is quite possibly a waiver candidate.

*-Patrick Eaves

-Eaves has recovered from being injury prone this season but still cant put up any decent numbers. He is performing well below what he is expected. If there were any takers I'm sure this former Senator would be out the door already.


*-Brent Sopel

- Chicago needs cap space for a big addition for a run at the cup this season. Brent Sopel's $1.7mil salary could make room for at least a small addition. They really don't need Brent Sopel as their team is young and talented. Expect a trade for a veteran.

-L.A -


*-Marek Svatos

- Svatos is really the only Colorado player their willing to shop unless they're getting a player they really sought after. Svatos hasn't repeated his breakout season yet and seams to be struggling to score goals. If the offer was right Svatos could be moved.

-Boston - LA - Florida


Nothing at the moment


*-Sean Avery

-Everyone knows the drama around super pest Sean Avery and everyone knows that the Stars would pretty much take anything just to clear his cap space and get rid of the drama that surrounds him. Right now his stock is extremely low so don't expect any buyers just the waivers.

*-Jere Lehtinen

-The often injured and aging Jere Lehtinen is a UFA this summer and expect for the Dallas Stars to move on with their youth movement and rebuilding mode. The vet still has some life in him though and would be a fine compliment to a playoff bound team who needs defensive play without sacrificing offense.

- Chicago - New York Rangers -

*- Darryl Sydor

-Sydor is another aging player on the Stars roster with a big salary cap hit ($2.5mil) he also is a free agent at the end of the season. Their are more than a few teams interested in a veteran defenseman who has been to the cup and back. The Stars could fetch a young player or a late draft pick from a playoff team.

- Boston - Chicago - Phoenix - Nashville - Minnesota

*- Sergei Zubov

- Sergei Zubov has had injury problems all season long this season and he's yet another veteran UFA this summer. Although the Stars would like to keep him as he's still productive and a valuable member of the organization, they would be willing to rent him out this deadline day for a high pick or prospect.

- Montreal - Phoenix - Buffalo


Detroit wont touch a thing unless they can bring in a big name rental player


*- Dustin Penner

- The big power forward has been in the doghouse all season and Craig MacTavish has targeted and called him out for being lazy and not giving it his all. Penner has acknowledged his laziness and has vowed to try much harder. It's going to be hard to sell Low's overpriced offer sheet victim but they might be able to come deadline day.


*- Jay Bouwmeester

-Jay Bouwmeester is probably the most sought after UFA this summer and Florida expects to loose him for nothing unless they get a trade in. Mr. Martin would like to keep the superstar but it may not be realistic as it seams Bouwmeester would like to play elsewhere. Martin could cash in big time if they do decide to pull the trigger and could probably land the most out of any trade deadline day deal. They already have McCabe and Ballard to shoulder the offensive load from the point.

- Ottawa - LA - Phoenix - Montreal - Atlanta

*- Cory Murphy

- He was just waived last night and I believe that is the first step to ether a trade or a buyout. Now with the three or four offensive defensemen the Panthers have on the roster there really is no need for him anymore.

- Ottawa - Montreal -

Los Angeles

LA is willing to shop almost anybody but young stars and prospects but their waiting to see how the season pans out. Expect Calder and Handzus to be offered at the deadline.

TRADE: Jason Williams To Columbus

*-The Atlanta Thrashers have traded forward Jason Williams to Columbus for defensemen Clay Wilson and a 6th round draft pick.

Curtis Sanford On Waivers

*-The Vancouver Canucks have placed Curtis Sanford on waivers this morning. After acquiring Jason Labarbera from the Kings it appears he is the chosen back-up for Roberto Luongo and Curtis Sanford will be heading to the AHL Manitoba Moose if he is not claimed. He is expected to clear but a few teams are showing interest including the New York Islanders, and L.A. The Ilses are still missing a reliable back-up for DiPietro and it appears he'll be out a lot longer than expected. Sanford could take some weight off McDonald's shoulders till DiPietro is ready to return. L.A really doesn't have a back-up at the moment and to say Jonathan Quick is the answer is not saying much about their organization. By adding Sanford it would give young Ersberg some much need support.

Ice Scoopz: Tuesday Part Two - Murphy On Waivers

*-Florida Panthers have placed defenseman Corey Murphy on waivers this evening. The Ottawa Senators are a likely source for the powerplay defenseman. They've been showing interest all season long in his abilities. Why not grab him for free? Another team that could be interested is the Montreal Canadiens who have been lost on the powerplay ever since Mark Streit left last summer. Bob Gainey was just complaining the other day about how his team lacks defensive depth as well. The final team that is rumoured to make a claim is the Dallas Star. Their looking to replace the loss of Phillipe Boucher and Sergei Zubov on the point still.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ice Scoopz: Tuesday Evening - Islanders - Atlanta Make A Deal

So a minor deal to report and a couple of follow-up rumors.

*-The New York Islanders have traded defenseman Brett Skinner to the Atlanta Thrashers in exchange for Junior Lessard. Both players have spent most of the season in the minors with the clubs farm teams.

*-More and more Ottawa rumors are starting to trickle in. Apparently Ottawa is interested in shopping both Chris Phillips and Filip Kuba now to the highest bidders as they unrestricted free agents this summer. Sources say Ottawa is looking for young players who can step right in or high draft picks in this years draft. GM Bryan Murray claims hes not interested in a roster overhaul just a shake-up and to find the missing pieces of the puzzle. He also has informed the media he will have the goalie situation solved by Thursday evening. This pretty much means by Thursday evening Martin Gerber will ether be in the minors or will be in another teams uniform. Whose possibly interested? L.A still doesn't have a number one goalie but I doubt they will take a risk of Gerber. Other than that there's next to no interest in goaltending around the league. Good luck.

*-Another follow up on the Vincent Lecavalier situation has been released less than 24 hours after the media hyped up the trade details. Vincent has stated he is loyal to Tampa Bay and it's in the ownerships hands. He also stated he would love to play in Montreal which is maybe what the owners were waiting to hear from him. Brian Lawton co-owner of the Lightning responded with another statement saying that no players on any team are 100% safe and all are available for discussion. He then went on to say that he is not shopping Lecavalier and if he was he'd have a sit down with the star and tell him face to face that he is shopping him and it hasn't happened. These rumors keep building more and more momentum each day so I really believe that there is some truth behind them. I have a feeling now that Vincent has said he'd play for Montreal the talks with begin and the sit down will follow.

The I.R: Tuesday Morning

*-Boston's Phil Kessel will be out 2 weeks with mono(neucleosis) and has been placed on the I.R by the club. This is not expected to be a long term illness, it's just a precaution for the rest of the club till hes better according to management. Martin St.Pierre was called up from Providence today as his replacement.

The I.R: Monday Evening

Here's today's I.R:

*-Vancouver Canucks superstar Roberto Luongo has deemed himself fit to return to action after his groin injury. After a full practice he has decided hes ready to play and felt 100%. Management however I expect wont rush him too fast. Expect him to miss another couple of games before hes back.

*-The Columbus Blue Jackets have place Rick Nash on the I.R today as he is suffering from a "lower body" injury what is believed to be a groin related issue as well. For Columbus fans this shouldn't scare you as hes expected to be activated by next Thursday and was only done to give the superstar some rest and take the salary off the cap.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ice Scoopz : Monday Part 1

So I'm feeling better now and can finally get this back on the road.

*-Right now there are huge rumors swirling around the league about the Ottawa Senators. Something big is going to go down by the end of the week. Fans and management are furious with the lack luster effort their team has put forward each night and everyone is just starting to realize that the playoffs are fading slowly out of the picture. GM Brian Murray is fed up and has to shake up his team. I believe this will start by waiving a or a couple of players. The main target could be Martin Gerber. His value is low and Binghampton starter Brian Elliott has shown he can play at the NHL level. Clearing Gerber's 3+ million salary would definitely help make room for another player. The other player I have heard regularly being shopped is Jason Spezza. Spezza to Calgary has been thrown around quite a bit. Brian Murray stated last week he has a deal in theory for a puck moving defenseman but the other team expects him to give up a big name and take a high salary in return. Gerber's waiving could be the set-up. There will be a shake up soon and Ottawa will most likely be sellers at this point in the season. Is it time to rebuild? Or just make a change? That's the question.

*-TSN has reported that the Lecavalier deal to Montreal might possible be in the works. They say Montreal and Tampa Bay have been in talks throughout the season about a deal and Tampa is just waiting for an answer from Vinny. Ownership wants to here "I want to stay" or "I'm willing to go to....." out of Lecavalier soon so that they can start their plans for the future. After this disappointing season why not? A deal could kick start a massive overhaul and put them back in contention in a few years the way Philly did. The rumored package they'd receive for Lecavalier is Josh Gorges, Chris Higgins, Tomas Plecanec, prospect P.K Subban and multiple 1st rounders. That's quite a haul for one player and I know if I was them why not? Another name being thrown about is Mike Komisarek but TSN's Bob McKenzie rules it out and Bob knows his stuff.

*-Atlanta named Ilya Kovalchuk their new captain today so does this mean the trade rumors are wrong? I still think he'll go this deadline if there is no deal in place. Atlanta cant afford to lose their last valuable asset to free agency and now is the time to trade him while he still has time on his contract to trap another team.

*-Finally Brian Burke is claiming to newspapers that the market is soft and although he wants change he hasn't really gotten any decent offers. Burke's still trying to add some toughness to his line-up preferably a power forward who can score. Tomas Kaberle has said this past week he'll waive his no trade clause if hes asked but Burke came back a couple days later with saying he'll never ask any of his players to do so because they would have earned it. Philly has been gunning for Kaberle ever since last trade deadline when they tried to acquire him but he refused to waive it. The Flyer's are still rumored to be interested and could dangle Mike Knuble and or Scottie Upshall the Leafs way with some picks. The Buds have to make a choice Kubina or Kaberle and I think Kaberle A. has more value and B. Kubina is actually looking like the player they thought they had when they signed him.

Well I'll be back in a bit with The I.R, and Wednesday we wil continue on like usual including team Germany and team Latvia reports on top of the usual Tuesday line-up tommorow.

Friday, January 9, 2009

The I.R: Friday Afternoon + Catch-Up on The Way

You can add yours truly to the I.R after a late night outside game of shinny the other night because I've got the flu once again. I can barely even process basic thoughts due to all the cold meds haha. For some reason every year right about this time I get it and it sucks because three weeks back I had a really bad cold so this puts me behind again. I should be up in running I think in 24 hours so bare with me. I'll continue my World Junior reviews ASAP and will have a massive catch-up post Sunday night. Expect another few tonight as I seems to be able function.

*- Ales Hemsky was place on the I.R today by the Edmonton Oilers. Hemsky who suffered an concussion two weeks ago from a Jordan Tootoo hit will most likely by out for another two weeks.

*- Ruslan Fedotenko was been placed on the I.R after the Pittsburgh Penguin forward broke his hand on former Pen Colby Armstrong's face during a fight. Expect him to miss between 4 to 6 weeks.

*- In the same game Pascal Dupuis is injured with what is believed to be a pulled groin. Rumor has it is he'll miss only 2 games.

Thanks for the patience!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Two trades to report, both pretty minor but ether way here they are

*-Montreal Canadiens have traded a conditional 7th round draft pick to the Pittsburgh Penguins for AHL defensemen T.J Kemp.

*-The Saint John Sea-Dogs have traded Wolrd Junior Gold medal winning Chris DiDomenico to the Drummondville Voltigeurs for G Simon Giroux, F Mathieu Gingras, a 2009 1st round pick and 2010 2nd pick. I see this as the Drummondville Voltigeurs trying to stack their already league leading offensive for the playoffs.

The I.R: Tuesday Morning

Here are today's injuries...

*- Maxim Afinogenov of the Buffalo Sabre's will miss at least a weeks worth of games due to a nagging groin injury he received from a hit against Chara.

*-In other Buffalo news Craig Rivet is set to return after missing 11 games with an injured shoulder. Also Teppo Numminen is almost 100% after missing a few games with an undisclosed illness.

*-The Columbus Blue Jacket's have finally placed Rostislav Klesla on the I.R for a nagging undisclosed lower-body injury. The time frame is expected to be 2-4 weeks.

Monday, January 5, 2009

World Junior Report: Team Kazakhstan

During the last three weeks I've been attending every World Junior game possible and I've decided to review every team and highlight the players that have caught my eye during the tournaments and profile the major names as well good or bad. Tonight we'll start with team Kazakhstan the last place team in this years tournament.

Although there's not much to be excited about for the Kazakhstani's but a can list a couple of players that I did notice out there.


No drafted players on team Kazakhstan


#14. Yevgeni Bolyakin - D - APR 30 1990 - Amur Khabarovsk (KHL) -
- Bolyakin was by far team Kazakhstan's best defensemen and quite possibly their best player period. He is currently just a boy playing amongst men in the KHL this season and it shows with his maturity on the ice. The rest of the squad seamed shelled shocked every game they played and took needless penalties trying to take out their frustration. Bolyakin however was the exception of the latter. He remained calm and cool the entire game and made smart sensible plays. He knows when to pick his spots and has that meanness to his game and knows when it's time to use it. He also showed a bit of offensive through out the tournament setting up some close calls. Maybe worth checking out with a late late last round pick.

Honorable Mentions:

#20. Andrei Yankov - G - JUN 02 1989 - Kazzinc-Torpedo (Kazakhstan)
-Although he wasn't stellar or could even be considered to be a prospect, I really feel he deserves an honorable mention for giving it his all even though he was being shelled and was down by an ungodly amount of goals each game. He did make some really beautiful saves in the Finland game and showed he has a Arturs Irbe like scramble to his game. Yankov also showed he has a pretty nice glove as well. By no means a prospect but he has more heart than any player in the tournament by far I'd say.

Tomorrow I'll review the other relegated team, team Germany.

Breaking OHL Trade: Tavares Deal In Place?

It has just recently been revealed that a deal is in place for OHL and Team Canada superstar John Tavares. Sportsnet has earlier revealed that he had indeed been traded this afternoon to the London Knights. This however is not true as the OHL has a no-trade rule for players attending the World Junior tournament.

All being said I have learned that the deal could possibly go through Tuesday evening and it is only a possible deal that is in place. The rumored deal would be forward Phil Varone, defenseman Scott Valentine, Christian Thomas, a 3rd round draft pick and cash all for Tavares.

The Generals have made an official statement "Contrary to the current reports, the Oshawa Generals have NOT traded John Tavares to the London Knights, the Windsor Spitfires or any other Ontario Hockey League team."

Also TSN has reported the deal is false and still claims the Windsor Spitfires are the number one contender.

Personally I do believe it will be the Knights who gain Tavares services just due to the fact the Windsor Spitfires are an up and coming young team and don't seam to really need the extra push when they have a really young talented core who could get the job done. I also believe that it wont be Tuesday but after the Oshawa plays the Knights this Friday night.

Mondays Scoopz: Spezza? Schneider?

Well apparently "Rumor Round-up" is apparently has already being claimed by Hockey News so we have switched to "Scoopz" instead. So welcome to the first edition of Scoopz.

*- It has been reported the Ottawa Sens are ready to part with a big name. All signs point to the defensively prone but set-up superstar Jason Spezza. It's the most likely name that will bring back some return on the squad. Daniel Alfredsson has a no-trade and will likely end his career as a Sen while Dany Heatley has the NHL's highest salary and Mike Fisher also has a no trade clause so this leads us to believe Spezza will be the casualty. A lot of rumors point to Vancouver but this makes no sense as the Canucks just signed Mr. Sundin at centre. Columbus is another front runner because they have been searching for a set-up man for Rick Nash. I hear Ottawa is looking for a number one offensive defenseman and I really don't think Columbus has the answer unless they can work out a three way deal. Calgary has also been reported but once again that's another rumor that comes up short. Calgary wouldn't have the cap space unless they could convince Ottawa for Adrian Aucoin. The other name I'm hearing is Robyn Regher? could be possible but kind of unlikely. The last destination I'm hearing could be LA as they have lots of young stud offensive defensemen in waiting i.e Johnson, Doughty, and Hickey. They may be able to part with one to ensure a future at center.

*- Matthew Schnieder is being shopped as the Thrashers are falling out of contention by the day. His hefty 5.6Mil$ salary prevents many teams from jumping on the offers for the aging blueliner who still has a bit of puck moving left in him. Ottawa is a front runner for the defenseman but are a bit cautious as they too however may end up being sellers at the deadline if they don't make a change soon.

Thats it for now! game time!

The British Elite League Summary: Mon Jan 5th 09


Not really anything big in the BEL news this week except the leagues currently running the Challenge Cup with Belfast leading Pool A with 8pts and Manchester following with 6pts followed by Newcastle with 4pts. In Pool B Basingstoke is in the lead with 6pts trailed by Coventry with 5pts and Cardiff close behind with 4pts.

Tuesday December 30th 08 Results

Edinburgh Capitals 4 Basingstoke Bison 2
Belfast Giants 2 Sheffield Steelers 3
Nottingham Panthers 3 Newcastle Vipers 0

Saturday January 3rd 09 Results

Basingstoke Bison 2 Cardiff Devils 4
Belfast Giants 3 Manchester Phoenix 1
Nottingham Panthers 4 Coventry Blaze 1
Sheffield Steelers 4 Hull Stingrays 3 (After Overtime)
Newcastle Vipers 5 Edinburgh Capitals 4

Sunday January 4th 09 Results

Cardiff Devils 1-2 Belfast Giants
Manchester Phoenix 4-2 Nottingham Panthers
Hull Stingrays 4 Basingstoke Bison 3
Coventry Blaze 3 Sheffield Steelers 4 (After Overtime)
Edinburgh Capitals 2 Newcastle Vipers 1 (After Overtime)


#. Team - GP - W - WOT - L - LOT - PTS
1. Sheffield - 32 - 20 - 4 - 3 - 5 - 53
2. Nottingham - 32 - 18 - 4 - 8 - 2 - 46
3. Belfast - 31 - 19 - 3 - 8 - 1 - 45
4. Coventry - 30 - 19 - 2 - 8 - 1 - 43
5. Manchester - 32 - 16 - 3 - 11 - 2 - 40
6. Cardiff - 32 - 11 - 4 - 12 - 5 - 35
7. Newcastle - 31 - 8 - 4 - 16 - 3 - 27
8. Edinburgh - 33 - 8 - 1 - 19 - 5 - 23
9. Hull - 33 - 6 - 2 - 21 - 4 - 20
10. Basingstoke - 34 - 5 - 3 - 24 - 2 - 18

Leading Scorers:

#. Player - TEAM - GP - G - A - PTS
1 . David-Alexandre Beauregard - Manchester - 36 - 36 - 28 - 65
2 . Greg Chambers - Basingstoke - 37 - 19 - 42 - 61
3 . Mark Hurtubise - Edinburgh - 39 - 20 - 38 - 58
4 . Sylvain Deschatelets - Coventry - 34 - 18 - 33 - 51
5 . Dan Carlson - Coventry - 34 - 15 - 34 - 49
6 . Adam Carlder - Coventry - 34 - 22 - 26 - 48
7 . Tony Hand - Manchester - 34 - 11 - 37 - 48
8 . Dan Tessier - Nottingham - 33 - 14 - 33 - 47
9 . Paul Deniset - Belfast - 38 - 22 - 24 - 46
10. Brent Hughes - Basingstoke - 38 - 14 - 31 - 45
11. Colin Shields - Belfast - 37 - 18 - 26 - 44
12. Matthew Reynolds - Hull - 37 - 19 - 24 - 43
13. Jeff Legue - Sheffield - 38 - 16 - 27 - 43
14. Ashley Tait - Sheffield - 36 - 18 - 24 - 42
15. Luke Fulgham - Manchester - 34 - 18 - 24 - 42
15. Steve Thornton - Belfast - 31 - 8 - 34 - 42

The I.R: Monday Morning

Not much really to report on this morning, I'm stoked for the medal rounds today for the World Juniors. I managed to score tickets to Russia vs Slovakia and I'm trying to wheel some Canada tickets as I speak. So I'll keep this short.

*-As reported Minnesota Wild's star Marian Gaborik will undergo surgery to his other hip today and will reportedly miss up to 10 weeks. Gaborik has had an extremely unlucky season playing in only 6 games this season for the Wild. Trade talks have slowed down because of the season long rash of injuries but they expect him to be up and ready to play by deadline day. I will almost guarantee he'll be in another city by the deadline.

*- Zach Bogosian has been assigned to Atlanta's baby team Sunday for a conditioning stint with the squad. Bogosian has missed 28 games after fructuring his fibula in Novemeber. He played on the 31st of December but still felt he wasn't ready for full time action.

Thats it for this morning! Enjoy the game.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Back In Business / New Format

Well once again I've been having ridiculous problems with my Internet service provider. It decided to die several days after my last post and now after much fight its back. They reassure me it's going to be clear sailing from here on out. My deepest apologies to everyone who had been checking in regularly but now we should be up and running once again for good!

This little week hiatus has given me much time to reevaluate and actually put a plan together on the format of this site. I've decided to sort of run a schedule cause before it was just news and rumors as they came but I think if a system is in place then things with flow a lot smoother. So here's my schedule as planned

AM - The I.R (An injury report)
PM - The Rumor Round-Up (Reported rumors from around the NHL)
PM - The British Elite League Report (Weekly news, scores and standings from the BEL)
PM - The American Hockey League Report (Weekly news, scores and standings from the AHL)

AM - The I.R (An injury report)
PM - The Rumor Round-Up (Reported rumors from around the NHL)
PM - The Canadian Hockey League Report (Weekly news, scores and standings from the CHL)
PM - Draft Watch 09 (Draft news and a draft player profiled each week)

AM - The I.R (An injury report)
PM - The Rumor Round-Up (Reported rumors from around the NHL)
PM - The Swedish Elite League Report (Weekly news, scores and standings from the SEL)
PM - On The Block (Possible players being shopped around the league)

AM - The I.R (An injury report)
PM - The Rumor Round-Up (Reported rumors from around the NHL)
PM - The Kontinental Hockey League Report(Weekly news, scores and standings from the KHL)
PM - Prospect Spotlight (A weekly report on NHL teams top prospects)

AM - The I.R (An injury report)
PM - The Rumor Round-Up (Reported rumors from around the NHL)
PM - Fantasy Friday (Fantasy hockey pool tips and advice)
PM - The Finnish Elite League Report (Weekly news, scores and standings from the SM-Liiga)

AM - The I.R (An injury report)
PM - The Rumor Round-Up (Reported rumors from around the NHL)
PM - The Hot Topic (A weekly column on a major event from around the hockey world)
PM - On The Block (Possible players being shopped around the league)

AM - The I.R (An injury report)
PM - The Weekly Wrap (A weeks summary of important news)
PM - The Top 10 (A top ten countdown of a hockey related subject)

*-Also I will have a monthly book review and a monthly top 20 draft eligible player list.

There will be tons more, this is only the start of something big. I have something big planned for deadline day so expect the best coverage possible!