Thursday, September 18, 2008

September 18th News Hits Part 2

-> The Phillidelphia Flyers have signed free agent goalie Jean-Sabastien Aubin to a one year deal. J.S Aubin split the season in L.A and the AHL.

-> Jason Pominville signed a 5 year extenstion with the Buffalo Sabres. Terms were not announced.

-> Earlier I was wrong when I stated that Mathieu Schnieder would be sent to the AHL apparently they will keep him on the roster till a deal is in place.

-> Vincent Lecavalier was named the Tampa Bay Lightnings new captian this season.

-> Mike Richards has been named Phillys new captain as well.

Rumours On The Wire

-> Nikolai Khabibulin is reported being shopped secretly by the Chicago Blackhawks. The two rumoured interested teams are the Ottawa Senators and the L.A Kings. I've heard this one before and it's the same two teams coming up. I also heard Ottawa tried to make a deadline deal last season with Chicago for Khabibulin and Lapointe. I don't really see this happening because of the cap situation but maybe if Ottawa unloads a hefty contract (Chris Kelly and Martin Gerber) it could get done. I see L.A as a better option because they need the cap hit bad. Also the fact that they still don't have a number one goalie yet.

-> Now that Justin Williams is out for most of the season Carolina is looking to Fill that void. Mark Parrish could be a possibility to replace him. I believe Mark Parrish is the best option out there for the Canes. The other name I hear whispered is Jeff O'Neil who is on a try-out basis with the club. If it was up to me I'd say stick with Parrish.

September 18th New Hits

Well sorry folks I've been pretty busy the last few days as I've been recovering from knee surgery so I haven't had time to post anything but expect a steady flow of blogs and rumours as I've had alot of ideas and stuff to report. So here goes a quick flash of what we missed...

->Robert Lang has been traded from Chicago to Montreal for the 2nd round pick Montreal acquired from Toronto for Grabovsky in the 2010 draft. This officially means Montreal is out of the Sundin sweapstakes. I really feel still though Montreal was one of his considered options and now it has forced him to rethink his options. From what I'm hearing is the Vancouver offer is sounding awfully good right about now. Also expect a few other teams with cap room to step up and make a few offers.

->Anaheim's Mathieu Schnieder has successfully cleared waivers and will report to the AHL. This is a move so they can bring Teemu Selanne in. I really expected someone to jump on him but maybe this is a chance to get him for a steal because teams now know Anaheim has really no other choice. If they do decide to keep him down in the minors thats utterly disrespectful to a great defensemen wiith alot of life left in him still. Expect a re-entry waivers claim from Los Angeles or even Ottawa I'm hearing?

->Marcus Nilson from the Calgary Flames has been placed on waivers and is expected to clear by noon tomorow. This is pre-arranged so he may play in the KHL for Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, he however will still be paid by the Flames for this season but will not count towards the cap. Also the lucky bastard by be paid as well by Lokomotiv Yaroslavl.

->Detroit has re-signed Darren McCarty to a one year deal, terms were not mentioned but I'm figuring about $825k?

->Darren Hatcher is reportedly not going to be ready for the Flyers camp next week or even the start of the season. GM Paul Holmgren has stated he expects Hatcher to stay on the IR for quite some time before his knee heels and he'll be back in the orange again.

->Vancouver Canucks assigned C Mario Bliznak and D Patrick Coulombe to Manitoba (AHL), G Morgan Clark to Red Deer (WHL) and C Prab Rai (WHL). Released D Jordie Benn, F Oren Eizenman, G Julien Ellis, LW Scott Howes, D Travis Ramsey, D Shawn Boutin, LW Tyler Matheson, F Tom May, RW Kyle Neuber and LW Jordan Skellet.

->Hurricanes forward Justin Williams will be out for 4-6 months because he tore his Achilles tendon in practise on Wednesday. That's a big blow to the Hurricanes.

That's it for now, tomorrows a new day or at least there's more of a day..

Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11th News Hits

Not much really to report yet except a few minor things..

->Eric Staal has signed a 7 year $57.75 mil deal to stay in Carolina. The deal works out to be $8.25 mil per season. Not bad at all.

->As previously reported Montreal will honor Patrick Roy by retiring his number "33" on Novemeber 22nd in a pre-game ceremony. It's about time if you ask me. (Check back later for an article about Roy).

-> Richard Zednik of the Florida Panthers is ready to take the ice and fully recovered after his horrible incident last season.

->Tsn has released their top 10 Draft Picks for the 2009 Entry Draft. At number one Swedish defender Victor Hedman was chosen. At number two the obvious choice John Tavares. Number three is defensive defenseman Jered Cowen followed by Matt Duchene. Number 6 Luke Schenn's younger brother Brayden Schenn. Everyone's acting like Hedman at number 1 is a big surprise but really I think Hedmans the whole package. I watched him at the last world juniors and he looked like a man among boys. He has been highly touted for a while as Tavares but he has the size and the maturity to go with the talent. Tavares still has alot of growing up to do. It all really depends on what team ends up with the first pick of course. If it's Toronto I believe Tavares will be there pick. Same with L.A but a team lacking a solid d-man then Hedman will be the guy.

->Last of all Carolina has unveiled their new third jersey which consists of a new logo on a black sweater. I actually like it better than their red jersey. Check it out and let me know what you guys think!

Anyways that's it for nothing anything new I'll post it. Spread the word to our friends about this site. Expect a Patrick Roy tribute later on and sometime this week a list of the remaining free-agents and my predictions where they'll end up.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

September 9th News Hits

->Keith Ballard of the Florida Panthers just signed a 6 year $25.2 mil contract.

->The Sedin twins are meeting with Vancouver's GM Mike Gillis to talk about his plans for the pair in the future and also contract exstensions for the duo. Both players would like to stay in Vancouver but their asking roughly $6 mil per season.

-> Mathieu Schnieder is almost definatly on his way out, the Ducks are $2 mil over the cap and his $5.6 mil salary for a 3-4 pairing d-man is not exactly worth it. Expect the deal to go down before training camp. Possibly targets include L.A where he once played and are still under the salary cap. I also hear that Montreal could be interested in making a pitch if they loose out on Sundin.

->The Globe and Mail has reported that two more teams are interested in Mats Sundin and apparently the Lightning are among the two. Good luck as Tampa Bay is ether gunna have to make some trades or magically create cap space. Also on the Mats front apparently Bob Gainey has given him a deadline. J.P Barry says Mats could be seriously interested.

-> Teemu Selanne is believed to be re-signing with the Anaheim Ducks sometime this or next week once the salary cap issue is solved. He is believed to be asking for $2 mil or under.

->Chris Chelios has signed a 1 year deal for $750 000 with the Detroit Red Wings, it was reported last week but made official today.

->Free Agent Brendan Shanahan is rumoured to still be in talks with the New York Rangers, he has been attending team practices though. Rumours again have resurfaced about an offer to play in the KHL. Highly unlikely as the Rangers are desperate to have him back.

That's it for today!

The Sundin Sweepstakes

So every hockey fan by now knows about the Sundin Sweepstakes because he is really the last high end free agent left out there and it doesn't hurt that every media outlet has been covering the story since way before Christmas aka trade deadline day. Its been almost 3 months and Sundin has yet to announce what could be his final destination and shot at the cup. rumours have been everything about the apparent 6 teams interested in his services. They are in no specific order,

New York Rangers
Toronto Maple Leafs
Montreal Canadians
Vancouver Canucks
Detroit Red Wings
Philadelphia Flyers

So who will land Mats? Well as of two days ago according to Sundin's agent J.P Barry it's down to and has only been about two teams. That doesn't tell us much really. Most Media sources seem to believe it's between the Canucks and the Habs. However it was recently revealed it's between the Leafs and another team. So who is that other team? Well what does Mats want? He clearly wants to win a Stanley Cup that is for sure. A lot of pundits say he wants a final pay day but I'm not so sure about that as Sundin who had jumped all over that 20 mil deal from the Canucks. But saying that he's not going to settle for peanuts ether. The last stipulation is that Mats most likely only wants a 1 year deal. If it's taken him this long to decide then he's obviously leaning towards retirement because doing this as a strategy doesn't pay off when all the teams interested bail and your stuck with nothing.

I highly doubt the Red Wings can afford Mats unless Lidstrom and co. can convince Mats to play for a bottom end contract. Although he would get his cup, the payout wouldn't be that great or even of half his worth for a year. Count them out in my opinion.

Now the Flyers have even said there are not interested in Mats so that is a pretty big clue to whether or not he is going to sign there. Besides I think Forsberg is there Swede...

On to Vancouver, I really do believe they had a big shot but I think the Pavel Demtra signing was an indication that they were on the outs. I really don't think they have the talent or made an significant moves to put them in a contenders spot yet. Mats is a smart man and I'm sure he knows that they may have money but they don't have the odds hes looking for. Also he wants a one year deal and there dangling a 2. Why get trapped there?

So that leaves two besides Toronto. The Rangers already have two top centres in there organization. Gomez is being paid a ridiculous amount and could be targeted for a trade which I have heard rumours off. But right now who is really able to accept a trade going into training camp? While the Rangers are a cup contender in my mind, they are pretty close to the cap and still have to re-sign Shannahan which will happen by the way. All in all I don't see him ending up in New York without a deal to send Gomez elsewhere.

Montreal is my personal pick of the lot including Toronto. Sundin also met with Gainey this weekend as well as Fletcher in Toronto so that might be a tip-off. Why else? Because they will be a contender even more so with the summer additions. They can offer him the money hes asking plus they only want a 1 year deal out of him anyways. The 100th anniversary is the perfect year to win a cup. Not only is it close to Toronto it's almost the same kind of media-frenzy atmosphere that is second to none. Toronto is no where near a cup and although they do have the money Mats also left on bad terms remember. They tried to force him out via a trade and he end up refusing to waive the no-trade clause. Toronto isn't the answer, it's more like the last option for Mats. He's played there, they'll take him no matter how late this drags on and it was his home. His new home shortly will be Montreal.

A New Beginning...

To start things off I wanted to talk bit about this blog. Although right now this blog is pretty plain and there is a thousand better layouts and gimmicks, I really hope people give it a chance. I have a lot of big plans for this site. My goal right now is to just get the feel of it and hopefully attract the true hockey fans. What do I have to offer that's better than the rest? Well I really feel that I can compete with the most die-hard hockey fans in engaging and intelligent hockey related conversation. I also feel I can analyze and break the rumours as well as any other blogger. Over the next little while I intend to post as much and as frequently as possible and encourage feedback and comments. Here's what I plan to include...
+Breaking News
+Fantasy Hockey Advice
+Opinions and Observations
+Anything Hockey Reviews
+Weekly Polls

Over time this site will change for the better, I have many many big plans so please be patient. Give me time and I guarantee this site will grow and you'll have to look nowhere else but here for everything and anything hockey! This is after all a new beginning so check back!