Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Sunday Afternoon

*-> It was revealed last night that the Montreal Canadians had a deal implace with the Tampa Bay Lighting last year for superstar Vincent Lecavalier. The deal which was rumored to have been nixed by Gary Bettman because of the ownership issues in TB was Carey Price, Tomas Plekanec and Ryan McDonaugh for Vicent Lecavalier. Where or not this deal was true, there were several cedible sources confirming the rumor.

*-> The Minnesota Wild officially released Petr Sykora Friday. He now is a free agent. He's expected to sign a inexpensive deal before March 3rd.

Ice Scoopz: Final Trade Details

*-> The Anaheim Ducks trade with the Toronto Maple Leafs is official. JS Giguere is now a Maple Leaf as called this morning and Jason Blake and Vesa Toskala are both heading to the Ducks.

Ice Scoopz: Monday Afternoon

*-> Lucas Krajick who was released by the Tampa Bay Lightning was signed by the Philadelphia Flyers for what's being reported as the remainder of his Tampa salary which is 1.5 mil. Not much is really known about this one except it went down last week and it wasn't a trade.
*-> Los Angeles is rumored to be on the verge of making a trade as well. Some have listed the Canadians as a partner as well as the Chicago Blackhawks. Some are saying it is indeed Frolov others are saying Sean O,Donnel. More on this one and more news on the Giguere situation as it comes.

Ice Scoopz: Sunday Morning

*-> So it looks like the Giguere deal is following, the Leafs have announced another press conference in 30 minutes its expected that Giguere will be a Leaf and Toskala will be heading to the Ducks with a 3rd rounder.

*-> The total results of the Flames/Leafs deal is Dion Phaneuf, Fredrick Sjostrom, and prospect Keith Aulie to the Leafs for Matt Stajan, Niklas Hagman, Jamal Mayers and Ian White in return to the Flames. I expect one of those new Leaf players possibly heading to the Ducks.

Ice Scoopz: Trade

*-> It wasn't Giguere it looks like turns out it was Dion Phaneuf to the Leafs! A big one for Toronto. Nothing known about the return for the Flames more to follow.

Ice Scoopz: Sunday Morning

*-> Big news out of Toronto this morning. Rumors have the Leafs pulling off a major trade today. TSN has also reported a major move that will change the Leafs drastically. No players were listed in the TSN report but my sources are saying its a deal for Anaheim goalie JS Giguere. The Ducks just signed Jonas Hiller to a 4 year deal worth 18 million so Giguere is clearly out of the picture. Toskala has been showcased by the Leafs the past few weeks so the Leafs may deal him to make room first or he may be a throw in to Anaheim as he's a UFA next season. The Leafs Brian Burke has a connection to Giguere plus his former goalie coach and mentor Francois Alaire is in Toronto currently. Everything adds up. Ill stay on this one but expect a major deal today and my predictions Giguere to the Leafs stay tuned...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Friday Morning

*-> Yesterday at practice Carey Price and Andrei Markov appeared to have made up and embrassed in a big hug while looking at the Montreal media smiling. While most say the issue has been resolved its far from it. Markov when interviewed about the subject really didn't say much except What happens in the lockeroom stays in the lockeroom while Price still had no comment. I personally feel it was just a show to avoid a media onslaught.

*-> Mike Comrie of the Edmonton Oilers name has come up in the trade news as of late. The Oilers would love to get something for the injured Comrie as they get set to rebuild. The New York Rangers are expected to make a pitch as Comrie is fairly inexspensive and could help their offensive woes. The second New York team the Isles are also reportedly interested but I highly doubt the Islanders need another center in their organization. If Comrie was a winger or willing to play the wing it could be a good fit.

*-> Jamal Mayers and Garnett Exelby of the Toronto Maple Leafs have both asked for a trade out of the TDot. Both players have been upset about the amount of playing time and has cited that as their only reason for wanting out. Ron Wilson has said he understands their request but not why they caused a circus around it. Jamal Mayers has attracted little interest. The Los Angeles Kings and the Nashville Predators or the only two teams I've heard reported while Exelby has attracted interest from the Islanders, the Stars, the Devils and the Coyotes.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Thursday Morning

*-> Well many by now have heard about the latest goaltender controversy in La Belle Provence between Jaroslav Halak and Carey Price. Here's a recap if you were living under a rock; Carey Price and Jaroslav Halak have been fighting for the number one position in Montreal for two seasons now with always Carey Price coming out on top. However Jaroslav Halak's play this season has been noticeably better, in fact a lot better. The problem started earlier this season when Halak requested a trade reportedly because he wanted to be a number one guy so it was expected the Canadians would deal him. Well they still haven't because Halak has been stealing games for them and been the better goalie of the two. Montreal management still favors Price as Halak never sticks longer than a few games and Price is clearly their chosen goalie of the future. The fact that both goalies are RFA's at the end of the season makes things difficult and Price could be a prime candidate for an offer sheet. To continue on with this storyline earlier this week we have learned that after Montreal's loss against St.Louis, Montreals star defenseman Andrei Markov called out Carey Price. Markov is the dressingroom accused Carey Price of not having heart and if he wasn't going to play with heart they didn't want him there. Most players agreed with Markov but several players came to Prices rescue. As stated before Price seams to be the favorite and Halak is more than likely going to be dealt but Price is the guy who would bring in much more return. Many teams have interest in Halak, Dallas is the main interest but Detroit, Philly, and Los Angeles all have been listed. If Price was the one to be dealt most teams would jump into the fray. Aside from the teams listed above looking for a starter, I believe New Jersey could be a prime candidate to make a run at Price as Brodeur is nearing the end and would be a good mentor for Price. Although nothing has been said yet from any of the parties, it is expected Montreal is going to down play the incident and carry on as usual, making their decesion deadline time and quietly shopping one or the other.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday Afternoon

Here's some more rumors.

*-> David Hale of the Tampa Bay Lightning is extremely unhappy having to play in the AHL as the Lightning keep him playing in the minors and doing spot duty. Hale wants to play and is expected to be dealt before years end. The New Jersey Devils are interested and have experience with Hale as they used him as a rental in the past. The New York Islanders are also interested in adding him to help out their depleted defensive core.

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday Morning

*-> Sheldon Souray has another suitor its been reported with the Anaheim Ducks who are expected to make a big push. The Ducks love Sourays shot and quarterbacking abilities something they may lose when Niedermayer may or may not retires next season. Souray has said California is where his wife and kids live so it could be a perfect fit. As for return? Anaheim has a couple picks they could move as well as JS Giguere which could help the Oilers chances with a real goalie next year. Khabibulin is rumored to be considering Russia.

Just a quick one for now as works really busy but this afternoon and evening should have a few more fresh ones for you guys.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Monday Evening

Here's a few more quick rumors for you guys like promised. I just wanted to remind you all if you guys have a hot rumor or some hockey related news we do have hockey forum on the sidebar free for all. Start posting today!

*-> The debate on whether the Philadelphia Flyers are in the hunt for a goaltender continues today as more rumors stockpile. Reports have Paul Holmgren's Flyers looking at obtaining Martin Biron for a second run with the Bullies. The Flyer's are rumored to be after some goaltending depth after faith appears to be lost in their tandem of Ray Emery and Brian Boucher. Biron who was pretty shaken leaving Philly the first time around would be the perfect veteran presence and be able to restore faith according to sources. Personally I don't see Philly going after another goalie. From what I hear they are very happy with their free acquisition of Michael Leighton off waivers. Gotta remember Leighton played extremely well while Ray Emery was out with injury. The tandem of goalies should be good enough for now as they are looking more for a veteran room player and a depth defenseman.

*-> Several Rumors have Dallas contemplating trading longtime Star and former captain Mike Modano is playoffs are out of reach by the dealine. While management has yet to approach Modano it could be an option to help the Stars clear some dead weight while also giving modano one last chance to chase the cup. It would be a really hard sell to any team looking for contribution that's for sure since Modano is most likely going to retire if not next season the season after. His play has drastically declined and could only counted on to play on the 3rd line at most. However a team looking to add a character guy or someone who has that winning playoff attitude could be in luck only if Dallas isn't expecting much in return.

*-> The New York Rangers who are still looking for help in almost every aspect except between the pipes are attempting to make a deal to shake up Glen Sathers struggling squad. The Rangers need to shed some cap space before they can make a move however. Sources have the Rangers shopping the disappointing Chris Higgins and Wade Redden. The rumores also have the Blue Shirts dangling Brandon Dubinsky and Matt Gilroy. Another cap clearing option that was mentioned was the waiving and demoting of Wade Redden. John Tortarella is apparrently really disapointed in the play of Wade Redden who has beena recent healthy skratch and would love to clear his cap hit off the books. As for the incoming for the Rangers they have been one of the teams rumored to be after underachiving Marek Svatos and Alexei Ponikarovsky of the Toronto Maple Leafs. As for the backend many names such as Joe Corvo and Marek Zidlicky were targets earlier on this season but now not many names have been in the mills. Marek Zidlicky is a option though as he can help out the PP and play in most situations. There also is the Marian Gaborik connection.

*-> Ottawa has been rumored to be talking to the Atlanta Thrashers about Colby Armstrong. Armstrong who is an unrestricted free agent this summer is expected to be traded before the deadline by the Thrashers. Ottawa covets his will and determination while some even believe he still has that offensive potential to be a secondary scorer something the Sens need. GM Bryan Murray is still hesistent to give up a roster player however to clear cap space. Colby Armstrong would be easily affordable down the stretch if more injuries pile for the Sens to clear up cap. This is a good one to watch, in my opinion he could be a good fit and a good addition to Ottawa for a playoff drive.

Ice Scoopz: Monday Afternoon

*-> Jack Johnson could be on the trading block for the LA Kings after retaliation comments made by Johnson. Last week Dean Lombardi of the Kings had said that Johnson had no formal coaching and although he had talent he was awful hockeywise. Johnson took offense to the comments and called Lombardi unprofessional and defended Michigan. Although nether sides have said anything about a trade one could possibly be coming. Both parties are not happy. There could be a reason Carolina was so fast to trade him...

*-> Sheldon Souray has officially provided his list of team he'll accept a trade to. The teams are rumored to be Los Angeles, San Jose, Florida, Tampa Bay, Washington and Dallas. Of those teams only Washington and Dallas have been linked to Souray. Dallas would like Souray according to rumors but are only interested in a player for player deal while Edmonton wants to rebuild with picks or prospects.

*-> The Flyers are currently shopping for a defenseman GM Paul Holmgren. Some Candidates who have been mentioned to date include Sheldon Souray who most likely would refuse a trade there and Kim Johnson of the Wild. Paul Mara is another name that could fit as Montreal currently has a log jam on D.

More Philly news in a bit.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Sunday Afternoon

*-> The bidding war for Ilya Kovalchuk has unofficially begun according to reports. Bob McKenzie of TSN has said several teams have already been inquiring and to expect the Blackhawks and especially the Flames to make a push to land the superstar. Calgary is reportedly offering one of their big guns. Speculation is that Dion Phaneuf or Robyn Regher would be headed Atlantas way. The Los Angeles Kings and the Nashville Preditors are also rumored to be set to enter the bidding. Some media members are claiming the Washington Caps are trying to snag him as well but there tight to the cap and arnt willing to part with their future. The Montreal Canadians are another iffy team being linked as well. Its a tough call as the Habs need space to sign some key players and are hard pressed against the top. If their able to shed some salary they might be able to swing something but its doubtful. The Bruins are expected to try and swing a deal as well but many expect they'll try a cheaper solution. Finally Brian Burke and the Toronto Maple Leafs are the latest team to be added in the mix according to rumors but that ones a longshot as well in my opinion. My best guess is go with Bob McKenzie and the Flames. He's usually bang on.

*-> While on the Leafs they've been rumored to be inquiring about Marek Svatos of the Colorado Avalanche. Burke has in the past tried to trade for the unproductive winger but failed.

*-> News out of Edmonton has the Carolina Hurricanes sending veteran Ray Whitney to the Pittsburgh Penguins. Could be possible since they are looking for help to play with Malkin.

*-> Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun continues to claim Vincent Lecavalier is being shopped by the Tampa Bay Lightnings GM Brian Lawton despite all the denial. I hate to tell Bruce but he's the only one in the hockey world buying his rumor. Main factor no trade clause and doesn't want to leave.
More tonight

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Thursday

*-> The Vancouver Canucks scouting staff was seen watching the Habs play the St Louis Blues last night. The speculation is the Canucks are looking at Paul Mara who the Canadians are quietly shopping of the Blues Barrett Jackman. Some have also said the Blues we're looking at Price but I doubt it but anythings possible.

*-> Another scouting based rumor. Darryl Sutter was seen taking in the Devils vs Florida last night also. Dion Phaneuf to New Jersey has been a major rumor all year long. The Flames are also suposedly trying to move Olli Jokinen. The Devils are looking for a centerman...

*-> As Carolina gets set to have a firesale before the seasons end management has asked both Niclas Wallin, and Ray Whitney to waive their no trade clauses. Darren Dregr of TSN reported this one so it should be very accurate. We've heard much about Ray but barely anything concerning Wallin. Whitney is pretty coveted and is expected to agree to a trade to a contender. Vancouver still is high on him from what I've heard. The Sens were but its unclear now as they've pulled together and Spezza is set to return. We've also heard about Detroit and the Kings looking for help but the off the radar team is the Nashville Preds looking to make a run. Wallin however probably won't waive his no trade. The Rangers are the only team I've heard about but any team looking for some defensive help on the back end could be listed.

Ice Scoopz: Thursday Afternoon

*-> Georges Laracques tenure with the Canadians is finished. The Canadians contacted him this morning to tell him that they've decided to go away from the enforcer route. Jacques Martin made the decesion after realizing the Habs don't need him in the lineup. Laraque will be paid in full this season and then bought out.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday Afternoon

*-> So it turns out Petr Sykora has most likely cleared waivers. I'm pretty surprised to be honest. He could help an offensely starved team easily. Strange. According to reports he's expected to be demoted to Houston of the AHL.

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday Noon

*-> No word yet on if Petr Sykora has been claimed off waivers this morning. I'll stay on it. I'm still hearing Ottawa, LA and the Penguins but you can throw New Jersey and the Rangers in the mix too.

*-> Rod Brindamour of the Carolina Hurricanes handed off the captaincy this morning to franchise player Eric Staal. This move doesn't come as a major surprise as the Hurricanes are trying to go in a different direction and are expected to start rebuilding shortly. Rod Brindamours role has drastically shrunk and he is expected to be traded to a team looking for leadership and a proven playoff guy. Several teams would love to have his services. Boston, LA, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta and Ottawa are all interested. New York Rangers also could be interested but cap issues are holding them back. My personal pick is Philly, since there looking for that dressing room guy to motivate the troops.

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday Mornings

A few quick ones to start the morning off.
*-> CA reports that Pierre McQuire has leaked that Matt Damon has signed on to play Theo Fleury in a Hollywood version of Playing With Fire. Kind of weak casting in my opinion especially since that means BFF Ben Affleck won't be far behind playing probably Sheldon Kennedy in the movie with Gary Busey as Graham James. Its an awesome idea for a movie but I'm not a big fan of Matt Damon playing one of my childhood heros. I don't even believe he can skate. One of my collegues suggested a better choice would be Chris Jericho as he plays hockey, and he is a better hight. I'd your guna go with a guy whose bigger and can't skate why not Joquin Phoenix or Mark Wahlberg? My personal choice would be Charlie Sheen whose good buddies with Fleury. What do you guys think?

*-> The Anaheim Ducks are in contract talks with goaltender Jonas Hillier this week. They expect to have a deal worked out as both sides have the same idea. The only issue is he wants to be number one and nothing else which means JS Giguere is most likely getting the boot by next season. Many are predicting a trade deadline deal but I think they'll wait till the draft or the summmer when teams have cap space and there is less goalies avaliable. Rumors have Burke and the Leafs still in the lead for him and the Kings/ Dallas shortly behind. If a deal doesn't go down expect a buyout.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Tuesday Afternoon

Lots of new today, including a retirement and a major waiver...

*-> Michael Peca has finally decided to pack it and call it a career after 13 years. Peca who played for the Columbus Blue Jackets last season was not resigned and became a free agent. Although during the fall Peca admitted there still was interest in the gritty captain he was more of a family man now and was being "choosy" when it came down to where he would play next. Rumors had him back to the Sabres, and to the Nations Capital but nothing ever came of them. Many had said Peca would have loved to retire in Toronto and he was holding out for a call. Peca has said his family has now become his number one and he has no regrets on retiring.

A good captain and great guy. Although Peca was always one of my most hated players for being that pesky annoying checking center. I respect him deeply and wish him well for the future.

*-> The Petr Sykora era of the Minnesota Wild has come to a quick end today. Sykora was placed on waivers today by the Wild after not fitting well with the team and barely being able to ice due to injuries. I expect him to be claimed almost certainly by a bubble team looking for a little extra offense. The Pittsburgh Penguin players have been reportedly lobbying for management to trade for him all season long as he was a well liked guy in the room and has chemistry with Evgeni Malkin. The Penguins do need to get him going as Jalen commented. The Ottawa Senators have also been linked but cap space is tight. The New York Islanders have a ton of cap space and could use a little extra help. The Toronto Maple Leaf's have been looking for help for Phil Kessel all season long and the Detroit Red Wings could use some help with their pile of injured players. LA and Atlanta have also both been mentioned. My guess is the Pittsburgh Penguins or the Wings will claim him.

*-> On to the rumors ... Ottawa Sun reporter Bruce Garrioch is once again under fire for falsely reporting trades. The Sun reported that the New York Rangers and the Tampa Bay Lightning were in talks about Vincent Lecavalier. The deal was rumored to be Wade Redden, Matt Gilroy and ether Brandon Dubinsky or Ryan Callahan for Lecavalier. Lightning GM Brian Lawton denied even speaking to Glen Sather for weeks and no such deal for Lecavalier was in the works. Complete BS is what he called the rumor to the Tampa Bay Tribune. Even to me this rumor seams far fetched. I highly doubt many teams would be interested in giving up a star player for an overpaid defenseman like Wade Redden at this current time.

*-> Robbie Earl has also been placed on waivers today by the Wild today. He is expected to clear.

More later on this afternoon, keep up the comments guys and thanks for joining to all my new fans.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Monday Evening

*-> Well it looks like the Montreal Canadiens / Edmonton deal was a bust. From what I've heard the Canadians are pulling Halak once again off the market. I guess Bob Gainey still does not have the faith in Carey Price for a post season run. It's a weird situation because it seams the Montreal defense plays really well and confident infront of Jaroslav Halak while they seam lackluster and unconfident in Carey Price. I'm starting to think the guys in the dressing room arn't sold on Price yet hence the poor play infront of him. On Halak news Montreal was reportedly asking way too much in return for him. Some other bloggers are reporting a possible deal for Kovalchuk involving Halak, P.K Subban and a pick but I'm very skeptical as the Thrashers soon will have their own goaltending contraversy between Johan Hedburg, Kari Lehtonen and Ondrej Pavelec to deal with and do not need another goalie in the mix. Dallas is also high on Halak.

*-> Saku Koivu's stock went down with his injury, but good news for Ducks fans hoping for a rebuild it's not considered long term and should be in action within 3 weeks. right now theres not a lot of noise surrounding Saku but he is a heart and soul player and would be a good veteran leader for a young team in the playoffs.

*-> As mentioned above the Atlanta Thrashers have some decisions to make soon. Kari Lehtonen the Thrashers "franchise goalie" has yet to really provide "franchise" goaltending yet and Don Waddell and the board is getting very impatient. Kari's still young and has never really played for a contender so a fresh start is maybe all he needs. The Thrashers look to be running with young goalie Ondrej Pavelec who has already made it clear he will not be a backup in Atlanta and has already once threatened to walk out. He's played incredible this season and is clearly ready for number 1 duties. With 2 number one goalies both most likely not willing to take a seat to the other and a career backup the Thrashers management loves it becomes quite the problem. Obviously a deal must happen, the candidate is Kari Lehtonen with his inconsistent play and the fact he's a RFA at the end of this season. Although he's not on the market yet many teams are rumored to be interested. The most interested is Dallas. Dallas is ready to move on from the Marty Turco era next season and young Kari Lehtonen is a goalie their extremely high on. He is a RFA and to qualify him wouldn't be half as bad as to resign Turco. Another team that's interested is the Detroit Red Wings who will almost certainly be leaving long time Red Wing Chris Osgood behind ....again. The Wings aren't sold on Jimmy Howard yet and are still waiting for Daniel Larsson or Thomas McCollum to develop. The Wings would love an insurance marker to ensure they have 2 NHL ready goalies to avoid this years situation of inconsistent play between both goalies.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Saturday Evening

*-> The Pittsburgh Penguins have a few free agents to deal with so trade rumors have begun to swirl. Many are saying that Max Talbot with be the guy to be traded to make room for Sergei Gonchar and Kris Letangs contracts. Max Talbot is a proven playoff performer and many teams would covet him. I've seen the usual suspects listed in the interest lists. La, Dallas, New York Rangers and Phoenix on the long list. However I don't believe they'll deal him because of those very reasons other teams want him. His performance in the playoffs is guna keep him on the Pens unless they can find a suitable replacement or a steal of a deal even if they may Lose him in the offseason.

Ice Scoopz: Saturday Morning

*-> The Los Angeles Kings are trying to add some depth for the push for the post season and it has them dangling prospect Jack Johnson to sway some teams to trade away a top 6 or a character guy. The Kings would love Doug Weight and have reportedly already tried for the vet but the Isles value his experience for Tavares and Bailey. Johnson may be able to change their minds however. The Dallas Stars are interested but arnt too sure if they want to part with Jere Lehtonen yet or ever. The Sens are apparently also high on Johnson as well but the return is a problem since there's not much the Kings want and Ottawa doesn't have the depth to complete a deal.

More shortly, the Montreal/Philadelphia rumors, Max Talbot and Koivu.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Friday Morning

*-> The New Jersey Devils are reportedly looking into obtaining an offensive defenseman. Rumors have the Devils interested in several big names but don't really have the cap space to do anything at the moment. The Devils have reportedly contacted the Ducks. We know that Niedermayer isn't an option anymore due the the fact he wants to retire as a Duck but I have heard big interest in Dion Phaneuf, Sheldon Souray and Paul Mara.

*-> The Vancouver Canucks are hot for Ray Whitney and see the leaders currently. The Canucks would love to dump Mathieu Schnieder so they can bring in a more all round defenseman but finding a suitor has been tough. Its still expected they'll waive him on reentry so they can clear most of him off the books.

*-> Ignore all that BS about Alexander Ovechkin bolting for the KHL to save his 18% escor. Its not happening anytime soon. There is a soft ageement in place and the superstar Russian would rather be in the NHL being the posterboy. 18% I'm sure is nothing for him since he probably makes 50% of his pay in endorsements not including his salary. Ilya Kovalchuk could be the guy to bolt though. 20$ million for 10 years tax free? I don't think its likely but more of a possibility than his Washington buddy. Kovalchuk is standing pretty firm on his 11$ Million per season demands and no home team discount ether.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Thursday Morning

*-> I've seen reported on several sites that the Edmonton Oilers and the Montreal Canadians are talking deal. While most are saying it involves Gilbert Brule for Halak, I don't believe that's the case. Edmonton has stated they will go with their young tandem of goalies rather than acquire one in a trade since Nikolai Khabibulin is out for season now. They may be planning for next year however but Brule doesn't fit into the Habs plans in my mind. The other deal I have heard that's on the table for the Habs and Oil is the Kostitsyn youngin Sergei for Defenseman prospect Jeff Petry. This is another longshot as I think the Kostitsyns go together not just one. Plus that's not a great deal for Edmonton. Ill keep an eye out for this one.

*-> The Ottawa Senators have fired goaltending coach Eli Wilson yesterday after the Sens goalie struggles continue. This was a longtime coming in my opinion as Eli was brought in for Ray Emery. On a side note he's renting Emerys Kanata home currently.

*-> The Detroit Red Wings are starting to look for some help. It was reported earlier they weren't interested but now could use some help getting over that hump. The Wings have interest in Marek Svatos and Petr Sykora its reported but both teams would be reluctant to shop players to a rival such as Detroit.

More soon

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Tuesday Afternoon

A few quick ones for you guys. I want to see your guys top 15 I think it'll be interesting to compare. Ill have the back half of the draft later this week.

*-> The noise around Scott Niedermayer should end today as Ducks management has told the LA Times that they have spoke to Niedermayer about the subject of a trade and he has his mind set on retiring as a Duck. They will not approach him on the subject and unless Niedermayer wants a chance with another team he will remain a Duck. That sucks for the Ducks as he'd have a fortune in returns for the prized blueliners.

*-> Another Anaheim Duck defenseman is quietly been shopped. Nick Boyton is on the block as he's an unrestricted free agent this summer. The Ducks so far have had little interest in him but Phoenix, and Vancouver I hear are watching.

*-> A rumor CA posted this morning, the Ottawa Senators are looking at landing Andrew Cogliano again from the Edmonton Oilers. The Oilers in exchange would receive Brian Lee and a 2nd rounder. I haven't come across this one but I have heard the Sens would love to dump Lee while he still has some value. Its also no secret the Oilers would part with Cogliano and the Sens almost had him in the offseason. I think its a deal that could happen but not with a 2nd round. I'd say maybe a 5th instead or just a 2nd rounder. Good rumor.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Ice Scoopz: 2010 Mid-Season Entry Draft Projections

I went by standings as of Monday and I also factored in team needs and wants as well to try and be more accurate.

2010 Entry Draft Top 14 Predictions:

1. Carolina - Taylor Hall LW / C (Windsor Spitfires OHL)
No secret here, anybody at number one is going to take this kid at number one no matter what position needs filling. The Canes are tanking hard and the only team they can beat seams to be Ottawa. I figure they'll continue this free fall, tear apart the team and build around Staal, Ward and soon to be Hall. Hall's got all the tools to be a great player in the NHL, although I'm still on the Tavares bandwagon as the better player still.

2. Edmonton - Tyler Seguin C (Plymouth Whalers)
It's hard to pass on Seguin just due to the hype he might over throw Tayler Hall as this years number 1. The Oilers already have Eberle up the middle but I think just due to hype and the fear Kabanov might pull an Omark on them and head back to Europe to play, the Oilers cant refuse Seguin's services. He's a smart player who if developed right being the key words could be a steal at number 2 ala Crosby/Ovechkin draft.

3. Boston via Toronto - Kirill Kabanov LW / RW (Moncton Wildcats QMJHL)
Is Kessel worth giving up 3rd overall? The Leaf's could use another future defenseman to help out Luke Schenn but instead they loose out on Cam Fowler and will have to count on some steals later on in the draft. The Bruins however will pass on Fowler in my predictions and go for the offensive Kabanov. Kabanov isn't just an offensive threat he's pretty reliable in his own zoen as well and continues to get better. Many were predicting him to challange Hall last year and I think only due to injury, his shunning from the World Juniors due to a fued with Russian Management and the obvious "Russian factor" he'd be number 2. The Bruins are bare on the left hand side for prospects so its a perfect fit.

4. Florida - Cam Fowler LD (Windsor Spitfires OHL)
Florida already has had sucess with drafting defensemen in the past (Ellerby, Kulikov, and Garrison) so I think they'll continue the trend and build from the backend up since all 3 have left juniors and are now ether on the big club or in the AHL. The Cats are weak down the middle after Weiss and could use a center man but unless they trade down which I doubt there out of luck. Fowler had a really impressive World Juniors and topped it off with a gold, he looks to be a reliable defenseman and almost NHL ready.

5. St. Louis - Brett Connolly LW (Prince George Cougars WHL)
The Blues are already stacked down the middle for sometime and their defense corps could become one of the best in the NHL once their prospects start to mature. With already three Russians on the right hand side I think the Blues will pass on the next best forward in the draft Terasenko and look to trade down so/or they can/will grab Brett Connolly the next best left winger in the draft who should drop from his rankings. He's produced in an almost offensively challenge WHL. The only test is he's had one good season can he continue?

6. Tampa Bay - Brandon Gormley LD (Moncton wildcats QMJHL)
Tampa Bay is another team with a ton of young D but there still lacking an offensive defenseman to help out Victor Hedman. The Lightning have a pile of physical defensemen and Gormley is the next bext thing to an offensive defenseman in the top 10 and also is no slouch in his own end ether. Having a great start to the season so far.

7. Atlanta - Vladimir Terasenko RW (Novosibirsk KHL)
The Thrashers are a team that wont be scared off by the "Russian Factor" of Terasenko who has been lighting up the KHL this past season and if it wasn't for Nikita Filatov he would have been a lock for KHL rookie of the year. Probably one of the best offensive forces in this years draft but his commitment to making the NHL remains unclear. If the Thrashers still have Ilya Kovalchuk expect him to be a heavy influence or the other way around..

8. Columbus - Mikael Granlund C/LW (HIFK SmLiiga)
The Blue Jacket's are still looking for that center for Rick Nash and they'd rather him sooner than later. Granlund could be that guy as he's almost ready for the show after a season in North America. The Jackets have a packed house on the wing, although he can play both. He's got a nose for the net and he's one of the few bright lights to come out of Finland. Had an impressive World Juniors on an awful squad. He's been playing in a league amongst men and has still managed to shine.

9. New York Islanders - Stanislav Galiev RW (St. John Sea Dogs QMJHL)
You never know what crazy Charles Wang and co are going to do draft day or any other day for that matter. Last year they traded up to get Calvin De Haan and while it looked crazy then it looks like it was a smart draft day move. That's why I'm going off the map here. Stanislav Galiev is going to be a surprise high pick no matter what so I figured the Islanders would be a good candidate especially since they need a right winger badly. Galiev has all the tools to be a factor in the NHL except his little defensive game needs a lot of polish.

10. Anaheim via Philly - Erik Gudbranson RD (Kingston Frontenacs OHL)
Anaheim received this pick in the Pronger deal and lucky for them should be a fairly high pick. In this situation they have back to back picks which should put the Ducks back on pace in a year or so. The Duck's should pick the nect best defenseman Erik Gudbranson to add to their already good young crop. Gudbranson is a complete package although he's struggled a bit in the offensive department recently.

11. Anaheim - John McFarland C (Sudbury Wolves OHL)
Contining with Anaheim's rebuilding plan why not pick John McFarland? He's a great two way player who looked to be a top 5 pick before this years collapse. He's out of the Anaheim mold and although his stocked has dropped drastically since he's entered the league he still has the size and the talent to make it. If you look at most of the Wolves numbers most of the team has dropped dramatically. If he was playing on a better team it might be a different story.

12. Minnesota - Joey Hishon C (Owen Sound Attack OHL)
The Wild would rather have Johnny Mac but since the new era of the Wild is going in the more offensive direction they'll be picking Joey Hishon. the wild have yet to be able to take that offensive step and the lack of a natural scorer hurts. Hishon should be able to fill that void if he projects.

13. Dallas - Quinton Howden LW (Moose Jaw Warriors)
The Dallas Stars are pretty set up the middle and have a pretty decent defense corps as well. They'll be looking to bolster there wing a little and Quinton Howden would be the most likely candidate. He's a great dressing room guy and a character player something Dallas will be needing for the next generation of Stars. He can put up points but his two way play is what most teams will be looking at.

14. Detroit - Alexander Burmistrov C (Barrie Colts OHL)
The Red Wings are known for their incredible drafting and that's the main reason in my opinion that they have had such an impressive team for so many years. The Wings find gems in all places especially in the later rounds. Their cupboards are stocked at almost every position so why not keep going? The Wings need a pure offensive center and a goaltender prospect. i think it's too high and not like Detroit to take a goalie *cough* Jack Campbell *cough* so the Wings will take offensive centerman Alexander Burmistrov who has started turning heads this season in the OHL. He's also played several games in the KHL and didn't look out of place.

Ice Scoopz: Monday Afternoon 2

*-> Petr Sykora has found himself in the doghouse in Minnesota. The experiment is clearly over as he's been a consecutive healthy scratch. The Wild are actively shopping the winger and a few teams are biting. The Wilds asking price is low and their just looking for a 3rd rounder or mid level prospect. The Penguins are rumored to be considering the disgruntled player but mainly because he was a well liked guy in the lockeroom and some players have been reportedly lobbying for him. Another linked team has been the Bruins mainly because of the Sykora/Satan connection and their need for cheep help.

*-> Sheldon Souray has told the media he'd waive his no trade clause and help the Edmonton Oilers out if they needed. Only if the location was right for his family however. The rumor is he'd like to be near his family in Los Angeles. So the Kings could be a fit but with Doughty running the point there might not be a need. San Jose, Florida, Tampa Bay or Anaheim are several other teams that have been listed. However unfortunately for Sheldon only San Jose and LA are contenders and the rest will most likely not be acquiring an over priced 1 dimentional d man.

More to come.

Ice Scoopz: Monday Afternoon

*-> Talk around Teemu Selanne is begining to swirl as Anaheims playoff hopes dwindles. The Ducks are most likely going to be sellers and Koivu and Selanne has been the 2 common names. I reported last week the teams interested in Koivu and the rumor how they could be sold as a package deal. Well on the topic of Selanne, if the Red Wings are still in the hunt they'll most likely be after the Finnish Flash. The Wings could use some help and he's affordable help at that too. He would most likely want to goto bonefide contender. Some people are saying the Penguins could be a destination as well. Ether way this is believed to be his final season. I think Pittsburgh could be a good fit but the Saku Koivu factor may come into play as their real life best friends. I've also heard he's quite content on just finishing in Anaheim. He holds his destiny with a No trade clause remember.

*-> While were talking about Anaheim might as well touch on Scott Niedermayer who is set to become a UFA and would bring in a fortune in return. Scott Niedermayer would also get to chose his location and it also may be his last season. I'm leaning more towards one more season since he's not showing too much wear. If he wins the gold however its a different story. The New Jerseys hot for Scotty but the asking price is rumored to be way to steap for Lou. They'd love to bolster their D and reunit the brothers. The Vancouver Canucks have also been inquiring about the future Hall of Famer according rumors. Another team that's been linked as well is the Washington Capitals. All are possible in my mind but its guna be a heavy price to pay for a rental. The Caps have been all over the rumors as of late mainly because of the excess cap space they hold. They also have a ton of prospects and chips to throw in any deal. I like the odds of New Jersey because of whole deafted by Jersey link and his brother but still believe they won't want to give up any prospects or high picks in exchange.

*-> Speaking of Hall Of Famers...What do you guys think of the retiring of Curtis Joseph tomorrow? The announcement is set for noon tomorrow. Is Cujo Hall of Fame worthy? I don't believe so just because he's never won it all and he doesn't hold any records. Gus games played and numbers are fairly impressive but when it comes down to it did he really make an impact of the game or in our minds? No.

Ice Scoopz: Monday Morning

*-> The Carolina Hurricanes are pushing Ray Whitney hard. Management is making calls trying to start a bidding war according to reports. Several teams are looking at the veteran winger but would rather wait till before the Olympic deadline. The Ottawa Senators are still the leading team but Minnesota, Dallas, Montreal, and Los Angeles are close behind. The Washington Caps also are looking at him but reports have them after a bigger impact player than Whitney. The Sens may act soon as scouts were seen watching last nights game and now the lastest additions to the IR. Ottawa is struggling and their roleplayers could use a hand filling the net.

*-> Reports out of Los Angeles are saying Alexander Frolov is a goner by deadline day as long as the Kings get an offensive forward and a late pick in return. I agree with this one, he's in the doghouse for his incosistent play. It would be best to get someone whose gunna help the Kings in the post season rather than lose him for nothing in the odd season. The Caps and the Habs are both interested.

More in a bit, and in a response to Jalen I'll post my midseason top 15 for the draft.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Friday Lunch

*-> The Anaheim Ducks are planning for their most likely miss of the playoffs and are starting to work the phones in hope of rebuilding. Teemu Selanne and Saku Koivu are being reported being shopped as a package just like the old days of Kariya/Selanne. Minnesota Wild are reportedly interested in the duo. Koivu was the main target of the Wild over the summer and their still hurting for offense as well. On the Koivu front the Ottawa Senators have shown a little interest in the little center. Minnesota could be a good option if their still in the hunt. Something tells me Selanne would rather a cup contender. I've also seen Montreal interest in Selanne but it makes no sense without Koivu and I don't believe they'd have room for both.

*-> Another arrest from the past week. Former NHLer and future hall of Famer Chris Chelios was arrested for a DUI. Not as bad as a convience store robbery but still pretty embarssing.

An IR coming this afternoon along with some more rumors.

Ice Scoopz: Friday Morning

*-> This is a stupid one that I think isn't going to happen but since I report any rumors out there Ill post this one. Some pundits have been too quick to jump on this one and have read into it hard, there is no chance this would happen and Burke would probably lose his job if it did. Here it goes, they're reporting that Toronto Maple Leaf management is now shopping Phil Kessel after he was called out infront of the Toronto media and his teamates this week at practice. Ron Wilson targetted his star for not scoring and showing up the past week. He also was called out for being soft on and off of the puck. Its nothing for Toronto fans to worry about its just a scare tactic used by Ron Wilson. A little motivation. I'm pretty sure it was even preplanned because it looked like Wilson knew all the right things to say afterwards.

*-> Michael Ryders kid brother and prospect of the Calgary Flames Daniel Ryder was arrested yesterday for robbing a convience store in Bona Vista Newfoundland. This kid seams to be on a downward spiral since being drafted. He had a bad attitude when first sent to Quad City, then the next season goes awol, then comes back, then goes awol for good and now this.

*-> A rumor out of Chicago is picking up speed. Reports are claiming the Chicago Blackhawks are working on a deal with the Colorado Avs for Kris Versteeg. The deal is reportedly Kris Versteeg for a prospect and a 2nd round next year. I have also heard a 2nd round for this year instead and prospect Kevin Shatterkirk as well. This one could be possible as the Hawks need to dump some cap for next year and Versteeg is the common name coming up all season long so. Makes sense.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Thursday Evening

*-> Edmonton Oilers are trying to desperately peddle Sheldon Souray to teams around the league. The Oilers are reportedly seeking 2nd rounder plus willing to take back a cap hit in exchange. Not many suitors however have been linked except the St. Louis Blues and Washington Capitols.

*-> That leads me on to the second rumor of Washinton shopping Jose Theodore currently. I touched briefly on this last week as Seymon Varlamov and company are ready to take over. His cap hit is quite scary and which Jose Theodore your going to get is a mystery but he could be a reliable playoff backup if you have that kind of cash and could be acquired cheaply I'm sure. I think the Caps would need an experienced backup for the playoffs but it doesn't mean they couldn't acquire one of the many out there now. One being Martin Biron who would allow them to still bring in another player for the drive. The only team I've heard after Theo is the Edmonton Oilers strangely enough.

*-> I'm hearing Jim Rutherford in Carolina is ready to dismantle and start the rebuilding process. Noones safe reportedly but I really don't see them trading Eric Staal or Cam Ward like many rumors are calling for. Tuomo Ruutu might also escape just because they love his style. Guys like Joe Corvo, Ray Whitney, Sergei Samsonov, Rob Brindamour, Jussi Jokinen most likely will be shopped.

More tonight guys, thanks to everyone whose commenting. Keep it coming!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday Afternoon

Tough heartbraker last night for team Canada. In the end goaltending and speed were major factors for the USs big win ending the Canadians 5 year reign. Although most Canadians will disagree with me I think it was good for Canada to lose the gold. Good for the hockey world anyways. When a team is dominant for a long period of time in international hockey it hurts the competition. Most of the lower level teams get shelled embarssingly and give up hope of ever winning and eventually they'll change the tournament format to save the teams from embarssment. It allows encourages pther nations to keep putting money, time and effort into their hockey programs and the players pride for their countries.

Anyways, I thought the goaltending was the difference maker. Campbell was awesome from when he stepped in till the final 5 minutes of the 3rd. He remained composed and focused even after his brief colapse unlike his Canadian counterpart Allen. 3 timely week goals, if they had been saved the game would have been entirely different. Anyone else think Hall tried to do too much? I thought he was going to the heroic goal everytime he touched the pick instead of making the smart simple play. Um starting love Eberle last year I wasn't totally sold but now I'm on the band wagon. He's not the most skilled player in the world but he might have the most heart and best timing.overall it was an awesome game to watch last night and here's hoping next years tournament is just as good. Who am I kidding the World Juniors is always the best time of year..apart from deadline day that is. Ill wrap up the World Juniors this week with a final thoughts post.
*-> Speaking of Jake Allen he's been traded. Allen has been trade from the Montreal Juniors to Drummondville Voltigeurs of the QMJHL for a 1st round pick in 2010 and 2011.

Ice Scoopz:

Ice Scoopz: Wednesday Morning

*-> Montreal Canadians GM Bob Gainey announced yesterday he would break his no negotiating with free agents during the regular season for UFA Tomas Plecanec. He said he'd love to retain him and would do everything possible including clear up cap space for him via trade. He also said if the right situation came up and the right deal he'd trade Halak. He also went onto say he respects Halaks wishes as he's ready to take on a bigger role. He also didn't rule out keeping the tender. Several teams have been calling Gainey it also was revealed because of Halaks play. Dallas, LA, Edmonton, and Philly are still rumored to be after him. Don't expect Halak to be traded unless the Habs fall out of the playoff race or can get a top line player or an overpriced deal. Keep in mind the Habs also have Curtis Sanford in Hamilton so if it can help the drive and Price looks ready to carry the team you never know.

*-> Ottawa is still searching for that replacement center for Spezza. Murray has admitted to searching but he's against the cap so he too would have to clear space first. The most likely candidates are Jarkko Ruutu, Chris Kelly, and Alexandre Picard. The 1st 3 are all overpaid and playing a 4th line role. Chris Kelly has been playing better or late but is paying him that much for his role worth a non existant PP and offense? Chris Neil would be much sought after in the West and would bring in the most. The only issue is he's a fan favorite and he did take a discount to resign in the Nations capital. As for the centers out there the Sens are rumored to be interested its still limited to 2, Michael Nylander and Todd White. White in my opinion is reasonable while Nylander would be a desperation move. I have heard from a source that Spezza himself has said he'll be out till late February so it may be a possibility for Murray to make a move considering that and he has stayed he's looking.

*-> Rick Dipietro is set to return to action this week. Expect the Islanders to start shopping Martin Biron or Dwayne Roloson. I sure some of you rumor fans out there are saying Roloson? I think he could be the goalie to go. Its a 50/50. Roloson has been the hotter goalie and the higher cap hit so the Isles might want to get him off the books. While Biron has struggled and has the smaller cap hit. I'm hearing Biron still has more interest right now but down the stretch a veteran guy like Roloson might be the better option for a playoff bound team. The Stars, Leafs, Kings, Flyers, RedWings, and Oilers are reportedly looking for goaltending help. I don't know about the Wings because I think they've come to terms with Chris Osgoode and Jimmy Howard. Maybe if there in contention or they can aquire a starter for next season. The Flyers are another I doubt will go after a goalie.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The I.R: Tuesday

*-> The Vancouver Canucks will lose another defenseman due to injury. Kevin Bieksa will miss atleast 3 months due to severed tendons in his left ankle. Look for the Canucks to hit the market for a depth defenseman if they cant come to terms with Mathieu Schnieder.

*-> Chris Kunitz of the Pittsburgh Penguins will miss 6 weeks after he undergoes surgery to repair a torn abdominal muscle. The Pens will most likely look within the organization to fill Kunitz's void.

*-> The Toronto Maple Leaf's will lose both Mikhail Grabovski and Wayne Primeau to injuries. Primeau suffered a knee injury last weekend and will miss 2 to 4 weeks. Grabovski will miss 6 weeks with a fractured wrist suffered in the same game.

*-> Patrice Bergeron left last nights game after taking a shot off his hands. He never returned. The speculation is that he'll miss 4 weeks with ether a fractured bone in his hand or a broken finger.

Thats it for now more this afternoon..

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ice Scoopz: Saturday Evening

*-> The Ilya Kovalchuk situation hasn't gotten any better as of late and the speculation is several teams have called Don Wadell and let the Thrashers know their interested should he become available. The talks have halted and it looks like Kovalchuk is not willing to take a discount and wants full value. Now Waddell has been through this before with Mr Hossa. He didn't exactly get what he was after in the end but still got a good chunk of change. Kovalchuk will bring in a lot more and his team is aleady showing signs of improvement. The question is though will the Thrashers survive without him. I truely think that Kovalchuk has them by the balls so to speak. He is an elite player just hitting his full potential. He can make or break a game and will be consistently in the top 10 in scoring. Unfortunately for the Thrashers the KHL exists and has already said they are willing to offer him over 12mil$ per season to play. That sets the bar right away as he can allways fall back on it. Ether way he'll hit max dollars on the NHL market so the Thrashers are screwed. He wants to remain in Atlanta if the direction is right. It looks to be on track but how can you convince Ilya in the next few years they'll be contenders? Its a tough call but the easiest way in my opinion is to make a few win now deals that could sway his mind. Some players that can help put the Thrashers over the top and into the post season without sacrificing the future too much. If the Thrashers don't make the playoffs or retain Kovalchuk it could be costly. The playoffs play a big picture on whether or not they trade him as well. If their in the picture I doubt they'd want to trade him unless its for a couple of contracted players gaurentied to help them and fill the void. If they are indeed out of the race then they might be willing to take prospects and picks as well as s couple of average players. As the deadline gets closer and closer the rumors will continue so stay tuned. What do you guys think will happen? I'm leaning more towards deal deadline day then resigning as a UFA.

Ice Scoopz: Saturday Afternoon

*-> The Vancouver Canucks have placed Brad Lukowich on re-entry waivers today. The Canucks had to recall him today as Mathieu Schneider is still contemplating his future with the Canucks and whether or not he'll report to the Manitoba Moose. Brad Lukowich most likely won't be claimed but a team looking for an inexspensive veteran or depth may take a chance. The Canucks have a situation on their hands with Schneider however. He is clearly upset with his treatment and most likely will go awol and not report. They've tried to find a taker but he's too costly at the moment for a 5 6 kinda guy. If he's placed on re-entry he might be claimed. A loan to Europe might be an option but his sights are still on the NHL.

*-> The Washington Capitols are trying trade Jose Theodore but are struggling. Seymon Varlamov has all but stole the starting position and Michael Neuvirth has shown he's ready for backup duty. Theo is the odd man out but it will be hard to shop his exspensive salary. Maybe closure to the deadline the Caps might have luck. We still know Detroit, Toronto, Dallas, and LA are looking for help.

More news later plus info on the Thrashers and Kovalchuk situation.

Ice Scoopz: Saturday Morning

Happy New Year all! I hope everyone had a great holiday and is ready for some more rumors. The Winter Classic was incredible and I was not shocked to see the Americans come close to bring the Canadians in the last World Junior Qualification game. Ryan Ellis looked defensively week for the Canadians while Jordan Eberle looked awesome as usual in pressure situations. Danny Kristo stole the show for the Yanks.

*-> Reports from the Winter Classic are reporting that the Boston Bruins have signed Miroslav Satan to a one year deal worth 600K.