Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Trade Deadline: 11 AM

Still absolutely nothing but a minor league swap this morning. It is expected though, usually it doesn't pick up till after lunch and a few deals trickle in.  I get the sense most teams have made their major moves leading up to today so it may be even slower than usual.

A few Buffalo notes to note:

*-> Evander Kane isn't likely to go anywhere today but there is a chance. The Sabres aren't going to give him away and with his recent play he may have played himself off the block. The Canucks would love to do what Edmonton did and get a big banging forward that can score to play with their kids. Kane fits the bill but is a guy that would be a good fit in the room.  Do the Canucks want to actually deal picks and prospects in a rebuild? The biggest question though for the Canucks is this officially a rebuild?

*-> It doesn't look like Briain Gionta wants to leave the Sabre's there is hope if a Eastern Coference team approachs the Sabres might be able to entice him to waive his no trade.

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