Wednesday, March 1, 2017

2017 Trade Deadline

We're officially back! No better time to reboot and start over again than the Trade Deadline. The most exciting day in hockey.  I'll be live all day starting at 7 am with minute by minute updates leading all the way until 5 pm today.

After a pre-deadline flurry yesterday I don't know exactly what to expect today. In the past few deadlines it's been extremely slow but mainly due to the leagues parity. This year and especially after last night the playoff potentials have thinned out a little more allowing teams to get off the fence. Another major factor is a really weak draft year with teams willing to sacrifice their picks. Many teams are also starting to realize that getting something back for an expiring contract is key to future success rather than lose them for nothing.

When I return I'll break down whose left to be potentially dealt and get the rumors under way. See you in 15.

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